1920s Map of Nottingham

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I have been sent a scan of a 1920s street map of Nottingham. If anyone wants one I'll be happy to e-mail a copy to you.

NB: the map has been divided up into nine files and each is in the region of 800kb. I don't want to muck-up your in box.

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You can FTP them to us at


Password: anonymous

Make sure you go to the /incoming directory

Or put this line in your ftp client...

You may be able connect to your default ftp client Via your browser, click above.

I will make them available for download.

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Edwin mastered FTP to Public FTP.

So it works, But I see no maps? YET

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Guest E_Layward

bamber all got no just like to see is name on forum.

a loser if you ask me..boss man shoud ban im !

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This will retain the quality.

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!rulez! Links no good Mick.cannot find server.

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!rulez! Links no good Mick.cannot find server.


Try pulling yer wire Den.

That link opens my default FTP program, but if you dont have one installed

I beleive it opens a folder in Internet Explorer

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Many thanks to Bamber & Mick!

Much studying to be done.......


Robt P.

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!rulez! Strange that. The other day I clicked on that link and it said web site not found. Did it tonight and its downloading..and now it's stopped bu99er. and now it's started again, got it saved it to my pictures. Great.

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Can Bamber tell me what those buildings are junction of Norton Street/Hartley Road. I can make out Dame Agness Mellors, which I had forgotton all about.

But what are the other buildings shown.

In 1964 when I moved there, they had all been knocked down except a big old house, which was empty?

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Yes excellent info.

Interesting to see Occupations there in the census

1888/9 Wright’s Directory of

Nottingham and 12 Miles Around

HutcMnson Street (Northumberland


I Frederick Redman, grainer, sign

and coach painter

3 Robert Bullimore (dyer)

9 Samuel Bates, cowkeeper

II Thomas Win. Fisher, chair maker

27 Jno. Walker, v, llero of Waterloo

Hedderly street and Alfred street

20 James Win. Gillborn, plmbr, &c.

Eushworth terrace

15 William Judkins, shopkeeper

Union ter, Ths. Britton, bootmaker

12 James Simmons, shopkeeper, &c.

Hedderly street

10 Rd. Hy. Thorneloe, jwllr's assl

Nelson terrace

Ilkeston road (Top of Derby rd).

1 Jas. Allsop, v, Sir J, B. Warren

3 James Charlton, painter

5 John Horsley, saddler

9 Mrs. Lucy Whitehouse, haberdshr

11 Hy. Smith, grcr & provsn mcht

13 Thomas George, hosier & habdr

St. Helen's street

15 George Lane, butcher

17 Isaac Parr

19 John Lewin, bootmaker

21 James Walker, shopr& cab propr

Elliott street

Charles L. Moorby, grocer

Park row and Park hill

Henry Lamb, joiner and builder

Henry Samuel Ash (surgical hosier)

51 Chas. Filtness, joiner & cbnt mkr

53 John Smith, marine store dealer

55 Isaac Moss, bootmaker

57 Henry Swift, greengrocer

59 James Mortimer, cabinet maker

Anindel st, Dr. Hatherly, surgeon

POLICE STATION, C division, John

Foster, supt, Thoa. Bexon, sergt

Charles Hancock, chimney sweeper

Salisbury street

BOARD SCHOOL, Charles and Mrs.

