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I can remember going to Paul Smiths shop on Byard lane about 1971/72 ,I went with my friend who wanted something for her boyfriends birthday....a bloke with long frizzy hair served us,my friend bought a tie,it was all she could afford,found out later that it was Paul himself who served us.

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On 23/08/2017 at 10:54 PM, benjamin1945 said:

Actually did some work for the Vivviene Westwood set up.......and like Paul Smith......very expensive......good quality no doubt but the difference in price from shall we say ordinary outlets. is out of all proportion............when i did some work for them i was wearing a great 'Crombie' purchased in a sale at Primark £20.(a few years ago).............customers were asking me 'can i get one like that in here'............certainly upstairs sir,.........but the price was about £600,................

I knew Paul Smith in person in the 60's - he drank at the Playhouse Bar on a Saturday night.......Nice Chap, friendly.....


Was in the late 60's - nice shop, very pricy though......


On 26/10/2014 at 9:51 PM, arkwright said:

Didn't he own 'Just Paul' on Front Street, Arnold as well?

No he didn't but I got some nice outfits from Just Paul back I the 70/80's and reasonably priced........


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I've never heard of Paul Kreiger, but I believe that Just Paul is a Polish based fashion company, that seems to have taken off quite rapidly. Online sales I understand. 

I've noticed young girls in attire with 'Pauls Boutique' emblazoned on it, and I assumed it was Just Paul, as it didn't appear to be up to Paul Smiths quality. I've just googled it, and it appears to be a lower end of the market fashion company started up by a chap in Portobello Rd. However, that too has taken off quickly, and has concessions at Top Shop. It does seem to appeal to wearers of Everlast, and that other London orientated fashion  company that has slipped my mind. Oh, Lonsdale, that's it !

Anyway, both seem successful, so good luck to them in today's climate.

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RR, here's the thread. Yes, some bits dropped off. Cliff posted pic of closed shop ( wrong one ) and you pointed this out.


The 'Paul' shop in the picture above was a coincidence, a few doors away from PS. I think that may have been a jewellers.

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