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  1. Well done for attempting Turkey - been to Dalyan myself a few times. Make sure you see the turtles - usually evenings when getting dark they come up the edge near to the bars/restaurants sometimes. And there was an unusual restaurant just outside town that was more of a hanging gardens meets zoo meets exotic birds enclosure- interesting. If yo get there in half the Cornwall time - then you're on a winner. Have a great trip.
  2. Somehow I managed to get served in the Bruno when only about 16 !! As i lived in Carlton (had progressed from Sneinton) the Catholic Club had attendance usually on a Sunday, as did the Carlton Hotel and its famous sunday night disco. Sometimes went in the Cavo when didnt go into town. The Westdale was quite nice for a local pub. Worked in the newly refurbed Nags Head on Carlton Hill around 1980 and then The Elwes Arms (landlord had moved there from original Grey Goose). Inn for a Penny was always a theme pub to us and altho my Parents lived almost opposite for 20 yrs that went in only once I believe. And does anyone remember Club Balaton at the top of Beseccar Avenue where some of us would go after the Nags Head ?? All probably gone now.
  3. Hi Lupo, Our family name is Payne ( not many of us about up north as is a Hampshire name) and my Dad was born in WW2 in Sneinton. We had friends named: Marsden (related to Tish the boxer), Raven...related to Vann, Spencer ...related to Whitmore some of whom were related to Watson. Porter, Ingle and Hallam. All from close to St Stephens church / Windmill Lane. Denny Staniforth was well known to my Parents(was there a senior and a junior ?) as was Oglesby's from Notintone Place, Billy Glossop the Grocer ( no legs in later life) Daley the Newsagent off Sneinton rd. Sisson - my Dad's best man, think his wife was related to the Terzza's. I could go on and on !!!! Yes we were all poor but generally behaved fairly well.
  4. I very recently had a window cleaner quoting a 'business' address in the small village about 40 miles away I had left a year or 3 ago and where my family and friends all still lived.Bit odd that I had never heard of him or his lady i thought. Never mind he did the windows nicely and I paid him cash.No-one seems to learn that the world is indeed a small place these days. And the 6 degrees of separation thing often happens to me as well.
  5. My Parents shake salt over every meal before they have even tasted a bit of it, salad is the worst - its go to be 40% salt by the time they're finished. And then they have the audacity to adds flavour. No, it adds SALT. My blood boils. There's never any interest in say Pesto, Horseradish, Speciality Pepper, Herbs etc etc. even when out on table. Is it something to do with age or being a smoker ?? Our Sunday dinner when kids in the 60's had a ton of salt added to every cooking pan - no wonder I cant touch salt now ( well except on a few chips, but i also add pepper was well- weird i know)
  6. Sure i've told you all before..I was the Sneinton Rose Queen and then was the person who crowned the next years Rose Queen, all very many decades ago.
  7. And just to add to everyone's tales of outside toilets !! We lived in a regular terrace house from mid 1960's that had at one time like all others have an outside toilet just at the end of the kitchen outside wall. However, by the time my Parents rented it the toilet pan had been 'turned around' to face the other way, original doorway bricked up and another door had been knocked through from the end of the it then became classed 'with indoor toilet'. Amazingly, there was no bathroom at all or space for one and the only heating was a coal fire in the middle room. We only managed to get hot water as my Dad worked for the Gas Board and somehow procured an Ascot Water heater which he fitted to the kitchen wall over the sink (where us children were bathed each night) You may now be wondering where my Parents bathed..well.. my gran ( still alive today and 102yrs old despite 7 decades of Sneinton Living ) and her mother, my great gran, lived just along the street and they had the same toilet arrangement AND a full size bath in their little kitchen which was covered by a piece of hardboard when not in use. Hot water was from another of Dads procured Ascot Heaters fixed to the wall/joined into Gas main. And somehow, they also had a cooker and a fridge ( i kid you not- it was a GAS fridge ) and a cupboard in that kitchen. OMG, how we lived or even survived with all that Gas and unhygienic toilets joined directly to the food area. My kids really dont know they're born.
  8. Hi All, Some interesting reading on this topic from you all. As I understand only yards from its location for first part of my life, Sneinton Asylum on Carlton Road( now King Edward Park) was the main county Asylum when it was built. What is fairly shocking is big it was. There must have been a lot of pretty sick people in Notts in those days.Though to be honest, women only had to be pregnant and unmarried to get sent there and men probably only have a drink problem. So in modern terms that's most of us after a regular friday night out in Nottm LOL. In the 1970's there was a boys club on Dakeyn St which I thought was Oliver Hind's - though I didnt go there. Sneinton Pubs such as 'The Lamp' and King Billy ( King William iv), Earl Howe, Bath Inn, Madhouse, Duke of..well whatever, and many others were well known to my Mum and her merry band of friends who hoiked around them one after the other most friday nights frequently arriving home somewhat wobbly. All sneinton pubs had cliques and everyone looked at anyone who came in the door. My Dad was happy they left Sneinton as wasn't a social drinker particularly but Mum has fond memories and i think missed it for a very long while.
  9. Its now many years since this post but here goes with a reply , just in case someone is still looking !! I too lived on ' The Nurseries estate' and also on Violet Road late 1970's to mid 1980's(well my folks did - i moved back into Nottm about 1981 ) Our house on Violet overlooked Lavender.Yes, there were tall conifers at the top of Southview Rd at jnc with Westdale Lane.My youngest brother went to Haddon Close school which is close to where Glendale is now.There were also many 'areas close by , like Lascelles Aveune way which did appear to still have greenhouses dotted about.We did think also that the Nurseries was to do with the Robinsons .
  10. I also was in Wollaton (red) 1973-1978. Mundella was indeed fortress looking and really felt like it inside also. Ineffective heating - scorched if by rad and cold if seated elsewhere-facilites like toilets updated in 1975 from cold, old outdoors versions in sheds across the yard. The Upper Hall (middle row of windows on main school pic) had to be converted to classrooms in 1960's to cover pupil numbers, though the Lower Hall on ground floor remained it was way too small hence new hall and science block had to also be built 1960's. I was taught in prefab classrooms in 1st year and again in 4th year -each with a burner like a garden Chimnea of present day at the back( which we regularly got detention for burning items on - great fun though. Not sure about happy days but have lots of memories. It was definitely time for it to GO however. cheers, RoseQueen
  11. Greetings Cliff Ton, Thanks for noticing my post- I've been in lockdown for 8 weeks now and sadly I may just ramble on and on.......have pity, but it may be very interesting LOL. cheers for now as its gin o clock but i'll organise some postings very soon. RoseQueen
  12. Hi All, Been following your posts on and off for years...Great to hear all your comments as I was a Sneinton Girl from birth , born on Sneinton Road almost opposite the St Stephens church in my Granma and Great Granmas rented house.I went to Sneinton old school at 4 ( my mother camped outside heads office til he agreed to take me at Easter term) and then moved up to the new one when it opened.I was Rose Queen in 1967 or 1968 - still have a lovely photo somewhere and my sister was also Rose Queen in 1972. My Granma locked horns with the vicar of St Stephens many times !! and after one such occasion she insisted my Prarents got married in 1962 at St Matthias church instead. Father Tyson definitely was in The Fox most nights- it was a smirking point in the area and does anyone remember Ivor Gledhill Teacher at Sneinton School who also resided at the Vicarage for many years. I think they had something ' in common' if you know what i mean. Sneinton Girl and MariaG i think we will know each other from what you are posting. ask me any Sneinton questions - its all coming back to me now !!! RoseQueen