E. Potter ; Miss R. Dickisson


Haynes ; Mrs. Jane Thrower and

Miss A. S. Baker

Salisbury street

205 James Preston, butcher

207 Arthur Wilson, boot & shoemkr

209 Miss Elizabeth Wilson, greengrocer

and shopkeeper

211 Frederick William Trew, grocer

and provision dealer

Abbey buildings


Cobden street

213-5 Samuel Cottam, grocer, beer,

wine, and spirit dealer

219 Alfred Lee, tobacconist

225 George Pycroft, baker

227 Miss Eliza Wilson, dressmaker

229 John Treece, tnnr & hardwr dlr

231 Wm. Frost, coal mcht& asphltr

Middleton street

239-41 John White, draper & mllnr

243 Joseph Hancock, statnr & tobcst

245 Fredk. Hunt, boot and shoe dlr

247 Isaac Smith, china dlr & shopr,

249 Isaac Chambers, joiner and bldr

251 Wm. F. Pool, grcr & prvsn mcht

, 253 Henry Paling, butcher

255 John Stevenson, of Oldershaiv it

S, and confr, beer retlr and shopr

257 Joseph Fisher, jun, hairdresser

and tobcst; Jph. Fisher, currier

259 Alfred Emanuel Beilby, chemist


TELEGRAPH OFFICE ; box cleared

8-20, 10-5, 12-50, 4-35, 7-30 and

8-35 (week-days), 1-15 on Sundays

Bright street

261 Lenton & Nottm Co-op Stores,

Miss Margaret Wilkinson, mgrss

263 Chas. Bullen, clock & wtchmkr

267 Wm. Bowley, grngrcr & flshmgr

269 George Poole, herbalist

287 Jno. Marshall, sddlr & boot repr

289 James Mills, fishmgr & grngrcr

Radford mills, Yates & Co, lithogrphrs,

colour printers & toy mkrs

; 295 Robert Taylor, butcher

White Horse yard \

303 George Webb, rag and bone dlr \

: 307 Charles Walker, hairdresser j

i 313 Sml. M. Hopkin, v, White Horse

| Sadford Marsh

i . . . Fates' yard and Miall street

...Oldershaw & Stevenson, boiler

composition manufacturers

... Salisbury street

... Aaron Storer, beer retailer & sliopr


Tagg, superintendent

Woollaton road St. Peter's street

342 John Sutton, butcher

338 Samuel Padley, tobacconist

334 Mrs. Dorcas Shaw, midwife

330 Wm. Fortescue, bhs, Rlwy Tvn

326 Thomas Badder, shopkeeper

1324 John Hooke, v, Three Tuns

322 Charles Blaber, tobacconist

Tuns yard

320 Hill & Dale, butchers

I Taylor's yard

1312 Mrs. Caroline Hobill, prvsn dlr

Holland's place


310 Charles Plank, milk dealer and

; shopkeeper

, Ledger yard

Doubleday's place, MissRbca Doubleday

; Miss M. Berry, dressmaker

284 James Barratt, grocer

Hague street and Laccy's yard

278 Samuel Garton, coal dealer

276 George Cheetham, butcher

Charles street, 16 William Holmes,

chimney sweeper

Bradley's yard

266 James White, baker

262 John Flint, pork butcher

Truswell's yard and Prince street

Schooner street, Albert Hazard, bhs,

Bugle Horn

.. John Dennis, coal dealer

256 Thos. Needliain, v. Jolly Higgler

254 Alfred Laroche, pork butcher

252 John Wm. Allsopp, greengrocer

and provision dealer

Redoubt street

250 Graham Charlton, beer retailer

and shopkeeper

248 John Cooper, plumber, glazier,

and gasfitter

246 Henry Terry, tobacconist

244 Wm. Henry Solomon, chemist

242 Walter Blood, hairdresser

240 John Allen, grocer & prvsn mcht

Forster street

236 Charles Holbrook, butcher

234 John Johnson, tailor

232 William Thomas Norris, broker

and furniture dealer

230 Samuel Hughes, hard eonfsctnr

228 James Clist, tobacconist

222 Fdk. Gamble, pawubrkr & clthr

Radford boulevard

214 Robert Mason, v, Gregory hotel

212 Mrs. Ann Crook, butcher

210 Chas. Hutchinson, tailor & drpr

203 Edw. P. Brister, baker & confr

206 John C. Godber, hosier

204 Edw. Wright, fishmgr & grngrcr

200 William Prince, bootmaker

198 Mrs. Harriet Gillott, tobacconist

196 \Vm. Copson, sewing incline agt

Buhner road

194 Arthur Orgill, draper

190 Miss C. Watmough, hard confr

188 Harry Ridgard,hairdrssr& tobcst

Bloomsgroveworks, Manlovo, Alliott,

Fryer & Co, engineers

184 Samuel Parkin, wheelwright and

carriage builder

Norton street

180 Wm. Barlow, beer retlr & shopr

178 Samuel Carnelley, boot repairer

176 Henry Rossell, painter

174 John Varnuy, hard confectioner

172 Mrs. Lois Toulzac, tobacconist

170 Joshua Ward, shopkeeper

Waite's bldgs, John Spencer, coal dlr

168 Frederick Spencer, tailor

164 William H. Chapman, tobcnst

Orchard square

i 156 Mrs. Kate Eagle, dressmaker

j 152 Luke Lowe, tailor

j Garden street

150 Thomas Truman (machn holder)

148 Mrs. Elizabeth Waite

146 John Spencer, bread & flour dlr

144 Arthur Owen, clothes dealer

142Levi Lee, hairdrssr& animal prsvr

140 Robert Castle, butcher

138 Henry Billings, sweet dealer

136 George Brooks, v, Old Peacock

Bloomsgrove street

130 John Stanton, shopkeeper

Elliott's yard

128 John Gervase Tinley, draper,

and of Tinley Bros.

