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  1. Just got a new camera a Panasonic Lumix its ideal for me because i am not very professional , i just point and shoot
  2. Isnt nature beautiful
  3. Ha Ha yes it was thumping its chest and making grunting noises, and i thought worra a sight when yo aint gorra gun lol
  4. I think the weather is affecting everyone saw a person dressed in a gorilla suit walking down Friar Lane this pm
  5. just one of the many army trucks there
  6. i bought some from the market last week and they are growing really well
  7. Well done it takes some doing i know i havent smoked for nearly 20 yrs now
  8. Thats in Carlton, sorry forgot to mention where it was
  9. Station Road Girls School had air raid shelters , sadly they are now gone and the schoool is now a buiness centre
  10. Thanks for all the info i am going back to Bakewell again soon and i am definately going to try and gat more info about it
  11. LOL i know, the smell makes you do that
  12. I love home made bread, it smells so yummy
  13. Thanks Flnger sorry to0 be a pest lol
  14. Does anyone know how old this building is or tell me anything about it, its in Bakewell down Kings Court its calole The Hermitage its a New Age shop was talking to the owner but i forgot to ask him how old the building was
  15. dont much like the stuff but i always used to have some when i was a kid with some sugar
  16. This is the new Grand Pier at Westen- super -Mare