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1 hour ago, carni said:

Besides, the Dentist has put paid to my munching for a few days. Lol.:wacko:


You don't have to munch on the cream that oozes out of an elephant's foot.

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Up at the crack of dawn this morning and checked into The Park Hospital at 7am.  Into theatre before 9 and back into my room an hour or so later.  Felt fine, had two pots of tea and egg mayo sandwiches that went down very well.   Seemingly no problems at all but just before discharge a nurse removed the cannula and my precious blood was squirting out all over my hospital gown and sheets!  For the second time in recent weeks I’ve been asked if I was on blood thinners (same thing happened in QMC)..... the answer fortunately was NO.  

Got a follow-up consultation with my man in 4 weeks time so fingers crossed that what he did today has sorted me out for good.    

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Hopefully everything is on the right track with your recovery Lizzie. I hope you get the all clear after the next appointment.

You've really had a painful, stressing couple of years, so let's hope this unfortunate episode is finally coming to a good conclusion. 


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Lizzie glad thats over for you and hope things get better for you. I've been wanting to ring you but my mum takes up all my spare time in the evenings after her badante has gone. Hopefully manage it before too long. 

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Thanks Nonna, I’ve been meaning to phone you too to see how you’re coping with your Mum along with your own health issues. We’re away for a couple of weeks so will be in touch when we get back home.   

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