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For the past 70 years I believed that the pol hens that I bought were bred for their laying qualities. When reading a book on fishing yesterday I discovered that Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex were crossed because the resulting male chicks were yellow and the hens were brown. Sexing had never been easier! In fact I learnt more about sexing chicks in the pub yesterday. My mate kept Quail and had become an expert at sexing chicks. Apparently Chinese women are very good at it.

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It was a magical shop to a young me as I loved all sports and still do.  My Dad took me in the shop frequently, mostly just to look around but I did get a hockey stick, hockey boots and running spikes

On 1 December 2019 at 10:48 AM, radfordred said:

I have just clicked on that 60s singer Sandie Shaw may have taken her name from a sandy beach :crazy: 

Come on be honest am I the only one to have only just spotted this :huh: 


Not quite true red, she is married to my brother rickshaw who invented a form of transport.

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Like it, but I would have delivered it different, “she’s married to my brother Rick” makes you think.


Those flip flop type shoe are called “sliders” by the youngsters, I’ve just clicked it’s because you slide your foot in :crazy: who knew that eh? 

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When I was a little kid, I thought “This little piggy went to market” meant he was going shopping? 

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