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I can show you that braddy, because I've been there quite a few times.

The Park end of it starts at Tunnel Road. You can walk up between these houses, it's a public right of way.,64.33,,0,4.2

The other end comes out at the back of a car park on Derby Road and you'd never find it unless you know what you are looking for. At the back of this image you can see a white arch.........that's the other end of the tunnel.,202.29,,1,0

If you wanted to try it, start at the Park end because its easy to find; then walk through and come out at the Derby Road end.

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caftan started the subject off, then braddy asked about it, and I reckon a lot of people don't know this feature even exists, so I've been through it and taken a load of photos.

This is a tunnel which was built in Victorian times and went from The Park to come out on Derby Road just up from the Cathedral.


Starting in The Park at Tunnel Road (there's a clue) you see the southern end of the tunnel

Turn around and you are looking back into The Park

The tunnel is actually in two sections with an open space - and exit steps - half way through. This is looking towards Derby road.

The middle open section with steps on the right and the second half of the tunnel ahead

And looking back into the Park

The top end appears to be blocked off by a concrete wall; but there are steps and daylight on the lower right.

Up those steps and this is what you come out into. The road in the background is Derby Road

And if you look at it from Derby Road, this is all you see

The tunnel was never really used even when new because the inclines were too steep for a horse and carriage to get up.

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Hewn through the Bunter sandstone, (Sherwood formation). That same sandstone was nearly 1000 feet beneath the ground at Clifton Colliery.

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Was following this post with interest as I never even knew it existed - you live and learn!

Thanks for the photos Cliff ton.

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Looking for another photo on another subject, I finally found something which almost shows the old version of the Derby Road entrance to the tunnel. The space between the iron railings (where the person is walking) is the road leading to the tunnel.


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#10 Radfordred, thank you for posting these great video clips. I did non know the Park tunnel existed before I read posts on Nottstalgia! I remember once walking down the Park steps as a very young child, with my parents. I think that at that age the tunnel would have given me the creeps!

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The Park tunnel is a wonderful thing, take someone who is a stranger to Nottingham through there, best from Derby Rd down, a magical experience. If you use the long stone stairs be VERY careful in the rain. and look especially at the sandstone bedding, spooky! all that stuff was laid down zillions of years ago somewhere near the South Atlantic. God? who? Atilla the Hun? The Pope? Stalin? Me and You? just a lot of beetles wondering "what? where are we?" and at # 5 Ayupmeducks says it goes 1000 feet down (from 200 feet on Derby Rd) If there is sunshine tomorrow - enjoy!

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Thank you for all the information and pics of the tunnel - my sister and I were talking about it a few months ago and couldn't decide whether it was an urban myth!! No-one I spoke to had ever heard of it.

Next time I come to Nottingham I might take a wander :)

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