New British tennis star.

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She has chosen to represent Britain and we should be thankful.  She's a brilliant talent.

Emma Raducanu and her parents have lived in the UK since she was 2 years old. That makes her British enough by my standards..

She has done exceptionally well and irrespective of her background should be looked on as a British success. We have painfully few successes in tennis and now we have a bright new talent all people ca

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Indeed.  We used to have a lot of migrant workers from the EU working seasonally.  People who were happy to work here when needed and then move elsewhere.  Of course that 'problem' was 'solved' through the genius of Brexit.:rolleyes:  So now we get to see our own crops rotting in our own fields without 'forrin' interference..


We also had many migrant workers in other fields..particularly health and social care ad the hospitality industry.  Many of them have also thought better of things.

So...with a continuing need to recruit staff from abroad.. largely because we still do not properly train, or pay, people here..we are now drawing in more people from Asia, who tend to be a little more obviously 'forrin'.  Which tends to upset the very people who thought that Brexit would result in a thoroughly ethnically cleansed UK.  Own goal or what?  :laugh:


You really couldn't make it up..

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What we could do Trogg is, 'now young miss Raducanu has won the American open and achieved a well deserved accolade, we could now put this thread to bed before it runs out of steam.

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59 minutes ago, trogg said:

Should we return to the heading New British Tennis Star or move this to the Politics section, just a thought.


It's a fair point.. but.. as I've long argued, some people like to slip in their little politically motivated one liners, but then get all sniffy if anyone queries them.


57 minutes ago, philmayfield said:

Perhaps employing Asian migrant health workers is depriving the people of health care in the countries from where they originate.


Another fair point.. but at present we have a shortage of qualified staff, caused through a myriad of poor, penny pinching, ideological or just plain dumb decisions on the part of successive govts.

I'm all in favour of training and employing our own.. but at present our education and training system is not fit for purpose and lacks the capacity to produce the staff  required.

I believe it is also the case that many come here to improve their skills, in what is, despite its faults..a highly developed health service.  They then return home to practise what they have learned.

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As for Ms Raducanu.


She is exceptionally talented, poised, beautiful, intelligent, articulate, charming and any number of other superlatives.  She's probably already earned enough cash so that with proper guidance and support, she will be able to live a very comfortable life.


I just hope that she is not ruined by the attentions of all the individuals and corporations who, whilst seemingly applaudiing and celebrating her now.. will in many cases turn out to simply want 'a piece of her' for their own financial gain.


I believe that her parents are both 'professional' people working in finance or hopefully they will look out for her.  I suspect that despite her youth, she is also a pretty shrewd individual and no pushover.


Good luck to her.

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