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  1. Hello, just looking at a post/picture you put on growing up in bilborough - a family of musson's at ingoldmells - musson is my surname, but doesn't seem to be anyone I know on the photo - do you have any more information about who they are?

  2. Tompa

    Image Attach Test

    That's a Dornier DO 28A
  3. Tompa

    Model Aircraft

    Philmayfield Have you bought that Mavic Air yet ?
  4. Tompa

    Buses in Nottingham

    Decin Czech Republic 2007
  5. Tompa

    Drone Enthusiasts

    Catfan Yep worked it out after a bit of head scratching.
  6. Tompa

    England, back home soon

    Not wise at all, had to look it up mesen. Just thought I was helping out.
  7. Tompa

    Image Attach Test

    Catfan, don't mind if did you call me an idiot I'm not a snowflake
  8. Tompa

    Image Attach Test

    That would be great, I have tried to create an account on photo bucket and its a pain in the rectum to say the least. I still haven't managed it
  9. Tompa

    Image Attach Test

    I tried to upload a photo, no idea how to, ugh thought drag drop would work but it does'nt
  10. Tompa

    England, back home soon

    Beekay, They are Acronyms: abbreviation consisting of the first letter of each word, LMAO = Laughing My Arse Off