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  1. we used to call him old youngy his name was dave young,sadly died a year or so ago
  2. alledged to have been painted on by Pete Dunkley from Chinatown!
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    I used to knock around with John Hammo Hamilton and Ivan Carter 'Jed our other mate had a 50 cc Itom mk8 from Des Bones on Arkwright St Ive still got it ,like new and only done 2600 miles since 1965 .I used to have triumphs and velos but had most fun on an ex wd BSA sv 500 combo ,happy days
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    hi folks its my first post on here ,my mates call me swe ,ive just packed in racing vintage sidecars,i used to hang around the white hart, beeston shed ,robins etc did a bit of drag racing ,used to go to Carlton Hotel when the Nottingham drag and custom club used to meet there ,I,m still into bikes mainly Triumph,and my latest project is a chevy small block to put in a hot rod of some sort!