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  1. Siddha #12 An old one but true. As a first year apprentice in the sixties I was sent to the stores for a long weight, the storeman said he would go and get one and I stood there like a dummy until the foreman came round to see what I was doing. The storeman was hiding behind some shelves pi**ing himself laughing the barsteward.
  2. DJ360 #9 BeestonMick #11 Remember them well. When going for a pint or two during the lunch break from work on Friday's I had a mate who could drink faster than the piston could dispense the beer.
  3. If price is not considered Single Malt Whisky - Glenmorangie Signet Blended Whisky - Johnnie Walker Green label Red wine - big bold shiraz - Chapel Hill The Vicar White - a waste of land that could be used for reds Beer - Guinness on draught Being more realistic Single Malt Whisky - Cardhu 12 year old Blended Whisky J&B Rare Red Wine - Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz Beer - Coopers Sparkling Ale
  4. If you are a baby boomer it is said that it was one of the three days when you can remember exactly where you were when you heard the news. The other two are :- The assassination of JFK When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon Where were you when you heard about these momentous events?
  5. Rob. L #68 Reminds me of going to see Forest at Turf moor on bleak February winters day. It was snowing and we did the trip in a Triumph Mayflower with vacuum operated wipers, only an inch wide strip to see where you were going uphill and going so fast down hill you would think they would fly off. To top it all Forest lost 5-0
  6. Merthyr Imp #29 Yes that's the sort, it always seemed to struggle up the hills with a full load of passengers.
  7. EileenH#13 and OrphanAnnie#19 It is amazing how just a couple of words or phrases trigger long forgotten memories. The only reason I went to Sunday school was to go on the outing and it was nearly always Wicksteed Park and yes I remember those giant mountain slides and swings OH&S would be going looney today. The boating lake and little train was always a must do and then tea from the Pavillion. We used to make the journey in a Bedford OB single decker bus and for the life of me I don't remember why but recall the sign inside Coachwork by Duple?
  8. DJ360 #101 Beach Boys - God only Knows One of my all time favourite Beach Boys numbers along with Sloop John B
  9. When I got in the way of my dads view of the gee gees on the telly he used to say "geerowt of way, you weren't made at Pilkingtons
  10. 27degC at 2pm this morning dropped to a minimum of 23 just before dawn and now heading for 39 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIMWW4R1ZBM
  11. BeestonMick #90 Yes Mick, I nearly got it right and almost everything is just a google away and in this quiz Google should be frowned upon, certainly given the knowledge available on this site, there is invariably someone that knows the answer.
  12. Bubblewrap #14 That looks like New South Wales and that's not parked it's abandoned.
  13. Christmas was when we usually got a "big present". Two years really stick in my memory, one when I got a Flying Scotsman train set with automatic level crossing gates that I could not get near for my Dad and Grandad playing with it nearly all of Christmas day and the year I got a Trent Tourist bicycle with three speed Sturmey Archer gears operated by a twist grip gearchange, really cool. Yes Compo, Even today I have to take care to put the right garlands in the right places as the kids, all grown up now with children of their own, always make me change them if they are wrong. Some of the baubles are forty years old and have to be in the right place on the tree and it is always sad when you find that one is broken.
  14. Dave 48 #85 Temptations - Let it rain or something like that?
  15. #84 Crankypig Well done I'll have to think of a harder one
  16. My mum who could natter a bit hersen would often say about one of our neighbours "That woman could talk a glass eye to sleep"
  17. Mary1947, I know exactly what you mean about the light bulbs, I remember dad saying that the bulbs were connected in series and if one was "gone" then none of them would light up. So began the search for the dead bulb(s). Also remember the special bulb that made them flash on and off. I agree a long way from the programmable LED's we have today. We never had turkey in those days it was always a chicken that my granddad had fattened in his henhouse and after dinner fighting with my brother for the wishbone. We also had pork and I loved the crackling. I was always hopeful of finding a silver threepenny bit in the pudding Not being a lover of chocolate I used to look forward to the nuts which only seemed to appear at Christmas, Brazils, Walnuts, Hazelnuts Happy Memories
  18. colly0410 #52 What about Pans People and Hill's Angels, nudge, nudge, wink, wink say no more.
  19. Today is the official first day of summer downunder and to celebrate our forecast temperatures over the weekend are 39degC (102F) and 40deg C (104F)
  20. Just got back from visiting family interstate and find that we have had a planned interruption to our internet connection and that the so called "smart" TV's upon turning on decided to do a full scan of all free to air digital channels (47 found). I have just spent the last 2 hours getting rid of all the useless shopping, marketing, lifestyle and foreign language broadcast stations on both our TV's. Why can't the plonkers who program televisions and associated "boxes" use the opt-in methodology instead of pushing all this dross and then us having to waste our time opting out.
  21. StephenFord and Chulla Thanks for the information. Yes, a bright metal circular thing with a grill. I can see how the heater would work from the engine cooling water on the MGO buses but how did it work on a trolley bus? Was it like a single bar electric fire or something similar?
  22. #26 Merthyr Imp #27 MargieH Yes the reason that we used to stop was to find the horse shoes. I think there were three sets and as a kid it was an amazing distance between take off and landing. The other stop we used to make was the Boston Stump and for some reason I remember my dad telling me that there was 365 steps to the top. Can't remember seeing any notices about mines or barbed wire entanglements on the way to the coast in the late fifties.
  23. #27 Blondie Learned to swim at Hucknall Baths on weekly sports mornings from junior school. Never went to Bulwell Lido but regularly went to Papplewick and Calverton lidos and I agree with Annesleyred 1865 Papplewick was always freezing.