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Glad they found the car but so sad for the persons inside to end their lives like that. 

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Oh that’s sad. After all this time I had thought that the eye witnesses had been imagining the whole episode. Won’t be a pretty sight.  

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“Sadness in community as two bodies recovered from River Trent after search.

The search has been ongoing since the start of this month.

People in Hoveringham have spoken of their sadness after news that two bodies have been recovered from the River Trent.

Police crews had been searching in the river at Hoveringham after reports of a car entering the water on February 1.

Difficult weather conditions and fast flowing water had hindered the search, however police confirmed a dive team had recovered the bodies of a man and woman at 10.30am on Saturday, February 13.

The family of the deceased has been informed but no formal identification has yet taken place.

Inspector Tim Ringer, leading the recovery operation, said: "This has been a difficult and complex operation involving dozens of people from multiple agencies.

"Underwater recoveries of this nature are always very challenging, but our divers' work has been further complicated by the very fast flowing water at the site. It was simply not safe to attempt this work before today.

"Shortly after 10.30am this morning were able to enter the water and - as expected - discovered two bodies inside the vehicle. In line with previously agreed plans, these were taken to the opposite bank and driven away for formal identification.

"Our thoughts remain with the family of the deceased, who have asked for their privacy to be respected at what I know is an immensely difficult time."

Roger Jackson, who represents the Southwell ward for Nottinghamshire County Council, said: "I heard the news today.

"It's very, very tragic what has happened.

"We don't know what the circumstances are around it, but it's awful for everybody involved. My heart goes out to their family.

"I have been speaking to the local parish council and highways team to see whether we need to do some work to see if we can stop it from happening again.

"It was quite traumatic for those that witnessed it - I understand some residents saw what was happening - but there was absolutely nothing they could do.

"That will play on people's minds."

Meanwhile, Adam Lamborne, the landlord of the Reindeer at Hoveringham, said: "I don't know the couple personally, but it's very sad what has happened.

"It's obviously been a difficult time for everyone, including us as a public house in the current climate.

"But you have moments where things like this put everything into perspective, I think."

Work is underway to remove the car, which was located last week by a sonar device supplied by the North West Underwater Police Search Team.

Witnesses reported seeing two occupants inside the car when it entered the water - police say they believe they know who they are and their relatives are being supported by the force.”

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Dreadful occurence.  RIP to both and condolences to all family and friends.

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Hope the press keep away from the family and leave them in peace to keep come to terms with it all.

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It’s very unlikely that they drove into the river by pure accident. There was further flooding over the road at Caythorpe which they would first have passed through and it was clearly signed ‘road closed’. To even attempt to traverse the road on the Hoveringham riverside was grossly foolhardy. It was broad daylight. I saw the river that day. It was fast and furious. A car will float in about ten inches of water. Apparently there were no witnesses to the car going into the river. The couple in the old Elm Tree pub, who saw the car car floating past, called 999. The police will forensically examine the car once it’s been dragged from the river, possibly today. My wife saw the police going down to Hazleford in their incident vans this morning, and a tug is on site. What evidence they have will be submitted to the coroner and my guess is it will be an open verdict.

Incidentally, on another local matter, the appearance in the Crown Court of the accused plastic surgeon begins tomorrow. There are apparently three charges of attempted arson, one of attempted murder and one of carrying a knife. If he pleads guilty to them all then he could be sentenced. I doubt he will plead guilty on all charges so it will be carried over to a further hearing. I also doubt he will be granted bail! 
.......and they say we live in ‘sleepy villages’ around here!

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Ge me bulwell anytime 

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It seems odd that a couple from Lowdham we’re heading in that direction, away from their own village, where they would have had to pass over a flooded road in Caythorpe prior to hitting the floods in Hoveringham and ignoring the road closed signs.

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It will never be known why this couple ended up in dangerous flood water, it can only be assumed they were disorientated because nobody in their right mind would even venture down that way in those conditions. Very sad. 

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