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  1. Tompa

    The Duke

    Of course, I mean there is no central heating in the Tower
  2. Tompa

    The Duke

    That's a bit harsh.
  3. Tompa

    Photos to cheer us up

    Skegness 1950
  4. Tompa


    ill gotten-gains, just sayin.
  5. Tompa


    Languages are changing all the time.
  6. Tompa


    Btw are there any Swedes or Swedish speakers on here. It would be nice know if there are.
  7. Tompa


    If you pull on your belly button your bum falls to the floor, so its used to hold your bum in place.
  8. Tompa

    Model Aircraft

    Yes I think so, and we haven't heard much about it for weeks, which seems a little odd. Anyway there are so called drone catches which could have been used. In the Netherlands they use trained birds of prey.
  9. Tompa

    Model Aircraft

    I can't understand why they couldn't track this so called drone at Gatwick, technology is already at hand.
  10. I hope you are feeling better now, after you trip to the dentist, nothing worse than toothache.
  11. Tompa

    Model Aircraft

    Oh really, is he a member of the local model flying club ?
  12. Tompa

    Model Aircraft

    I have the Dji Phantom 3 pro and the Mavic Air, I prefer the Mavic Air because its easy to transport, I also use the Litchi App because you can program in your waypoints and most other things on Google Earth.
  13. Tompa

    Model Aircraft

    Which drone are you thinking of buying, ?? Which one did you buy for your son ?
  14. Tompa

    Remembering Nicky.

    Condolences, commo
  15. Tompa

    How's your day?

    Nonna, sorry to hear you are poorly, but hey chin up we are all thinking of you.