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Nottstalgia's team to beat the Aussies,,     Carni. Great solid opener,who can sing,, Sue B can be relied on in a crisis Jill. Will punish,anything out of line,, Nonna. R

I think the problem with cricket is that, as far as I'm aware, it's only played at Public Schools now so the majority of kids are not exposed to it, even television coverage is on Sky rather than BBC,

YES !  England win the World Cup in dramatic fashion. I swear my ticker stopped at least five times. Ben Stokes, superb ! An extra G & T. Tonight.  

You're more than welcome sunshine !

Pity it's not your uncle. Were you aware of Mr. Hodgson? I had it wrong, I thought he was a groundsman but he was a Pavilion attendant. I wondered, with your infinite knowledge of cricket, you might have heard of him.


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No not heard of him.......without doubt my Uncle Eric would have known him...also have a cousin Clive who worked in the Scoreboard for many years would also have known him..........

                Eric and Clive were part of the family on my Paternal Grandads side....and never spent alot of time with them..........

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Sri Lanka 135 all out 

England 127 trail Sri Laka by 8 runs with 8 wickets remaining .

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It's no wonder your telly's  switched of B.

The way England are playing !!

Well !   no comment.

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