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Check this fashion accessory out, Versace Barocco print boxing gloves, £2,205 quid, I can see me now, walking up Ilkeston Road & around Lidl wearing these bad boys & matching bathrobe, all the locals shouting “Do you want some? Come on” 





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Nottingham has a fine boxing history,from Bendigo,Reg king,Wally Swift,Johnie Pritchet,Dave Needham,Roy smith,Delroy Bryan,Jason Booth,Nicky Booth,Shane mcphilbin,Errol Graham,Kirkland Laing and Carl

Hi, My name is Lynda, John Larvin was my Father my mum had me before John was married, I met him in the late 70s he used to come and see me. I first met him in Long Eaton. He told me he had children

Yet again in this thread............a person who has not registered - only posted as a Guest - has left this message which would not be seen unless I copied it into here.   Johnny Henry Larv

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So sad,,i knew Nicky for many years,,feel for his family including brother Jason,,,Rip Nicky,

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One of my sons who had 100 pro fights........was a friend of Nicks from way back...Radford boys club run by the Smith Brothers...

            Hes away at the moment so probably doesn't know,,will be upset..hes the 3rd boxing friend thats Died in the last two years.............all much too young.............

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Always loved Boxing........but you are right Phil.......ive changed my mind over the years.......I;ve known many who have suffered from it.....My son is still involved with Training and Promoting.....

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