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  1. So very sorry to hear about your Mum Gem, it’s been a very difficult and sad few months for you and my thoughts are with you. Take care x
  2. Been down to the Forest Rec this afternoon with my husband to get his jab. I thought I might be able to wangle my way in as an underage patient. No chance, they took one look at me and said I was far too young! So I had to sit in a waiting area. He was in and out in 10 minutes, they’re very well organised down there, a few military folk in ‘fatigues’ helping out too. He had the Oxford vaccine.
  3. That’s odd Dave, several of the other sites have said there were no over 80 appointments in the past week while I’ve been checking, maybe we were just lucky (makes a change!) this morning and got in there before it was common knowledge that they’d lowered the age limit. Keep checking!
  4. Swiftqueue BK. Not sure if it’s nationwide but we had to register on the site before we could see much. It only shows me Notts vax centres. Actually, in my morning DAILY MAIL (!) there’s an article about a loophole allowing people to get jabs who are not yet eligible. I must admit I did try today to get an appointment for myself but I wasn’t allowed, cos I’m a youngster.
  5. I bought a haggis today too, from Tesco though! It’s been so many years since I tried it before and I can’t remember if I liked it but thought it should have a second chance in these difficult times.
  6. So sorry to hear about your friend nonna, poor man. I’m sure his family is devastated, may he rest in peace. x
  7. My husband is getting his vaccine tomorrow, he’s 77. He isn’t classed as having underlying health issues but one could dispute that when looking at his 3 box files of various medical problems he’s suffered from over the years! There’s a website to log onto and we’ve been checking it for the past week but it has always stated ‘Over 80s’. This morning I logged on and saw that a new vaccination centre has opened today on the Forest Recreation Ground, just a 15 minute walk from home. The age limit was also stated as ‘Over 75s’. He hasn’t had a letter as yet from the NHS so he’s done well
  8. Oh my goodness, that was so boring, I watched it all and I’ll never get those 11 minutes of my life back!
  9. My aunt and uncle, aged 91 and 93 were taken to QMC by their son for their vaccinations last week, he’s in their bubble anyway. She was saying that it was a long way from the entrance door to the vaccination centre but there were porters with wheelchairs helping them. Spoke to my aunt today and she said she was fine following the jab and just felt a bit ‘out of sorts’ a couple of days later but only for a few hours.
  10. No CT, as far as I know he isn’t on Nottstalgia.
  11. Heard today that a friend of mine has been in hospital since Friday with Covid, was put on oxygen but today put in an induced coma. He’s a well known character in Nottingham, many of you will know him. We’re hoping for the best for him. He’s my age .....
  12. When I read this I thought you’d operated on your own hernia! Particularly as you said you weren’t flexible to do it nowadays .......
  13. Is this the Patrick Humphreys who was an apprentice at Thorn Bendix?
  14. I reckon it will be one of those ‘alternative religions’ that will move in. Too far out of town for student accommodation, don’t think there’s any parking either, a must these days when all students seem to have cars.
  15. No Phil, the Cedars building is still there, having been turned into ‘executive apartments’ a long time ago. In fact I know 3 people who live in the building but I’ve never been invited in. All I remember about the Cedars years ago was that it was a rehabilitation centre, my Grandad was in there in 1953/54ish recovering from a bowel cancer operation. He didn’t live much longer after that sadly. The Ewing School for the Deaf was the location of the first Youth Club I ever attended and I learned to do the Twist there!! Don’t remember there being any deaf kids there while Chubby Che
  16. Nothing to be ashamed of Phil!!
  17. Regarding the recent events in Halam, I feel so sad for the victim, his family and also the accused and HIS family. He looks a very kind and caring man to me but he obviously had serious issues chewing away at him to leave home in the middle of the night to attempt murder. Such a shame.
  18. I’ve sat next to Susan George a couple of times since the Victoria Hotel episode, but didn’t mention seeing her being eaten alive by Patrick Wayne. Several years ago we were in a box at a fantastic event at the Royal Albert Hall. In the next box to us were Susan George and Joan Collins with their husbands. On another occasion we shared a table in Pret A Manger at Bicester Village.
  19. Ben, I was staying in the Victoria Hotel with an Irish Wolfhound in 1975, yes it’s true ...... I shared a lift late one night with the hound, Susan George and John Wayne’s son Patrick. Don’t think they noticed I was there, they were all over each other, expect they had a good night!
  20. A friend of ours lived in one of those towers with his parents, until about 50 years ago, when he got married. Odd isn’t it? ........ young people living with their parents until they got married, doubt any of them do nowadays, my two boys certainly didn’t. There was more respect in those days.
  21. Cheese being a favourite treat for our dogs, we’ve always pushed any pills into a little chunk of cheese and thrown it to them. Doesn’t even touch the sides. However, as I was telling a few months ago, giving insulin injections twice a day wasn’t quite so easy.
  22. I remember that little train on Valley Road Park. Never went on it but I’m sure someone I know bought it all, I’ll do a bit of research.
  23. Always the left arm jabbed and all the recipients look away, just like I do (especially when I’m having blood taken!) In about 1973 I was going to the Netherlands for only 18 hours ..... very early morning flight from Castle Donington to Amsterdam, lightning tour around on a coach visiting all the hot spots and back to England just before midnight, before landing my friend and I were trying to hide duty-free booze inside wooden clogs we’d bought (not sure why we’d bought them, the clogs) because when we got back on the plane there was a duty-free allowance on every seat. Anyway, due to
  24. Well I am! Used to take the Telegraph every day but when my husband was working overseas for weeks at a time I was so busy keeping everything running in the home and office I never even opened it so changed to the Mail as it had more pictures to look at!! Have never got around to changing back although the Telegraph is so expensive now, can’t afford it! We have the Sunday Times which really gives enough reading to last the whole week but we like to keep the paper boy in employment .....
  25. That’s not the incident’s headline in my Daily Mail