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  1. Hi Dick, the playedinaband site has some excellent information. Regards,Will2017
  2. Hi Oztalgian, not the same but I played in a five piece band and the lead and rhythm guitarists were left-handed. The rhythm player learn to play right-handed. Regards, Will2017
  3. I agree. There are inconsistencies in Queensland too. Regards Will2017
  4. Hi Ozstalgian, northern Gold Coast. Terrible weather here. Regards, Will2017
  5. Years ago, when raining, the newsagent used to alert residents to collect their newpapers by blowing a whistle.
  6. Hi Moz, on occasions I used to go to the original Calypso club,it had a great atmosphere. Carlton Forbes was sometimes there and I understood that he was the owner. Regards,Will2017
  7. The reflex save by Peter Grummitt, from Jimmy Husband, in the Everton game probably helped turned the game in Forest's favour plus Frank Wignall outplaying Brian Labone in the second half.
  8. It is called a porringer. Regards,Will2017
  9. Yes, lived in Brisbane previously. Some thunderstorms, and extremely heavy rain at times, but not too bad in comparison to other areas. I voted early, no queuing and no aggressive party followers.
  10. This year in Queensland is the same as in previous years with calls to review DST. Some residents still think that the introduction of DST in Queensland would cause the fading of curtains. Regards, Will2017
  11. My Mother used to make Colwick cheese.
  12. Until recently, pedestrians on the southern Gold Coast were able to travel between Queensland and New South Wales unhindered and without checks.
  13. Hi Michael (Mick), like you I went to ACHS and and then Rushcliffe. Regards,Will2017 (Andy Williams)
  14. Hi Carni, the jukebox with videos was at the Seaview Hotel. The pub with the downstairs bar was the Jolly Fisherman. The upstairs bar was closed during the off-season. Great memories. Regards, Will2017.
  15. Hi HSR, thank you. Regards, Will2017
  16. HI HSR.was the person Albert Lee or Alvin Lee? Regards, Will2017
  17. Hi Ben, Bill Whare was born in the channel Islands.
  18. Hi Ben, seven of the players named were in the cup winning team. Regards, Will2017
  19. That's great Paradiddle,. I am looking forward to when the group details are published. Regards, Will
  20. Hi Paradiddle, I suggest you make enquiries regarding uploading the band's details to the "Playedinaband" site. Regards, Will2017
  21. I bought a Vox AC 30 amp and a Burns bass from Papworths.
  22. My first flight was in an Auster from Cleethorpes beach. Regards, Will2017