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  1. Great photos Kerry, they bring back a lot of memories. Thanks.
  2. AlanB

    Wollaton Hall Museum

    I grew up in Wollaton and have fond memories of the park and hall, and even though my Mum continued to live there until a year ago I hadn't visited since my own daughter was small - must be about 30 years ago. So today, before visiting Mum in the care home, I decided to go down memory lane. Amazed that entrance to the hall is still free, even though it now costs to park your car. The animals in there are still enthralling, and I found myself wondering if my little granddaughter would appreciate them. I remember going on one of the tours as a teenager, although in those days they only happened if you could get a group together. I noticed earlier in this thread that they used to cost £5, well they are now £10 and only twice a day! Still a lovely park, but someone told me that they have laid off most of the groundsmen due to council cuts, so maybe it won't be as well-kept in future.
  3. I've always been proud of my Grade 9 in English Lit O Level! I didn't dare to resit it, though I did have to resit English Language because it was essential if you wanted to go to Uni. I went up from a Grade 8 to a Grade 3 in a year.
  4. AlanB

    The Gables, New Basford...

    Horrendous thought isn't it, things were so primitive back then. It wouldn't surprise me if you said they'd made you stand in a wide open space and told you not to be so silly. I remember one occasion when we all went out for a walk and I could hear a voice behind me shouting "stop ticing!". I thought if it was that easy then no way I would have to be here!
  5. AlanB

    The Gables, New Basford...

    To be honest I can't recall if I went home for the weekends or not (as you say probably the drugs affected my memories of that time) but I have a recollection of constantly telling my parents how awful it was and I don't think they visited me there so maybe I did go home for the weekends. As for the drugs, the idea I think was to try different medication to see if it worked any better than what I was on, but after I came out I was still on the same tablets as I was on before! So what was the point? Also when I went to university I soon decided to stop taking the tablets and I was no worse than I had been on them. I still have some nervous tics even now but I've learned to live with them and accept them as part of who I am.
  6. Is there anyone on here who did their A Levels a year or two before and after me (1974)? I was gobsmacked when I found out yesterday that only NINE people in our year passed all 3 A Levels. If that happened today Bilborough would be classed as a failing school! I wondered if it was a one off or whether other years had similarly low pass rates.
  7. I had a holiday job at Players during my university years. I didn't want to work there but in those days you could sign on the dole in the summer vacation and my parents encouraged me to do so - but of course they always found you a grotty job which you were then obliged to accept! I remember being given cigarettes in leiu of part of my wages. I didn't smoke but there was no option to opt out. I think my dad sold them to someone he knew who was a smoker.
  8. I left Nottingham when I went to university in 1974. I came back a few times to stay with my parents in between jobs, but I never returned permanently and I now live in Leicester having worked in Southampton and Oxford. At least my final move meant that my parents didn't have to travel too far to see their grandchildren.
  9. AlanB

    Berni Inns....

    My dad was never one for spending money but we did have the occasional treat of going for a steak at the Black Boy Berni Inn on Market Street. I remember their Irish liquer coffees too.
  10. AlanB

    Notts County....

    So sad that County have dropped out of the league. And I say that as someone who isn't a supporter of either County or Forest. I'm old enough to remember when Notts were in the old Division 1.
  11. AlanB

    The Gables, New Basford...

    Does anyone else remember Nurse Hewlett? She was quite a large lady with curly blonde hair if I recall correctly. She used to administer a punishment which she called "Humpty Dumpty" which she described as "being dropped from a great height." It was in reality being taken to the shower room and spanked. I wonder if this counts as abuse?
  12. Spoke to Alan last night. He's doing really well tracking down people. One person he's struggling with is David Sellors (or possibly Sellers). He was incredibly bright and probably went to a top university. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please let me know.
  13. AlanB

    Toys from your childhood

    I had Bayko which I loved, and metal meccano, also an electronic engineer kit which you could use to make things like morse code transmitters and a simple radio. I also collected Action Man stuff. One of my relatives passed on a "visible man" to me which was a teaching aid for the human body. My brother had Montini which was a cheaper version of lego.
  14. AlanB

    What was your first car?

    A Hillman Hunter that I asked my brother to find for me as he allegedly knew his way around cars. It was a private sale in Nottingham and I couldn't afford to pay very much. Anyway when I got it I filled up with petrol only to find that the reason it had been sold with an almost empty tank was because there was a hole in the tank! So, one replacement petrol tank later I drove it to Oxford where I was living at the time. Over the next couple of years, every time I did a long journey the engine would overheat and I would have to be towed home, I'm surprised the AA didn't blacklist me! On one occasion I seized up the engine so my brother and I replaced the engine with one from a scrapyard. Eventually I met my wife, who had a fairly new Ford Fiesta, so I sold my car to a work colleague who wanted to take it drag racing. He gave me £75 for it, which coincidentally was the same amount I paid for the engagement ring. So since then I tell people I sold my car to buy an engagement ring, and my wife counters by saying I only married her for her car!
  15. If there's anyone here from the 1967 intake (O Levels 1972, A Levels 1974), Alan Bird is organising a class reunion in Nottingham in August. A Facebook page is going to be organised or if you PM me I can give you Alan's e mail address. Apparently about 40 people are interested in going so far. It will probably be the first time most of us have met up in 45 years!