Aussies getting a bit desperate !!

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Australia: 3 - England: Zilch, Nil, Nought, Bugger all. The ODI is now home and hosed with our lot winning that series as well with still 2 more matches to play.

I hear Captain Cook is going to get 'rested'. Bit of a shame really because he probably can play cricket as well as the next man if given the opportunity.

Your lot may as well forget the 3 20/20 fixtures coming up, go home now and get their house in order (like we had to) before the World Cup and the next Ashes Tour over there.

We will get some practice in with South Africa in the meantime before the Super Eights.

Choking yet, Beefsteak???? :rotfl:

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That's the trouble Trev, he is as good as the next man, but they're all pretty rubbish at the moment!!

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