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On ‎10‎/‎18‎/‎2013 at 12:48 PM, jackson said:

:biggrin: Aspley Pictures?: went loads of times, the same with the beautifully designed Aspley Library.

Aspley Pictures: I was a regular cinema goer, Saturday afternoons; costing 6d, we were treated to Hopalong Cassidy and other cowboy films. We kids used to stand on our chairs and cheer when Hopalong appeared, magnificently dressed in white, riding a white horse and boo terrifically when the bad boys appeared, dressed in black and you've guessed it, riding black horses.

My dad and grandad were great cinema goers and regular Saturday nights, my sister, uncle and I were taken along; saw many of the greats: George Raft, Kenneth More, John Gregson,Tony Curtis, Diana Dors. One of my favourite films was: 'John and Julie', about two kids who were taken to the big Capital London for the day.

In my mind's eye I can still see the long foyer leading into the pictures and the Gallery of Gold Framed Film Stars lining it; Ultra Glamorous, a golf framed photograph of Tony Curtis comes to mind - I've even made a painting. The fifties are often depicted as dull and boring and so they were much of the time, stuck in the discipline and regimentation left over from World War 11 but there was lots of gorgeous glamour around: ladies with peroxide locks, vast bosoms on display wearing Bling way before now - Marilyn Monroe, Sabrina, Jayne Mansfield - I couldn't wait to grow up and participate........

And as for Aspley Library: what a great place every Saturday morning after I'd done my errands. I'd catch the 22 bus from Amesbury Circus for 1d and go and spend some precious time in their beautiful Junior Library (well stocked and well arranged).

After choosing my books, I'd take them to the lady behind the issue desk to have them stamped - I would have loved the chance to stamp my own books; my turn came later to stamp loads when I joined the staff of NPL in the 60's.

I was a voracious reader, what was called a bookworm; it was my delight to be awarded four tickets when I was 12 and allowed to transfer into the Senior library. Read 'Day Of The Triffids' and 'How Green Was My Valley' - terrific books both.......

Aspley Library had everything possible for a Library to have: Junior library, Senior library, Reading Room, Study Room,

Display Area in the foyer. Some years later in my working life it was back to Aspley Library again, as we new library staff whilst studying for our First Professional exams at the Trent Poly used the Aspley Library Study Room for our Seminars.

Aspley Pictures and Aspley Library: Remembered with Love. :biggrin:

Hi! Jackson,

I thought I would like to reply with my similar fine memories of Aspley Library. With its green rubberised flooring and immaculate shelves of books to get lost in. I started in the junior section then moved on to the senior section. My earlier recollections of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn kept me happily absorbed for hours. 


I do remember a young girl librarian about the time you might have been in attendance and I would have liked to have the courage to have asked her out but, being of a shy disposition I regret now that I didn't have the necessary level of confidence to do so. It is very sad that the library we knew now has barred windows and a re-inforced main entrance (Google Earth).


Yes, Aspley 'pictures', the shops, Mick and Olwen at Pinketts's , the snooker hall and the frothy coffee café opposite the library all bring back happy memories.

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Hi! Jackson, I thought I would like to reply with my similar fine memories of Aspley Library. With its green rubberised flooring and immaculate shelves of books to get lost in. I started in the j

FLY2, I remember cobbled Lincoln Street, (Basford Town) as it was often referred to, as a very vibrant community with numerous shops and 'characters'. The Old English Gentleman on the origin

Ellis in the 1950s; with an ice-cream van waiting outside.

Hi Alpha, Sadly, Jackson doesn't post any longer I'm afraid, but by all accounts, she's alive and well, and still getting about.

A great post btw.

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Yes Alpha, but despite building then demolishing the flats, and then building a housing estate, there's no significant improvement. The whole area should have been flattened, and a flyover constructed over the railway, and subsequently the tram tracks. 

You can sit there for up to 15 - 20 minutes depending upon the time of day, in a vain attempt to reach Arnold Rd or vice versa. 

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I remember cobbled Lincoln Street, (Basford Town) as it was often referred to, as a very vibrant community with numerous shops and 'characters'.

The Old English Gentleman on the original Brown's Croft, all narrow side streets with their own special features.

The untitled 'Lord Mayor', of Basford , Ivor Liddington for one. Rubin, often shoplifter and drunkard and many others I'm unable to name.

Three butchers shops, herbalist, fish monger, grocers, cycle repairs, (Martins) news agents and chemist to name a few.

Basford Manor on Church Street was owned by Mr & Mrs Telling (Builders & Plasterers).

Basford wakes by the river Lean with its quaint arched bridge. Gone and forgotten. To see Lincoln Street now via Google Earth is saddening.


The flats and housing ruined completely a thriving area. As you say perhaps a fly-over would have been for the better.

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The current Mrs Fly lived in the flats when first built, and she often speaks of all the little shops in the vicinity. 

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I remember Jonny one eye and on first day at Ellis Guilford got rulered with Barry Moss on the back of our knuckles by ms manterfield who was deputy at the time. She was about 80 then. No idea what we did. Barry Moss won the English Cross country title - then went on to represent Notts AC. Best teachers were RM Clarke - science. Not to be confused with the other Clarke who taught Geography.

Frank Hunt ran the football team - still alive I understand in Wollaton - Admiral Rodney.

Dan Appleton - good historian though. 


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Does anyone remember the 1967 - 1972 year group at Ellis Guilford ?

We had a great football and cricket team during this time. We reached the final of the u16s county cup final

and played against a team from up Carlton way. They had three Forest apprentices including one who played for Notts County for about ten years. We had some really good footballers as well but never pushed by the school like they would be these days. I remember turning out for the half past nine cross country races organised by RMClarke then playing for the football team then going home and playing for Parkside up at Bulwell Hall Park in the afternoon. Those were the days !

i remember the physics teacher Kendall. He taught physics - interestingly I kept his physics notes and used them

myself when I qualified as a teacher in 1979. Hard but fair bloke. Thought Adams who taught maths was really good

as well as RM Clarke. I went on to get a chemistry degree and would have liked to have let him know how well I did. 

We always played football on the back field and remember watching the rocket heading for the moon in 1969. The sky was totally clear and you could see it against the blue sky - awesome. Always remember me and Kev Barker going to the lido on hot Summer days. After 3 days swimming and sunbathing we heard a load of others were going to skip school - so we we went to class and the others got done ! Happy days.Think that was the year we got pasted 4-0. by Clifton All Whites on Meadow Lane. Trying to think of people in my class and what happened to them - Kev Barker, Gary Stevenson, Derick Swift, Rob Woodward, Billy Beale, Ady Ashley, Wayne Reynold, Kate Heggaerty, Luba Costu, Leslie Parrish, Roger Dawkins, Jimmy Simpson, Barry Moss, Steven Crane and many more. Does anyone have any photos at all ? Any whole school photos or class photos they picked up during their time there ? 


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