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Just got back from QMC again........the last eight days have been a bit Traumatic to say the least,,...blood tests,,X-rays,,and today a visit to a Consultant........cut a long story short......problem

Two years ago life changed forever,,,about this time i was on my way down to the operating theatre for what turned out to be a ten hour operation...........its been life changing in

It's not often I put personal stuff on here so here goes, a few years ago I found a woman daft enough who would marry me , some of you have met Margaret at some of the meet ups and yesterday was the d

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13 hours ago, DJ360 said:


I may not have been clear Nonna.  I paid out close to £800 for two pairs. after 'discounts' and the 'Second Pair 1/2 price' offer.


The first pair are 'Jaguar' frames.  I've not worn them for a year or so because I much prefer the second pair I bought. with lighter and better made 'Stepper' frames.

Anyway I put the Jaguars on today and a little bit of decorative trim fell off one arm....


Sorry DJ I don't know how I came up to the precise price of £ 200 , probably not reading post properly.

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Anyone read the poem ‘Rugby Chapel’ by Matthew Arnold?   I love so many of his poems but this one came to mind as I was thinking of things concerning eyes.  Anyone know which line in the poem I was thinking of?  
I’ll post the answer later.....

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4 hours ago, MargieH said:

Anyone read the poem ‘Rugby Chapel’ by Matthew Arnold?


Philistaine that I am all I read was a lot of obscure one line sentences that make no sense and seem to have no relationship with previous or following lines. Quite honestly I thought it a load of nonsense, couldn't get past the third verse...  :(


Sorry Margie...

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Sorry Margie, read Brew's post so I thought I'd have a read.  Couldn't make head or tails of it. Don't think I've got enough years left to get through it all, it's soooo long.

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So you never found the reference to something that can happen In a person’s eye?


Here are a couple of lines from the poem.....

Thunder crashes from rock

To rock, the cataracts reply,

Lightning’s  dazzle our eyes.


As I sai before, I love this poem and many of the others  he wrote.   It stirs my soul .



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