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  1. Thanks Cliff Ton. What a great picture! I started watching the Forest in the late fifties and I cannot remember the kop being that high towards the east stand. Do any of the long time Forest fans know when it was changed or if it was before the mid seventies? When we went by car to the match we parked near the Magpie, I was partial to a pint or two of Home Brewery 5 Star before walking across the Lady Bay bridge to the City Ground.
  2. Six degrees of Separation. When we went to the Victorian snow country to see our grandchild shortly after he was born we stayed at a motel as there were many visitors and no room at the house. When I went to reception to check in and having said only a few words the owner of the motel said where abouts in Notts are you from? We spoke further and found out she came from the next village to where I came from and went to the same school. Different age group so we had never met.
  3. Did you know that Doh! was used by Peter Glaze in Crackerjack long before Homer Simpson. It's Friday it's Five O Clock it's Crackerjack Give the boy a cabbage
  4. Cliff Ton #25 Enjoyed those two photos of Alfreton Road in the sixties especially the second one showing the Mini Traveler with the roof rack, The Ford Consul Classic and the Triumph Herald Estate. Those cars would be worth a few bob today.
  5. That's the spirit. Keep laughing both of you.
  6. StephenFord #82 Thanks Stephen you have confirmed what I thought, really strange that I lived in the area for 25 years and had never heard it called Darcliff Crossroads. It shows you never stop learning. can collect my bet from my brother now. iandawson #83 Yes Ian you could have got to Little Ricket Lane by bus you could have taken the B8 talked about in previous posts and got off at Larch Farm cross road and walked 250 yards along Kirkby road (B6020) in the direction of Kirkby. Alternatively you could have taken the Nottingham to Mansfield Trent service, can't remember the route number, one stop further toward Mansfield and got off at the junction of Ricket Lane, Little Ricket Lane and the main Nottingham to Mansfield Road (A60). There are two local landmarks in the area, the table top tree is directly at the junction. Nearby is the Bessie Sheppard Stone, a memorial to a young girl from Papplewick who walked to Mansfield to find work and upon returning was brutally murdered by Charles Rotherham who was apprehended in part by trying to sell her shoes and umbrella in the 3 Crowns Inn at Redhill. Rotherham was subsequently found guilty and hung at a public execution in Nottingham. There are also several local stories of drivers on the A60 stopping to pick up a young girl who was walking along the road only to have her disappear. I have just checked Google street view and the table top tree is still there.
  7. nonnaB and Fly2 Thank you I had completely forgotten about the Sawyers Arms. Went in there occasionally as well as the Brittania but used the Cricketers, the Chateau and the Hutt more often. You never know we may have crossed paths in the sixties.
  8. The Pianoman, StephenFord, and Blondie, Thank you all, so many memories and a wealth of knowledge on this site. I think you have settled the bet with my brother but before I can claim my winnings can you please let me know where exactly are Darcliff Crossroads. I lived in the area until moving to Oz but have never heard that name. Is it where Blidworth Lane meets the A 614 near Salterford Lane? Blondie, I often caught the B8 in both directions as it was the only bus to where I lived without changing buses.
  9. Fly2 #56 Now you've done it Fly2. I will have to have and Irish Coffee before I go to bed, light on the coffee but liberal with the Jamesons or Bushmills which ever we have in the drinks cupboard.
  10. The more I wander around this site the more amazed I am about what is on here. I certainly remember the proper blue buses (MGO) particularly the B8 which we used to catch to go to Papplewick Lido. It used to turn off before the lido go right round the houses and then back out just beyond the lido, I think. Wandering along through Bestwood, Hucknall, alongside a golf course? and eventually to Huntingdon Street. One thing I do remember is which were the best seats upstairs when going home from watching the Forest on a cold winters day. The seat second from the front on the drivers side got the heat from the vent on the nearside first and sticking your feet against the rear vent when sitting on the back seat. Perhaps The Pianoman or someone else could be more specific about the B8 route and settle a discussion between my brother and I about the route of the F3 which I think was mostly a single decker. Having left the UK in the mid seventies I can't recall the MGO blue and MDT green both of which always looked so stylish changing to the red of Trent Motor Traction
  11. EileenH #70 Round the Horne was one of the funniest radio shows closely followed by I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again (ISIRTA) that starred all The Goodies and John Cleese. I remember the singing football results where Forest beat Manchester United four nil. The program always finished with The Angus Prune Tune. They are all available on You Tube and well worth a listen. Unfortunately none of these programs could be broadcast today as they would raise the ire of the pc police.
  12. mick2me #499 Don't know about others on this site but as you get older child proof containers become an increasing challenge. On a similar vein, which packaging numpty came up with the little key method of opening tins of Fray Bentos corned beef. Either the key broke half way round or it was never strong enough to break off the final bit and you had to waggle the top part of the can until the metal fatigued and the top part came off. Forty odd years later I still have the scar on my thumb from trying to open a can whilst on a day trip to Skeggy.
