Orange street in the meadows

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hi ,I lived at number 10 Orange Street during the late fifties to early 60's where I met my still very best friend Alison West. Both now in our 60's. Looking to find our old school pals from Colleygate School if anyone is around. Lots of very fond memories of the meadows and never forget my roots! Moved away when I was 7 yrs old

I remember so well the Public Baths where Al and me used to push the pram laden with washing plus kids piled on top.

Not quite sure if I am posting this in the right place but sure someone will tell me right or wrong!

Love reading the stuff on here and Nottingham will always be a huge part of my life even though I now live in Spain.

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Welcome to the site Juliaw, look forward to corresponsing with you........I can remember a Tony Baker who lived in Orange Street in the 50's he will 69/70ish now.

My aunty Grace lived at 181 Arkwright Street, just up the road in a flat over Jessie Robineon's fish shop, there was a butcher's next door on the corner of St Saviours Street......... I can remember St Saviours Church on the corner of Glebe Street...

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Can you remember Tony Baker, David Nattrass and Robert White ?.........

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I was at Colleygate school,first school I attanded,would be about 1957,don't remember much about it though,there is a photo of some class mates from the school in the schools thread,check that out you might be lucky and recognise someone in the picture


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That's a great picture and less blurred than my memory.

If I remember correctly, the petrol pumps were in front of the hoarding, and carrying on up Arkwright St on the same side, I remember Pete's chippie,a pram shop ( and then Horsburgh's outfitters and carpets ? )

Was that Kirkby St just going out of the picture at the top, and the trees on Arkwright St were the Church?

.....and perhaps the New Bridge PH where the white building is bottom left.

Great days and happy times.

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