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  1. Rather strange, as I recall that David Crick transferred with HP to Bestwood in the mid-fifties... Perhaps he moved on to FF later in the decade, after I'd left? Unsure of his teaching subjects, but I know he was a top national rower in his youth...Olympics, '48? Knew of Oliver Barnett, but can't visualise him...he'd have only been at HP for a short time, prior to FF. Head of HP throughout this era was Prof. Harry Davies, who went on to be a Chancellor at Nottingham University. He was eventually replaced by a Cornishman...whose name eludes me. Perhaps some of our other Pav members might
  2. Having attended your school in the 50's, in its earlier form as High Pavement, I recall the surrounding cobbled streets that you describe. Another memorable feature was how dangerous the surfaces were, when wet, to the many scholar/cyclists. Indeed, there was an incident when teacher Dave Crick came a terrible cropper when turning his bike into a damp Stanley Road - complete with a bundle of marked exercise books held under his arm! The initial entertainment for the watching playground gallery soon turned more serious, as they realised how badly he was injured. IIRC, he was hospitalised fo
  3. Park Tavern it is/was... Wonder who got their superb wicker chairs from the lounge? Cheers Robt P.
  4. The sound of the northbound Master Cutler at around 8pm, as the Leicester V2 - on full volume - climbs up to Arnold Road during the long ascent to Hucknall Central. Likewise, the clattering Grimsby-Whitland 'fast fish' train of 30 fitted vans, in the opposite direction... Cheers Robt P.
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    “Intelligence has its limit but ignorance knows no bounds...” Cheers Robt P.
  6. At the height of their popularity, a big attraction at Berni Inns was the method they used to marinate, and cook, their steaks. The same presentation seemed to apply nationwide, as the tasty steaks were universally popular... Another common feature in the dozens of branches was the grilling was always done on gas burners furnished by Stott's of Oldham Given their seeming success, the eventual rapid demise was rather surprising. Cheers Robt P.
  7. IIRC, they have always been on Heathcote the same double-fronted - but modernised - building that they occupy today. See my post #23 above... Cheers Robt P.
  8. GeeDee still operational on Hockley's Heathcote Street... Primarily a model railway outlet, complete with its notoriously surly staff. Cheers Robt P.
  9. Seemed to have his best managerial stint when at Burnley... His Pompey times seem less successful. Nevertheless, much prefer him to the likes of Hart, Keane et al... Potential new owners plus Clark and Cotterill wipes the slate clean. Can't be worse than the earlier Doughty/Pleat/Davies-McClaren combinations! Cheers Robt P.
  10. 'Rolls-Royce' of motorbikes: The assembled parts once formed the body of a Brough Superior Black Alpine 680, the 'Rolls-Royce of motorbikes' which were the epitome of luxury, elegance and style. And although these rusting cogs and other parts may not look like much now, their previous history means the collection has been valued at £35,000. Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz1agAgtMVz
  11. Stephen, Welcome to the forum, and many thanks for a very interesting opening posting... Especially pleased to read your recall of Hungarian building habits! Particularly as I knew a builder, of Hungarian extraction, who worked in a similar manner around Hucknall in the 60's & 70's... His local reputation was such that he rapidly had an overfull order book - to the extent that he recruited various other Hungarians, from around the area, to help complete his many assignments. He partly built my former Ogle Street property, which had walls to make lighthouses seem Jerry-built! IIRC, h
  12. Recall that you posted, some while ago, that Christine Jackson? - during a Nuthall conversation with Hazel - confirmed that to be a fallacy? Prime purpose of my contribution is to confuse the non-aficionado's, even further... Cheers Robt P.
  13. Have always named, and referred to it, as Dorket Head... My cousin, who lives near the top of the climb up from Arnold, does likewise. Also features, by name, on current maps.,+Nottinghamshire+&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf Cheers Robt P.
  14. According to the Beeb, he has resigned (20.04) Edit: Doughty has resigned too... Cheers Robt P.
  15. My understanding is that the boundary is London Road, from the Midland Railway overbridge/Queens Drive junction to Trent Bridge... Or is it bounded by the canal? Therefore, Meadow Lane is entirely within Sneinton... Cheers Robt P.
  16. Currently, 13 episodes of the series remain available on BBC iPlayer... Cheers Robt P.
  17. Do tell us more... Is your home on a closed railway line or at a closed station on the Inverness-Thurso/Wick route? Welcome to the forum... Cheers Robt P.
  18. My impression, from the many positive postings, is that it would be a very interesting building to visit, when next in the area. Seemingly the exact opposite of the Weekday Cross external eyesore that was recently discussed. Is one able merely to wander around, without creating security issues? On a much smaller scale, recently paid visits to the quite superb Park House Medical Centre on Burton Road, Carlton. Beautifully spacious design and greatly enhanced by a predominant glazed roof. Cheers Robt P.
  19. These railway film shows have been held for some years at Newark's Palace Theatre. Regular presenter, using material from his own collection, was John Huntley. He travelled the country, almost full-time, giving his shows... Since his relatively recent death it would appear that Rob Foxon has taken over his role, presumably still using the considerable Huntley archive. Cheers Robt P.
  20. Have to agree that the Post site is quite appalling... IMO, the actual newspaper has become progressively worse over the years - certainly since the Pole-Carew/sackings era and the ending of the Forman-Hardy ownership and influence. Their 'amateur' approach to an online format has always been unacceptable for the news requirement of a major city... For a much better style of 'local' presentation, look no further than the Leicester Mercury - particularly in print. Cheers Robt P.
  21. Stu, Managed to get to the Playhouse on Thursday evening... Enjoyed the drama immensely. Went there being pre-determined to be critical of the Bill Voce portrayal, but was pleasantly surprised in its relative accuracy. Meant to congratulate the actor afterwards (in the auditorium), but my taxi awaited! Rather take your point over the somewhat 'swaggering' Larwood, my impression also that he was a restrained character. Strange that he seemed most aggresive in his dialogues with Lois... Especially impressed by the slickness of the production...utilising the whole of the stage area, arrang
  22. Which rather raises the question... Why should a outstanding Catholic school close it's doors? Can't be because of a decline in Catholicism... Perhaps the authorities would rather fund these 'minority' alleged schools. Cheers Robt P.
  23. Surprising that the Cinderhill/Babbington Colliery rail branch, beginning just beyond the level crossing, was yet to be laid... Cheers Robt P.
  24. Stu, My ticket is for next Thursday, 15th...what is the running time? A friend, who attended an earlier performance, tells me he was unimpressed by a rather 'Dick van Dyke type' Notts mining accent... Was that your impression too? Mick, Bill did have an elder brother, IIRC his name was George??? Met him once...rather slight chap, much smaller than Bill... Cheers Robt P.
  25. Certain that is so...always MGO, never Barton's... Perhaps most famously, on the route of the 'Ripley Rattlers' tram service - often written about by DH Lawrence - which became the A1 trackless (King St-Ripley), until 1953...when buses took over. Cheers Robt P