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In memory of the 96 reds who went to a football match 16 years ago today and didn't come home.

John Alfred Anderson (62)

Thomas Howard (39)

Colin Mark Ashcroft (19)

Thomas Anthony Howard (14)

James Gary Aspinall (18)

Eric George Hughes (42)

Kester Roger Marcus Ball (16)

Alan Johnston (29)

Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67)

Christine Anne Jones (27)

Simon Bell (17)

Gary Philip Jones (18)

Barry Sidney Bennett (26)

Richard Jones (25)

David John Benson (22)

Nicholas Peter Joynes (27)

David William Birtle (22)

Anthony Peter Kelly (29)

Tony Bland (22)

Michael David Kelly (38)

Paul David Brady (21)

Carl David Lewis (18)

Andrew Mark Brookes (26)

David William Mather (19)

Carl Brown (18)

Brian Christopher Mathews (38)

David Steven Brown (25)

Francis Joseph McAllister (27)

Henry Thomas Burke (47)

John McBrien (18)

Peter Andrew Burkett (24)

Marion Hazel McCabe (21)

Paul William Carlile (19)

Joseph Daniel McCarthy (21)

Raymond Thomas Chapman (50)

Peter McDonnell (21)

Gary Christopher Church (19)

Alan McGlone (28)

Joseph Clark (29)

Keith McGrath (17)

Paul Clark (18)

Paul Brian Murray (14)

Gary Collins (22)

Lee Nicol (14)

Stephen Paul Copoc (20)

Stephen Francis O'Neill (17)

Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23)

Jonathon Owens (18)

James Philip Delaney (19)

William Roy Pemberton (23)

Christopher Barry Devonside (18)

Carl William Rimmer (21)

Christopher Edwards (29)

David George Rimmer (38)

Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons (34)

Graham John Roberts (24)

Thomas Steven Fox (21)

Steven Joseph Robinson (17)

Jon-Paul Gilhooley (10)

Henry Charles Rogers (17)

Barry Glover (27)

Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton (23)

Ian Thomas Glover (20)

Inger Shah (38)

Derrick George Godwin (24)

Paula Ann Smith (26)

Roy Harry Hamilton (34)

Adam Edward Spearritt (14)

Philip Hammond (14)

Philip John Steele (15)

Eric Hankin (33)

David Leonard Thomas (23)

Gary Harrison (27)

Patrik John Thompson (35)

Stephen Francis Harrison (31)

Peter Reuben Thompson (30)

Peter Andrew Harrison (15)

Stuart Paul William Thompson (17)

David Hawley (39)

Peter Francis Tootle (21)

James Robert Hennessy (29)

Christopher James Traynor (26)

Paul Anthony Hewitson (26)

Martin Kevin Traynor (16)

Carl Darren Hewitt (17)

Kevin Tyrrell (15)

Nicholas Michael Hewitt (16)

Colin Wafer (19)

Sarah Louise Hicks (19)

Ian David Whelan (19)

Victoria Jane Hicks (15)

Martin Kenneth Wild (29)

Gordon Rodney Horn (20)

Kevin Daniel Williams (15)

Arthur Horrocks (41)

Graham John Wright (17)



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Please excuse my ignorance but what is the anniversary Red?? can't be Hillsborough that was before that wasn't it??

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My god I didnt realise that happened the year I left for Oz. Seems such a long time ago. I remember that day so well,all those poor people who perished. it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. As for the Heysel tragedy, I'll give your link a go.

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Did anyone see the " JUSTICE FOR THE 96 " protest by the kop end on BBC at Liverpool v Arsenal for the 1st 6 minutes of the game yesterday ....superb telly .

Monday 1.20 BBC 2 FA cup Draw lets have Man U or Chelsea down here or better still them sheepshaggers from up the road :yahoo:

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22 years on

Imagine the uproar, the weight of the law, if 96 coppers, lay dead on the floor.



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I recall the Bradford disaster, was at Beeston marina at the time, had just pulled up in car park and radio Nottingham sports presenter, almost jokingly said words to effect of "we're getting reports of a stand on fire at Bradford, I remember forest's stand burning down, but don't think this is as bad" seemed almost jovial about it! but to be fair wouldn't at that time know full details, neither did we, off we went for few hrs on the boat then got a right shock when we returned to the van. Might be wrong but wasn't there some disaster at a Glasgow Rangers match far worse?

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You're not on your own there Ash, I thought 106 people were killed at Ibrox , and it was indeed the biggest disaster at a UK footy match.

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A few of us Notts supporters went to the game with a few Forest mates. I will never forget that day til the day I die. This was before the day's of mobile phones so wasn't able to let my wife, who was pregnant with our first baby, know I was ok. She didn't know at the time that it was the Liverpool fans that were in trouble. She was going frantic, watching the images coming up on the tv. It was awful that it took over an hour before any information was relayed to us and that we stood there hopeless, watching the scene unfold.

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I went with a few Forest supporting work colleagues up to Anfield afterwards to take a collection from our place of work and lay some flowers. Sombre does not do justice to the scenes. God bless and keep them all.


A schoolboy holds a leather ball

in a photograph on a bedroom wall

the bed is made, the curtains drawn

as silence greets the break of dawn.

The dusk gives way to morning light

revealing shades of red and white

, which hang from posters locked in time

of the Liverpool team of 89.

Upon a pale white quilted sheet

a football kit is folded neat

with a yellow scarf, trimmed with red

and some football boots beside the bed.

In hope, the room awakes each day

to see the boy who used to play

but once again it wakes alone

for this young boy’s not coming home.

Outside, the springtime fills the air

the smell of life is everywhere

viola’s bloom and tulips grow

while daffodils dance heel to toe.

These should have been such special times

for a boy who’d now be in his prime

but spring forever turned to grey

in the Yorkshire sun, one April day.

The clock was locked on 3.06

as sun shone down upon the pitch

lighting up faces etched in pain

as death descended on Leppings Lane.

Between the bars an arm is raised

amidst a human tidal wave

a young hand yearning to be saved

grows weak inside this deathly cage.

A boy not barely in his teens

is lost amongst the dying screams

a body too frail to fight for breath

is drowned below a sea of death

His outstretched arm then disappears

to signal thirteen years of tears

as 96 souls of those who fell

await the toll of the justice bell.

Ever since that disastrous day

a vision often comes my way

I reach and grab his outstretched arm

then pull him up away from harm.

We both embrace with tear-filled eyes

I then awake to realise

it’s the same old dream I have each week

as I quietly cry myself to sleep.

On April the 15th every year

when all is calm and skies are clear

beneath a glowing Yorkshire moon

a lone scots piper plays a tune.

The tune rings out the justice cause

then blows due west across the moors

it passes by the eternal flame

then engulfs a young boys picture frame.

His room is as it was that day

for thirteen years it’s stayed that way

untouched and frozen forever in time

since that tragic day in 89.

And as it plays its haunting sound

tears are heard from miles around

they’re tears from families of those who fell

awaiting the toll of the justice bell.

(Dave Kirby)

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At 7am this morning, we are going to the flagpole in our community for a little ceremony to mark 16 years since 9/11. Then the group will walk together around the 2 mile path circling the area. Wearing our red, white and blue of course. Hope it's not too warm, I'm a wimp in this heat.

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