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  1. AlanB

    Toys from your childhood

    I had Bayko which I loved, and metal meccano, also an electronic engineer kit which you could use to make things like morse code transmitters and a simple radio. I also collected Action Man stuff. One of my relatives passed on a "visible man" to me which was a teaching aid for the human body. My brother had Montini which was a cheaper version of lego.
  2. AlanB

    What was your first car?

    A Hillman Hunter that I asked my brother to find for me as he allegedly knew his way around cars. It was a private sale in Nottingham and I couldn't afford to pay very much. Anyway when I got it I filled up with petrol only to find that the reason it had been sold with an almost empty tank was because there was a hole in the tank! So, one replacement petrol tank later I drove it to Oxford where I was living at the time. Over the next couple of years, every time I did a long journey the engine would overheat and I would have to be towed home, I'm surprised the AA didn't blacklist me! On one occasion I seized up the engine so my brother and I replaced the engine with one from a scrapyard. Eventually I met my wife, who had a fairly new Ford Fiesta, so I sold my car to a work colleague who wanted to take it drag racing. He gave me £75 for it, which coincidentally was the same amount I paid for the engagement ring. So since then I tell people I sold my car to buy an engagement ring, and my wife counters by saying I only married her for her car!
  3. If there's anyone here from the 1967 intake (O Levels 1972, A Levels 1974), Alan Bird is organising a class reunion in Nottingham in August. A Facebook page is going to be organised or if you PM me I can give you Alan's e mail address. Apparently about 40 people are interested in going so far. It will probably be the first time most of us have met up in 45 years!
  4. I'm really enjoying reading these reminiscences. Some of the teachers mentioned must have left before I started, but who hasn't been mentioned yet? Miss England, my first form teacher, Miss Clarke (Geography) - she was quite strict as I remember, Mr Day (RE) - a really nice man, Mr Littlewood (Physics), Mrs Gotheridge (Chemistry) - I remember one of her favourite sayings was something along the lines of "whatever mark you get in your exam doesn't make any difference to my pay," Miss Brailsford (Chemistry again, I think), Mr Dossiter (Biology) came when I started 6th form, Mr Hutchinson (PE) - another one who has died. I was also surprised to hear Mr Jacobs is still alive as I thought he was getting near retirement age when I was at the school.
  5. I was at Bilborough from 1967 to 1974, the era of Mr Williams and later, Mr Bristow. I never thought of Mr Williams as a poor headmaster, though we were pretty terrified of him. His attitude to long hair was legendary - and "long" meant anything below the button in the middle of your ear lobe. Teachers I remember include Mr Bland (Biology) - more for his corny jokes than the calibre of his taeching, Mr Jacobs (English) - who always wore his academic gown, Mr Mahoney (Maths) - one of the best teachers I've ever come across but sadly he only taught me for one year before he moved on, Mr Broadbent (also Maths) - a good teacher but very strict, and Mr Higginbottom who tried to be pally with the kids and no one respected him. Bilborough was a good school, it got me to university anyway.
  6. AlanB

    The Gables, New Basford...

    Hi. I've just come across this thread after doing a Google search. I know it's 4 years out of date but I may be able to help. When I was a child I had nervous tics very badly and I was under a child psychologist named Dr Arkle. When I was 13 (in 1969) she recommended that I go to a children's hospital somewhere in the Sherwood area that was called The Gables.I was quite excited about it but once I was there I had a terrible time. They tried various drugs on me, some of which made me pretty zombie like. There was compulsary PE in the morning where we were forced to keep trying things even though we were unable to do them (hanging with my hands inside a dirty steel girder and being told to move from one end to the other, for instance). We were told we had to watch the TV news every evening then each person had to say one story they remembered, but if your turn was near the end it was hard to remember something that hadn't already been mentioned, and there were punishments if you couldn't come up with an answer. But the worst thing was that there was a sadistic nurse named Nurse Hewlett who took delight in punishing misdemeanours by getting you out of bed in the morning, leading you downstairs by pulling on your ear, taking you into the shower room and spanking you. The place was more like a Borstall than a hospital and I was glad to get out of there eventually - I think I was there for a couple of months in total. I remember one boy in the dormitary who walked out in the middle of the night. When he was found and brought back they consficated his clothes overnight so he couldn't do it again. Anyway I am sure this is the place that the OP is referring to. I can't remember the exact location but there was a Barclays or Natwest Bank across the road as one of our neighbours was the manager there. Hope this helps