  13. Bl**dy packaging. Here in Adelaide we have three bins, one 120 litres for general rubbish collected weekly, one for recyclable items and one for "green waste" that are collected each alternate week both 240 litres. Even with only two of us at home the recyclable bin is nearly always full or overflowing into the general rubbish and most of it is excessive packaging and before anyone comments about beer bottles and cans these are stored in a separate bin and when full returned to a recycling centre for the 10 cent deposit and therefore another slab of beer. As an example her indoors prefers a brand of soap that comes in six cakes in a clear cellophane wrap, which after you have struggled to tear this, each cake of soap comes in a little cardboard box thingo and then inside that is the cake of soap enclosed in yet another clear cellophane bag and to add insult to injury each cake of soap has a little label on it. I am sure you know the brand but bl**dy hell it is only soap. Blister packs really pee me off, you almost need a pair of tin snips or a Stanley knife to get into them and then to find that the sodding product is cable tied to a card inside. If anyone breaks their scissors trying to get through the packaging look out as you will need the snips or the Stanley knife to get into the packaging that the scissors come in. Almost any hardware item now comes in blister type packs even down to a few screws or nuts and bolts. Cereal boxes that are twice the size needed for the cereal inside. Packaging for any electrical item, the cardboard box, then a plastic bag, then formed polystyrene then the little polystyrene bag that the product is in, innumerable other plastic bags that the leads, batteries, instructions etc come in. Last but not least for this rant, shirts, will anyone explain to me why the shirt has to come in a clear celluloid box (with an incorporated hanger loop) four separate pieces of cardboard and tissue paper, innumerable clear plastic clips and enough pins to keep a voodoo practitioner happy for years and yes I know it is about retail presentation but? I hate packaging
  14. Michael, I am sure that the thoughts and best wishes of all Nottstalgians are with you both and anyone else battling this insidious disease. It won't be long before this will be just a memory and life returns to normality. I understand what you are going through as coincidentally it was a year ago today that I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma behind my right knee and thanks to my surgeon who insisted I had a full top to toe scan they also found a brain tumour the size of an apricot, strangely I had had no symptoms. After putting my trust in the surgeons and unusually doing what I was told after the two lots of surgery and the support of my wife and family I am coming good again.
  15. Trevor S re #45 Certainly do remember "Cold Duck" the Kaiser Stuhl sparkling light red and as for Sangria I remember several hangovers in Ibiza and Minorca caused by drinking jugs of the stuff in the late sixties and early seventies. I believe the damage was caused by the Spanish brandy which I think was called Fundador. On another grog memory from that era, I was in our local bottle shop recently and saw some Mateus Rose in the classically shaped bottle. Upon tasting I was immediately transported back to meals at the Berni Inns around Nottingham. I know they have been covered extensively elsewhere on this site and I was a little sad to hear that the Chateau has now gone as I recall one magic night where after the meal we came out to find the cars and trees all covered with snow amid the coloured lights.
  16. G'day Catfan, Fly2 and RobL From what you guys say it looks like you are getting Chateau de Cardboard or Goon Bag quality wine in bottles. Fly2 re#10 and the recent experience with Volkswagen are you really getting what you think you are when you buy German wines? When we first came downunder there was a brand of Leibfraumilch called Blue Nun but better known among the young blokes as " Legopenermilch"
  17. Thanks for the topic DaveN The previous posts on this thread have brought back many long forgotten programs and I have had great fun watching some of them on You Tube. Much preferable to the endless dross of reality TV, cooking programs and the mindless violence of US crime shows that gets broadcast on free to air TV here in OZ. I am not sure where sticoms turn into dramedy but I have to varying degrees enjoyed the following. The Good Life,To the Manor Born, Are you Being Served? Dad's Army, The Vicar of Dibley Men Behaving Badly, Phoenix Nights, Black Books, Black Adder, Goodnight Sweetheart
  18. I have a cunning plan - Baldrick I'll have half - Jacko Computer says no - Carol Beer You deaded me - Bluebottle You can't get the wood - Henry Crun I don't believe it - Victor Meldrew
  19. When I had school dinners we always had a choice of custard, lumps or slices
  20. Seeing as there is an comedy influence to the start of this thread i'll add some from Dad's Army Dont' panic and They don't like it up 'em Lance Corporal Jones You Stupid Boy - Captain Mainwaring Were doomed - Private Frazer I am very much looking forward to the upcoming film to see if they can re-create the magic of the original.
  21. I have noticed the liking to Hobgoblin on this site. Our BottlO (Off licence) has Hobgoblin Extra Strong Ale at OZ$8.49 for a 500ml bottle That is around 4quid. How does that compare with what you pay? My brother who lives in Nottingham can often get good Australian wine cheaper that we can get it here.
  22. #462 Thanks for the link Catfan now got some research to do.
  23. #455, 456, 457, 458 I think I might be taking Catfan's advice and getting a dash cam. What with the mobile phone cradle, the GPS and now a dash cam I soon won't be able to see out of the bl**dy windscreen.
  24. Just brought in a law in South Oz about staying clear of bikes on the highway. We now have to stay 1 metre clear of bikes on a road with a speed limit of less than 80 kph and 1.5 metres on a road where the speed limit is more than 80kph. To do so we are now allowed to cross double lines in the middle of the road, nearly got cleaned up by some pratt more worried about staying a metre clear of the bike than looking what is coming the other way. Bikes are now allowed to ride on pavements.
  25. In Oz some states changed to daylight saving three weeks ago and others did not. We now have the ridiculous situation of five time zones eat to west instead of the usual three. Queensland does not have daylight saving and is now one hour behind New South Wales even though they are nominally on the same longitude. NSW people often get flight times from Coolangatta airport which is just over the Queensland border wrong at this time of year. Here in Adelaide we are half an hour ahead of Queensland which is east of us? Half an hour behind NSW, Victoria and Tasmania which are also east of us. One hour ahead of the Northern Territory which is due north of us and 2 and a half hours ahead of Perth. I pity those in the UK who have relatives in OZ trying to work out what time to call or Skype them at this time of year or the people that live in the border areas of states in Oz that do not change to daylight saving.