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  1. Christopher Holbrook was in my year at Berridge, Engineer. So yes, 11 in 1969ish. He had an older brother named Steven who was in the year above us. Christopher went to Peveril after Berridge. I think the Holbrook family had several members named Christopher and some were younger. If you look at some of the Berridge photos from my year, you'll find him on them.
  2. My neighbour had his first jab on Wednesday, somewhere in darkest Mansfield. He said he felt very off the following day but better today. His next session is at the church hall in downtown Horsley Woodhouse! He asked me if I'd had mine. Cheeky bu99er! How old does he think I am? Like CT, there are some things in still too young for.
  3. Australians may have no finesse, Phil, but there's nothing wrong with their wine!
  4. Taken in the school library in 1969. Fom L to R: standing- Stephen Binns, unknown, unknown, Christopher Holbrook, unknown, Mr Alan Parr and Christopher Fox Seated: Neville Eccles, Alex Smulkowski, Geoffrey Hollington.
  5. Not sure if this has ever been posted. 1965/6 First year Berridge Juniors. Teacher Mrs Robinson. It was still in my Post image account which no longer works properly!
  6. There are so many rescue dogs needing good homes.
  7. One of life's gentlemen and another member of a rare generation gone home to his beloved wife. Bless him. May he long be remembered.
  8. Andrew McDermott's older sister, Susan, was in my year. They lived virtually next door to the school!
  9. This photo is of my year at Berridge and is probably Mr Kemp's class. It is the parallel photo to the one I'm on and the academic year is 1966/7. To be honest, there are a lot of people I don't recognise but I'll name the ones I can: BACK ROW: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Stephen Binns, unknown, Trevor Wigglesworth, unknown 3RD ROW BACK: unknown, Philip Walker, possibly Linda Fletcher, unknown, Susan McDermott, Lorraine Seymour, ? Unknown, unknown 2ND ROW BACK: Jane Handfield, Ann Green, Kim Machin, Janice Clarke, unknown, unknown, Possibly Yvonne Cutts,, Jane Smi
  10. A number of these had older siblings in my year.
  11. I think you should have done so. Although most of those who made my life a misery during secondary school years are coffin dust nowadays (although not all) I find it enormously therapeutic to set down in writing my thoughts about them. It makes me feel better and it saves on the psychiatrist's fees! Tell us instead?
  12. Did they tattoo your ear to denote which herd you belong to?
  13. I'm so sorry to read your post, SG. There are no words to describe the pain you feel. As you say, Kai is once again with his brother. Think of them together. You gave them a good life.
  14. Similar letters are being received in Derbyshire. You can either book in at one of the mass vaccination centres or wait for your GP to summon you. Over 70s only, though. I'm way too young!!
  15. My nonagenarian auntie is making a splendid recovery from the virus. Not all bad news
  16. So sorry to hear that Kai is still not well. These situations are never easy. It's a case of see how it goes and act accordingly. Acquiring another dog is a bit of a minefield, too. Like cats, they don't always get on!
  17. AND THERE WAS UPROAR IN HEAVEN! A recent snippet from the Celestial Gazette His Grace, The Dalai Chulla, Nottstalgia's erstwhile Bard, Has been in Heaven some time now And studying very hard. He's passed examinations and The Master of all Fates Has given him promotion: He's Chief Bouncer on the Gates. The Meet and Greet was easy: "Ay Up, Miduck! How Do?" The uniform is natty: Flowing robes of saffron hue. The Elf and Safety's simple: Don't trip over your attire... Now he's got a flash sustificate! St Peter can retire. Since His Gr
  18. That would tend to confirm the location of the photo on the Berridge thread which shows a football team with what jonab thought could be Gerard's in the background.
  19. What's this? Loppy not barking any more? Can't have that! Come on, Loppy , dig up a few juicy bones and tell us all about them. Denshaw, too!
  20. For almost 14 years, I lived in Brinsley at a time when many of the residents were indigenous. They could be difficult to understand at times due to their use of dialect words I'd never heard of. MY duck, as opposed to MI duck and even now some of it escapes me. From the gossip of years gone by, I understood there had been a lot of inbreeding which led to some rather strange outcomes but I suppose that would apply to any small village in times gone by. When I first moved there, virtually everyone I spoke to was related to the next person I spoke to! Quite disconcerting. The sit
  21. Watch out for the mozzies. You don't want malaria in the present circumstances!
  22. Must have been lucky yesterday as no snow here but snowed heavily less than one mile away. I also heard that Bulwell and surrounding areas were heavily covered. It was too cold here. I did see a couple of tiny flakes mid afternoon but no more than that.
  23. Interesting photos. I don't recognise the teacher on the second one. In the final year of Berridge, we went on a trip to Castleton, including an excursion down the Blue John Mine. We also went to Dovedale. Mr TTW took one of his female 'cousins' along! Mr Chandler and Miss Stockhill were also among the party.