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  1. Having mentioned the silliness of buying posh new cars - I did buy a fishing rod which I rarely use for £700. I like using the one that cost £52 better ...suppose I'm just a cheapjack.... As for cider - it is just not possible to purchase proper cider from a shop or supermarket. The stuff is an alcopop with a trace of apple juice plus preservatives. Tastes awful. Mine is 100% juice with no additives.
  2. Well I drive the perfect car for my purpose and don't regard it as a banger at all. 2004 X Trail. I can afford a posh new car but grew out of that silliness years ago.
  3. She couldn't be an improvement on you Margie The concept of multiverses and infinity are far too extreme although I could be persuaded about time being warped. This post was made on June 21st 2026.
  4. Friction suspension dampers. Could be adjustable on some cars. Tighten them up for heavier load or for competition. Manual windscreen wipers. Shots of Redex upper cylinder lubrication. Some garages offered 'free shots' with your petrol.
  5. Yes, the Castle is a good tourist attraction. The visitor experience is more about Robin Hood, with smatterings of Medieval England. The art gallery had some interesting stuff but was laid out seemingly at random. The Paul Smith exhibition was excellent as was the Nottingham Lace gallery. As local people we would like to have seen a more 'Nottingham' theme with a nod towards the Raleigh, Players, coal, etc. Overseas visitors will only have heard about Nottingham through the films and stories of Robin Hood and maybe Nottingham lace, so as a tourist attraction it has succeeded but for us Nottin
  6. We are visiting the refurbished castle tomorrow. Anyone been yet?
  7. There was indeed a static water tank situated where the slab square toilets were later constructed. It had a steel mesh cover over it and I remember looking for fish through it. There was one on the Forest park and ride site. When it was demolished it left a shallow pond full of sticklebacks.
  8. Easy day today so started by the usual 30 min bike / 30 min rower. Learnt not to train on heavy work days. Just tidied up the site and formed a concrete run off from the paviors - just a couple of shovels of mix so no big effort. Still had my beer though
  9. A very satisfying day today Finished the last part of the courtyard project. The rear courtyard took some doing - had to level 32 m2 and lay 1600 blocks, half of which arrived last Thursday. The other half had to be lifted and power washed. Looks great. It was a pleasure to return the whacker and have a clean up this afternoon. Enjoying a beer at the mo.
  10. My Mum used to say "money goes to money"........and it does seem to do that for other people
  11. Wow - hope you recover well mate. It would seem that you are the Captain of the Stent Club, with Benj the Vice Captain. I'm lucky and back to normal. Did a hill walk on Sunday with no probs and rowing and cycling regularly, albeit a bit slower. Getting on with the landscaping project and enjoying it. Think I have learnt how not to put pressure on myself that leads to stress.
  12. Had a good day fly fishing on a small lake yesterday. Knocked two on the head for smoking. Filleted them and put in brine. Wish I could fillet trout neatly. Still untidy after 50 years of trying. Sea fish seem easier. Fishing in a boat on Blithfield today. W/e of fishing to replace cancelled week away in the Highlands.
  13. This morning I realised just how well I have felt since the heart attack. This was when logging the results from my morning hour on the indoor rowing machine and bike. I have been making incremental increases in pace and duration and paying more attention to the warm ups and warm downs. Also made slight changes to diet. Just looked through the exercise log for this year and some of the notes made each day. Without going into detail it would seem that exercise alone is not going to stop heart attacks unless (hopefully) accompanied by a careful diet and lighter drinking. I rowed 8
  14. I wonder what GP's are doing when they are not seeing anyone? just askin....
  15. Not been on here much recently - too busy! I'm in my third retirement. The first one started when I sold my share of the business at 66 and spent 4 to 6 months pa in France cycling, fishing and building things on our few acres. Renovating old cider making stuff and making cider. I trained and competed at International level at indoor rowing. That was a super 13 years of retirement and not a minute to spare. Sold up in France 3 yrs ago and started second retirement comprising converting next doors huge garden from wasteland to an allotment. Then celebrated my 80th by forming a fishing
  16. Ouch! Margie. You must have gone through some worrying times.
  17. Thank you all for those good wishes. Hope no one else tries to join the stent club. Got enough members already - It would seem that I keep distinguished company
  18. Don't think I've posted on this thread before but maybe being admitted to Stoke hospital with a heart attack on Monday justifies it No big deal really and not as dramatic as it sounds. Admitted Monday. Stents fitted Tuesday. Recovered Wednesday, Home Thursday. Light work outside yesterday. Keeping fit and healthy made it possible to take it in my stride. Several months of being physically on the limit with the building project caught up with me. Just 82 y/o fuel lines deteriorating and fortunately no blown cylinder head. Feel great. Life is good
  19. I find this business of the European countries stopping the AZ being administered a bit suspicious? There must be a motive, unless the WHO and most experts are wrong. Money and Politics - even envy?
  20. A good question ube. Made me think. Maybe we humans only see less that 1% of land mass but dead birds take up 100%. Also they get eaten. Even my hens eat them!
  21. £980 here in the UK and a 19 week waiting list! The thing about Concept 2 equipment is that it holds it's value and is a good investment. I bought a C2 rowing machine about 20 years agoand 11 years later sold it for more than I paid for it. The rowing machine I have now (model E) I bought in France 6 years ago and could still sell it for a profit. The health and value retaining merit make it a good investment. If I bought a bike for £980 it would be worth less than half of that a year later. First ride on the BikeErg this evening and super smooth. Thighs burnt a bit but should not take lo
  22. The Concept 2 BikeErg arrived today after a 20 week wait. I could have left it in the box and sold it for about £300 profit! They are in such short supply. Anyway I assembled it this afternoon and was pleased to see how well engineered it is. It's a lot more usable than the Tacx trainer I've been using for 20 years. I'll give it a good test for an hour or so short, while watching telly. I'm hoping to get fit enough to get out on the road bike when it's warmer. Must check out the lycra. Fancy airing the LEJOG strip that I designed for our record team ride in 1998.