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  2. Just realised, I'd gone to the psychiatric hospital to attend a seminar a week after going to Highbury hospital. That's how I got em mixed up. Sorry about that. Call it a senior moment.
  3. I thought I would revive this thread as somebody might recognise this notorious building, if you guess right post another one.
  4. Hi Ben, probably got my roads wrong. But didn't mean Heathfield hospital, I know where that is/was, I spent three months in there, (see previous post).
  5. Still there Phil,,think its for psychiatric patients now,,so they might remove big toe nails. Lol
  6. Highbury Hospital was/is on Highbury Rd. opposite where Mellish used to be.
  7. Highbury hospital still there Bk,,but no where near hucknall road,,think you mean heathfield hospital?
  8. Once went to Highbury hospital, Hucknall road entrance, to have a big toenail removed. Don't think it's there now. Another bit of trivia.
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  10. They could have been full, and heading south to Colwick. Otherwise empties could have been heading back in the other direction to any number of north Notts collieries. Empties heading north via any route were often given priority over almost anything else, as there was nothing worse than delaying coal production at the pits. Anyway B, I'll get the biscuits in !
  11. I have heard a lot about Marsdens cafe from my parents. They used to go there when they were courting & had their wedding reception there in 1939. Thank you for posting.
  12. Next time I'm up that way I'm gonna have a look for a well swept pavement and a tidy drive, then I'll know it's your gaff Fly. You mention the bridge at Arnold rd/Hucknall rd., I remember when I were about 11, I were in Heathfield isolation hospital with my youngest brother, John and we used to look out across to that bridge and count the number of coal wagons passing by, pulled by a steam loco. Was hospitalised for about 3 months wih Gastro- Enteritis, so had plenty of time to watch the trains. Don't know where they were heading to but hazard a guess toward Victoria station way. No doubt somebody will enlighten me. Remember as we were getting better, we were allowed out onto the grounds with a nurse who took us over to where they kept pigs so we could see the trains closer up. Amazing thing is, whenever I pass farm buildings, that rural smell always reminds me of the stay in Heathfield hospital... Odd that. Another bit of useless information.
  13. Yes Stu,,many have been there since i was a lad in the 50s,,,love that stretch of Path and trees between Arnold road and Marble Arch,,brings back so many memories.............
  14. Yes, the oaks are fantastic, despite most of them shedding their leaves on my property ! Things are ok, and still will be even after Aldi's is operating. If drivers can't look both ways, and pull out / across safely, it's a poor show.
  15. Would solve the parking problem and smashed mirrors that they have as well. I thought the widening / use of the railway as another lane was a good idea untill it was mentioned over 100 Oak trees would need cutting down. I never used to mind queuing along there, I used to have a company van and was paid home to home. No loss to me.
  16. Woman Across the River.... The Allman Brothers Band.
  17. Glad to see someone else sweeps the pavement outside their house, after all its where you live, keep it clean and tidy. PS keep your bloody leaves to your self , I have more than enough of my own.
  18. Have 1949 photo of mellish pupils and staff. call for a copy
  19. Been trying to fathom out how to get in my artificial coal fire look electric fire,,,buggered if i could,, needed to put new bulbs in. Anyway wife took over and did it in seconds,,,,,,,,,,,,think i might get her to put some shelves up later.......
  20. Apparently, you cannot dream about strangers, only people whom you've met before even if only briefly. Interesting fact.
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