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  1. There are rumblings that there will be a shortage of the Pfizer vaccine. Will we get a second jab at all? It would be helpful if there were some factual evidence about the effectiveness of a single jab. Just hoping that Politics is not supressing the science.
  2. Felt good this morning so stepped up the am rowing session to 15km. Should reach Inverness by teatime. Checked out the chickens water earlier. The ice was thin enough for them to peck through. Yesterday the drink bowl was solid so have to check every morning. Still getting 3 eggs per day from 5 hens Life is good.
  3. O' no you won't! It will be a delivery drone
  4. Just checked how far I have got on the 'Row to the Highlands' project. Should reach Pitlochry for teatime. The target has been extended from reaching Inverness this month, to reaching Loch Cam, where I go fishing. Thinking about the wonderful Highland fishing keeps me going
  5. Strange? I had a hernia done as a day case. In and out in 6 hours. Took my cycling magazine in thinking I could read it during the op but too drowsy. Stiches dissolved quite soon, then riding the indoor bike just over a week later. I was quite young then though having not tuned 70
  6. Mrs PP gets the jab on Thursday. The way I see it is that by cancelling my 2nd jab due on Wed, Mrs PP gets hers a few weeks earlier that first planned That has got to be the right decision. By the time our second jab is possible the virus will have probably mutated again, again and require a different vaccine?
  7. Our grandson next door has tested positive. Had his jab same day as me 18 days ago. He is an ambulance driver and has been shunting Covid patients about. In spite of protests by him and the union, the only ppe they were issued with is a face mask! No bleddy wonder he has tested positive! Fortunately he is not showing any symptoms so far and hopefully the jab may have made a difference. Another NHS worker out of action and holed up with his wife and two kids.
  8. There is a bright light outside - discovered that it's called the sun Did the usual 10k on the rower this morning. Another 20 planned for this afternoon while watching the snooker. Half way through the challenge to reach Inverness by the end of the month.
  9. Yes. The Park tunnel meet up was one of the most interesting ones. We started on Derby Rd and IAN gave us an interesting running commentary all the way around. Pity it rained.
  10. Woke myself up laughing this morning . The dream was so absurd
  11. I was given a date for my second jab but it was cancelled. The 91% cover given by Pfizer compared to 72% for the AZ plus the Pfizer costs and difficulty with distribution makes me wonder if a second Pfizer jab will ever happen.
  12. Apparently I am now 90% protected 14 days after the first Pfizer jab. There is still no info about how long the effectiveness lasts without a second jab? Will there ever be a second jab?
  13. Had a good day today. The usual start with rowing and then a bit more rowing this afternoon while watching Ronnie vs Ding - what a cracker! We ordered a meal to be delivered at 6.30 and we decided to 'dress for dinner'. Gotta keep the spirits up So, on with the evening suit and pleated shirt, rummage around for the cufflinks and can't find a bow tie. Search as I may, no bow tie. Finally found one hiding under the old cravats (Ben will love that I thought). Dinner was great accompanied with a bottle of decent Cote du Rhone Villages that had been breathing for 3 hours. All sounds a bit posh but
  14. Just hoping that there is no permanent damage to Chris's lungs Carni. Also hoping that one or two on here are taking notice of your experiences and behave accordingly like most do. Looking on the bright side towards Summer - it would be a great pleasure if you and Chris could come over here to try out our local towpaths on the T&M - and the pubs of course .....and my new courtyard and patio.
  15. Oz - your choice of machines for a home workshop is exactly what I would have chosen and have dreamed of! - I mean EXACTLY. Oh! I might have added a Clarkson T&C grinder. In fact a Clarkson T&C grinder could be used for doing some small surface and cylindrical work. Often thought of sourcing one. I loved the Bridgeports. Could make em sing.
  16. Getting in to a January/lockdown routine. Get up at 7.30, dress in gym clothes, make a pint of weak coffee, get on rowing machine for a bout an hour watching 'Breakfast' on the beeb. Row at a steady pace taking sips of coffee regularly. Shower. Dress in work clothes. Porridge with honey and raisins. Another pint of weak coffee. Check out the chickens. Get on with the landscaping project. Lunch. Relax and read paper and do a few puzzles. Bit of time on PC and any light jobs in the house. Change into gym strip that has been drying on radiator. Make a pint of weak coffee and do another hou
  17. Two women fined £200 each for driving 5 miles to Foremark Reservoir for a walk. They were in separate cars and parked well away from each other. They took their own coffee and the Derbyshire police said that it was a picnic! The ladies were frightened by the experience and having their rights read like criminals before the fine was made. I understand people wanting to walk by water - it is very calming. I know Foremark quite well - plenty of open space. It seems totally out of proportion when compared with walking on a canal towpath, which is legal and where it can get quite busy with wal
  18. I sincerely hope that Brew is OK. I'm sure he has plenty to say when he is ready. I miss his common sense and analytical debate.
  19. 13k on the rower. Kettle of hot water to unfreeze hens water. Collected 3 eggs. An hours work digging and carting. Lifted some carrots and parsnips. Another 8k on the rower. Now drinking a beer Good news from the Govt and angling clubs - fishing is allowed as long as we stay local and keep to ourselves. Luckily I can walk to the Trent and the T&M canal. Life is good
  20. Hardly any patients at the Eye Hospital. Obviously most have been scared off. Good for us though with only 4 people in a large waiting room and we were only in the hospital for 45 minutes. The longest wait was to let the drops work before treatment. More treatment required in 2 months.
  21. I have an appointment for more laser treatment on the left eye at New Cross hospital (W'ton) this afternoon. Felt like cancelling it due to the current scare but appointments and treatment is so hard to get that I will go. Mrs PP will have to drive and we will be super careful.
  22. Well done Mary. At least you got out. I get plenty of exercise, what with the digging and wheelbarrowing. I also use the indoor rower every day. Rowed over 80km since New Years day. I did feel tired today though. Just supping a beer - that'll bring me round
  23. Why not just scrap this years Summer holiday? Shut schools and Uni's now for a couple of months or so then start the Spring term early and just have a weeks break for Summer.