126 Thomas Witham, fish frier

122 Mrs. Chrlte. Staniland, cowkpr

120 Hy. Wilkins, engraver & printer

116 Charles Filtness (joiner)

Wilkins yard and Ronald street \

WALL LETTER Box, cleared 5-15,

8-30, and 10-15 a.m, and 1, 4-45,

7-45, and 8-45 p.m. ; Sunday at

5-15 a.m. and 7 p.m.

CHRIST CHURCH, Rev. Thos. Pyper

114 Matthew Mills

112 Frederick William Whitehouso

110 David Turner, clerk

108 Daniel Butcher, furniture dealer

Baldwin street

106 Js. H.Robinson | 104Ar.Church

102 William Marshall

100 Benjamin Hunter, prison warder

98 William Willcock (joiner)

96 Richard Jarvis 94 Jph. Martin

92 Mrs. Mary Harwood

Highurst street

90Isc. Moss(bootmkr) | SSAVm.Peet

86 AVrn. Riley | 84 Fredk. Brewster

82 Josiah Crane | 80 Daniel Knight

78 Wm. Caunt, of T. & W. Gaunt

76 AVilliam Martin

74 Mrs. My. Bainbridge, crtn drssr;

Miss Elzh. Bainbridge, dressmkr

72 George Hooley, v, Wheat Sheaf

Montfort st, Jph. Sunderland, shopr

Middleton ter, 70 Frederick Gates !

...68 James Mortimer (cabinet mkr)

...66 Paul Newton

...64 Thos. Hensou, whipthongmkr

...62Mr.Elzh.Kirk | 60Ths.Holmes

58 Mrs. Annie Ward | 56 Wm. Butler

54 William Martin, j draughtsman

48 Joseph Frost

46 Wm. Cope, turret clock maker

44 John Bucldand (machine holder)

38 Geo. Bales | 36 James Sutcliffe

34 Henry Baker 32 Saml. Barton

30 John Hueknall

28 Alfred WTarsop ; Mrs. Mary Ann

Warsop, dressmaker

26 John Morton

Graf (on st, Wm. Blatherwick, coal dlr

,..2 Mrs. Elzh. Marjoram, dressrnkr

20 George Kirk

Moorgate street

18 William Danby, plumber, &c.

14 Thos. Edward Blackwell, tobcnst

12 Mrs. Fanny Hiuchley, milliner

10 Edm. Hampston, fish & fruit dlr

8 Mrs. Eliza Harris

Holden st, G. W. Slater, hairdresser

6 Hy. Field, bookbinder & news agt

4 Edwin Alison

2 Edmund Blackmore, clothier

Independent St (Alfreton road).

Joseph Greensmith, bag hosier


Charles Wiles, setter-up

13 John Garland, grngrcr and shopr

15 Matthew Henry Curwood, bhs,

Forest Lion

17 Matthew Southern,coal merchant


31 James Cheatle, shopkeeper

41 Charles Sulley, bootmaker

43 Albt. Rogers,brass & iron founder

Mrs. Margaret Rogers, dressmaker

Denison street

67 Thomas Shaw, bootmaker

71 Jph. Turrel, chamois leather drssr

85 Hy. Wilmot, beer retlr and shopr

Connaughl street

87 John Wharmby, general dealer

95 Fred Stafford, butcher

Norton street

Lawrence street, 19 John Childs,

fishmonger and greengrocer

101 J. Hill, tripe and provsn dealer

103 Mrs. Matilda Bonsor, cowkecper

Trafalgar street,. .[Cross over

112 Thomas Langham, shopkeeper

Arthur terrace, 2 Mrs. Ann Dexter,


Norton street

102 Harry Ashmore, milliner

96 Charles Garner, bootmaker

90 Reuben Cottee, hrdrssr and tbcst

84 John Fox, shopkeeper

George Marriott, shopkeeper

Independent terrace, George Topharu,

arated water manufacturer

...Truman & Adams,coal merchants!

