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I'm Richard: born in Nottingham but snatched away at an early age and only allowed back for brief visits to grandparents. All the older members of my family have died now, and like many people I didn't get chance to ask them things about their childhood (and to clarify my memories about mine). So... this is one of the ways I'm hoping to fill in the gaps.

Here is one of those gaps. I have a memory (early 70's) of walking into town from Sherwood: down Hucknall Rd onto Mansfield Rd and past the Forest. By the roundabout near the Forest I have the distinct impression that there was some kind of small memorial garden/park. It would be on the corner of Mansfield Rd/Sherwood Rise, opposite the Forest. I think.... can't find it on any maps but there does seem to be a small green patch on Pelham Avenue. Any ideas?



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Hi Richard and a warm welcome to yo. I'm positive your question will soon be clarified as there are some real experts on here. Best of luck.

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Welcome to Nottstalgia Richard. Looking at the area, it now looks like this and your first description sounds like it could've been where the Open University building now is.

However, you then mention the green area alongside Pelham Avenue and that fits your description of it being a park ....but it isn't on the corner of Sherwood Rise / Mansfield Road

Take yer pick.

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Hi Margie. I was born at the Firs near Woodthorpe Grange and my grandparents lived on Haddon St, just off Haydn Rd. When we lived in Nottingham we moved about quite a bit, and we moved to Norwich just before I started school. I was told that I had a pretty strong Nottingham accent when we moved, but I had it beaten out of me at school by the yokels in Norwich who thought it sounded posh. I spent most of my holidays with my grandparents up to the age of about 12, and so most of my memories are of Sherwood and Carrington. My grandad Arthur Spencer, was a shop fitter at Lewitt and Owens and my grandma, Carrie, was a union rep at the Merridian factory. Her maiden name was Staples and I've been told that's a very common name in Sherwood and Daybrook - all distant relatives. Things I remember most were trips to Woodthorpe Park, the Metropole and Futurist (in Basford) and being taken to Carrington Lido.

Best wishes


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Hi, haven't seen any names I recognise but I was at Berridge from 1960 to 1961 and then went to Forest Fields for five years before moving to Australia with my adventurous folks. Still here. Remember vividly Mr Cook who was the best teacher I ever had and has been responsible for the way I think about education these days.

I remember getting out a large wheelbarrow of sorts that we would fill with cricket gear and run down to the Forest for cricket. My nickname was Choo Choo or, eventually, Chooch because of a fascination I had for a few days of being a train. It stuck all the way through Forest Fields and only died when I moved to Australia and became anonymous.

Great part of my life.

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Welcome Stewart, I'm sure you'll find some interesting people and information on here.

I was at FFGS from 56-62. I detested every single second I'm afraid. I've recovered now.

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