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  1. iremember one of my uncles had a Bentley with big coach lights i used to love riding around in it
  2. Had a completely wasted morning, we were supposrd to have our gas meter replaced as it is faulty, they told us they were coming between 8am and 1pm 1,15 we were still waiting so my Hubby phoned them. they contacted the engineer who said he could not do the job because he didnt have the right tools on the van to do the job WHAT!!!!!!!!! now the good news is they have to pay us compensation now its Thursday, but i wont hold my bresth
  3. Thats sad because it was a lovely car real leather seats and walnut dash. My Dad had a Mayflower reg nu was NND 173 this was 2 tone silver grey and black
  4. Hi Liz welcome i am researching my family tree too its fasinating what you can unearth good luck with it , if you need any hekp let me know and i will see what i can do
  5. Used to have a MGZB MAGNET IT WAS SILVER GREY i can still remember the number plate YAR 89
  6. ahhhhhhh the ceremony of 1000 cuts maybe we can cover him in fgeathers after !congrats!
  7. Elvis is alive and well and living at my house lol my Hubby has pictures of him all over the house, the only place he ISNT is the bathroom he is banned from there lol
  8. Worra baht theese then Yer inferitnar Givova Mak'aste Ayent seed ide nor air onner Wottjowwant Yo=abitt leereh Yo jammi sodd! Jono Izzit brok Jollop
  9. Got caught up in it all last nite, had to go to a meeting in the Basford area and my friends car was tourched , the police wouldnt let us move till the fire was put out i passed one side street on the way home and i saw some youths messing around so avoided that but i could smell smoke all nite a college on Sherwood Rise not fat from me had been set alight My Daughter was at a friends house in St Anns last night she had to stay over as it wasnt safe for her to come home
  10. give Fynger a cracker, give Fynger a Bl***y cracker now lol
  11. Loved it with a bit of pepper on as for tripe yuk, yuk and yuk again
  12. I think a witches hat would suit me better lol
  13. Lol, well not that stupid hat although it looks like Mr Blobby has !rotfl!
  14. What a sight when one has;nt got a gun !rotfl! looks like a whoopie cushion
  15. I can remember the Didlum, when i worked at a clothing factory in town we all used to put in so much a week then we had a fuddle at Christmas
  16. Happy Retirement Mick, just watched the Wedding all those people unbeliveable and so well behaved
  17. Ayup and welcome Dreadsweet
  18. That Martine wats her face with her yoghurt i like yoghurt but she has put me off it for life !inthebin!
  19. Welcome Tim Oh we all know what state Denshaw gets in dont we lol !rotfl!
  20. Pancakes Yum Yum i like lemon juice on mine and ice cream !hungr!
  21. Should be a good meet up !cheers!