...Paul Adams, of Truman & Adams \

70A William Ellis, shopkeeper j

Denison street

48 John Pare, provsn and spice dlr

Milton plate

26 George Robert Garratt, coal rncht

22 Samuel Hallam, milk dealer

18 Chas. Loake, gasfitter and tinner

16 Jph. Oldham, provsn andspice dlr

Bovill street

14 Ths. Ba\vden,boot mfr& grndry dlr

12 Edwin Knott, tripe dresser

Ireton street (Portland road).

1 J. Blatherwick, of Bl. & Miller

3 Arthur S. Robinson, warehseman

Filey cottys, 6 E. Taylor (cabt mkr)

5 William Fitzpatrick

7 Wm. Leek, clerk ; Mrs. Catherine

Leek, dressmkr and registry office

Raleigh street

4 Mrs. Sarah Ann Turney, beer

retailer and shopkeeper

Ireton square

2 George Hill, beer retlr and shopr

Island Street (London road).

1 Albert Lloyd, shopkeeper

3 Mrs. Eliza Webster, dressmaker

17 Barker & Waine, lace dyers & drsrs

21 Thomas Orrell, shopkeeper

33 G. Raven, bhs, Generous Briton

Lake yard

43 Samuel Twells, milk dealer

John Froggatt & Co, cotton dblrs

[Cross oi'er

London & Midland Counties Carrying

Co, Ltd, Thos. Cherry, mgr

Island Court

Boot & Co.'s Pure Drug Stores

12 Thomas Elliott, cotton doubler

10 Stafford & Shutos, corn mchts

J. & T. Walker, seed crushers and

tillage merchants

Jackson St (8t. Ann's Well road).

Coates & Sons' rope spinning works

3 AVilliam Heard, curtain dresser

Ropewalk terrace

22 AVm. AVare, coal mcht & gds rmvr

28 Thomas Barsby, shopkeeper

Jenner St (Hue/mail road, Or.)

jThos. Truman, shoeing & gnl smith

1 Rt. AVoodward, painter & coufctr

3 Reuben Moore, hay and straw dlr

;3J John Barratt, cab proprietor

13 Mrs. Mary A. Frettingham,

clothes and provision dealer


Henry Shaw, managing director

New street

20 Charles Robinson, shopkeeper

Pleasant pi, Vernon pi & Collins' sq

Kaye's Walk (St. Mary's gate).

C. & S. Beardsley, lace comsn agts

Donald & Co, lace merchants

Schwann Bros. & Co, merchants

Miller Bros, plain net manufacturers

Kent Street (Glasshouse street)

Jubilee yard

5 Samuel Henry Davey, bootmaker

7 Mrs. Emily Jennings, midwife

9 Miss Emma Cook, size mfr

9A George James Walker, painter

11 J. G. Fochtmann, cabinetmaker

Kent place


Brailey's yard and Millstone lane

Keswick street (Hay wood st, Sn.)

7-9 Geo. Allcock, baker and farmer

11 John Phelps, plumber

Mays' yard

Mrs. Francis, feather dresser

17 Frederick Daft, shopkeeper

Ilenry place and John square

27 Edw. Topham, bhs, Dog & Phsnt

Eldon place

Upper Eldon street

Minerva place and John place

8 J. AV. Spencer (printer's engineer)

4 Joseph Lilley, bricklayer & builder

2 Mrs. Mary Cartlidge, dressmaker

King's place (Stoney street).

Liepmann (L.) & Co, lace manufacturers

and merchants

L. Leipmann, vice-consul German


King's pi (King st, Woolsack In).

1 AVilliam Porter, prvsn & spice dlr

2 James Wombwell, bag hosier

6 Samuel Adams, bag nosier

7 Mrs. Sarah Holmes, bag hosier

King's yard and Queens place

10 William Brown, broker

12 James Meakin, bag hosier

King Street ( Woolpaek lane).

6 George Clarke, framesmith

1 Frederick Wragg, v, King George

on Horseback

Hy. Felmingham, looking-glass mkr

12 Thomas Shaw, joiner, cabinet

and mattress maker

King's court, Ths. Elliott, bag how

King's Arms yd ( Woolpack lane).

William Robinson, joiner & builder

John Baker, warper

Mrs. Sarah Chettle, wood turner

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So this was a Hospital?

What was that called? (Norton St/Hartley Road?)

I was told as a kid that there had been a childrens home there?

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If anyone is bothered, it don't work for me either!!!


Nor me !!!


HA HA sorry did not see 2nd page .........back to bed .

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What are you trying to do Nick?

FYP in?

Upload or download?

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