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  1. FiftiesBoy

    Bubble cars

    In that case Jill, it could have been an Isetta still german but made by BMW. One of the original bubble cars.
  2. FiftiesBoy

    Saturday Morning Pictures

    yep Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, The Rocketman and why did Flash Gordons spaceship always have a sparkler stuck in the rear with smoke floating up.
  3. FiftiesBoy

    Saturday Morning Pictures

    Saturdays was the Windsor on Hartley Road
  4. FiftiesBoy

    Nottingham Lamposts

    Hi Mess, I frequented RSJS at the end of Beechdale Road then onto Glaisdale
  5. FiftiesBoy

    Ainsley Estate

    Hi Nige hope you enjoy your visit back to the past
  6. FiftiesBoy

    Cottesmore school

    Maureen who, what department??
  7. FiftiesBoy

    Ainsley Estate

    Hi Nigewaggy I remember you, yes the shops were a great gathering place, a friend of mine Leonard used to live at the grocers, but having looked on google earth street view it would appear all the shops on Ainsley Road have gone, the co-op is no more neither is Mr Wilsons off licence.
  8. FiftiesBoy

    1950s - 60s tv

    What about Casey Jones
  9. FiftiesBoy

    Ainsley Estate

    Welcome Radford gal, and thanks for the update.
  10. FiftiesBoy

    Cottesmore school

    hi piggy & babs, would Dave have worked at Bell Fruit.?
  11. FiftiesBoy

    Canal at Wollaton

    I to remember that swing and sliding down the slagheaps on what ever was available cardboard, tin, anything.
  12. FiftiesBoy

    School uniforms and colours

    Navy Blue or Black blazer, light blue or white shirt, black trousers, tie dark blue with light blue and red diagonal stripes and a badge with the houses on Castle, Wollaton, Sherwood and Trent.
  13. FiftiesBoy

    Nottingham Lamposts

    Hi Mess When you lived on Elstree did you know the Longs (Ged & Elizabeth) ?
  14. FiftiesBoy

    Market Square 1959 - Who was here?

    Sat on the shoulders off our next door neighbours son, on the corner of Friar Lane and Wheeler Gate
  15. FiftiesBoy

    Glaisdale Comp

    Unwin was the headmaster when I was there, music teacher we used to call chinny, looked a bit like Jimmy Hill pre beard, 'Noddy' Matthews (Maths), Mr Dobby, Hailey (PE) Messrs Brand, Edinborough and Dixon.