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Donny Osmond?

Part.2 ..Done lunchtime shows...mad hectic..upto 90!

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I remember Fossit and Thorne think it was a tyre place there was a Terry Thorne played for Notts County in the 60s

what about this one used to be on Trent

If your cars not running like should

batteries flat exhaust no good

if your tyres are a frightening sight

big city tyres will put it right

I'm sure there's more to that - and

Get your jeans down at Machins jeans means Machins

and the annoying one

Why I Barry Noble ere get u sen down the Astoria

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I remember the Fossit & Thorne ads really well. A few years ago when I lived in Nottm, I used to love listening to Radio Trent. I particularly loved the era of Northern Soul, great music for me, not sure many others would agree ;) I remember one of the Jocks called Steve Someone? emigrated to Brisbane just before I emigrated myself,he was very into the Nottingham Panthers, I have already mentioned him in a previous post yonks ago but I don't think anyone recalled him,what about the newer members anyone remember this guy??

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And who was one of the original DJ's that started out with Radio Trent.

He used to abuse everone who rang in.

Radio Trent start Date 19th July 1975 ( I can only remember that because it was the day I got married. I was miffed because I was at the wedding and did not hear the first program).

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Wasn't there a radio trent DJ who murdered someone in the 80's?

Might be wrong but was it Graham Neal ?

Sounds Familiar, can't find anything on the net?

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Fosset & Thorne went bust a few years ago.

I'm sure I've seen a Fosset & Thorne in Boston ?

I found another F&T on a net search, maybe its F&T(1988) Ltd?

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Wasn't there a radio trent DJ who murdered someone in the 80's?

Cheers for this one Jacko now get joined up and get posting .

Graham Neale had is own show on radio Trent the castle rockshow on tue 27th March 1985 he killed his girlfriend and radio Trent receptionist Lynne Goldingay dumping her body at Radcliffe-on-soar power station , on the 29th May 1985 Duncan McCracken Lynne's lover was found dead in his smoke filled car on Gregory boulevard . Graham Neale hung himself at Lincoln prison while awaiting trial 6th June 1985.


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This Sunday 8pm 5/02/06 Channel 5 screens a programme made at the house where Lynn Goldingay was battered to death by her ex-lover, a Radio Trent DJ, in 1985. It features a team of psychics attempting to work out what happened in the room where she met her death. JAMES SMITH looks back on a murder that shocked Notts

Theirs was the perfect pairing - he was Radio Trent's leading DJ, she was his beautiful girlfriend. In the mid-1980s, Graham Neale and Lynn Goldingay were a golden couple.

They numbered pop stars among their friends, travelled the length of the country attending gigs, and his hard rock radio show regularly won awards.

Yet, on March 26, 1985, Neale picked up a hammer and bludgeoned Miss Goldingay to death, then dumped her body on waste ground.

This Sunday, more than two decades later, the terrible events of that day - and the suicides that followed - are to feature on national television.

Channel 5's Britain's Psychic Challenge visited the house in Brancaster Close, Cinderhill, where she died.

There, six psychics were challenged to work out what happened to Neale and Miss Goldingay and their relationship with the house.

There to authenticate, or correct, their findings were people who knew them both, including Miss Goldingay's sister-in-law Carol Goldingay.

The 61-year-old, of Berry Hill, Mansfield, said the experience had been interesting, but had reopened emotional scars for those who knew the murdered 24-year-old.

"The programme-makers contacted various members of the family, but no one else felt confident enough to do it as it has aroused emotions again," she said.

"I felt that somebody should go to represent Lynn.

"Mentally, you can try to put things to bed, but this has brought it to the fore. You never forget her, but you get better at handling the grief.

"It was very, very difficult to be back in the house. I could feel my knees shaking."

The case against Neale never came to trial: Miss Goldingay's death set off a sequence of events that culminated in the DJ hanging himself from the bars of his cell at Lincoln Prison in June 1985.

He and Miss Goldingay were involved in what the Evening Post reported at the time as the "Tragic Triangle".

Miss Goldingay, 24, had left Neale after falling for a work colleague. She had met 20-year-old Duncan McCracken at the chartered accountancy firm where she was working in Gregory Boulevard and love blossomed.

She left the Cinderhill house she shared with Neale to live with her parents in Mapperley in early 1985. But eight weeks later, she accepted her former boyfriend's offer of a ticket to watch their friend Paul Young in concert - with her new lover's consent.

On the way home, their car broke down and Miss Goldingay reportedly developed a bad temper.

Hours later, on the morning of March 26, she began taunting Neale about his sexual prowess and said there was only one man for her - Mr McCracken.

The Post reported that Neale "completely lost control. He had been repairing a light fitting in the bedroom earlier in the day and he had left a hammer in the room.

"He picked it up in a blind fury and battered her repeatedly around the head, stopping only when he realised she was dead."

Mr McCracken - who blamed himself for telling her to go to the gig - tortured himself by revisiting the places they had been to.

On May 28, he parked in a private garage near his office, connected a pipe to the exhaust and gassed himself. Beside him was an album of personal photographs and a notebook explaining why he could no longer live without the girl he loved.

Days later, Neale took his own life while awaiting trial.

Someone else who recalls the terrible events well is former Post reporter Simon Harbidge.

He helped cover the story at the time and knew Neale well through music and gigs in the city.

"Back in 1985, there was no iPod or MTV. Radio was where we got all of our information, which made Graham Neale quite a big celebrity in Nottingham," he recalled.

"So when this happened it was a big shock."

The programme's researchers invited him to the Cinderhill home to help authenticate the psychic's findings.

"Because I knew them both through covering music it was quite sad to reflect on these three young lives that were wasted," he said.

"It was an interesting experience and the makers handled it very sensitively, but the day was tinged with sadness."

Carol Goldingay, who has been married to Lynn's brother Robert for 30 years and first met Lynn when she was 13, recalls the period with sadness. "It was unbelievable," she said. "You think murders happen to someone else.

"It was horrific - she was such an easy person to like, a nice, happy character.

"I remember her as someone who knew what she wanted out of life, someone who was close to her family, yet loved to travel and experience life. For her family, her death was tragic and broke all of our hearts for a long time."

She says every year, the anniversary of her death and the birthdays of both Lynn and Duncan bring the memories of 1985 back.

When Lynn first went missing, Neale appealed for her return, telling police he had last seen her catching a bus to work. Detectives interviewed hundreds of commuters.

Finally, Neale admitted he was responsible and led police to a shallow grave near Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station where he had left her battered body.

Matt Smith, from production company Townhouse TV, which is behind the programme, said: "Each psychic went individually to the house and was shown photographs of Lynn and Graham Neale and a picture of where she was found.

"The test was to find out what had happened and to be able to retell the story through the energies off the photographs and from walking around the house."

Both Carol and Simon confess to being skeptical about psychics before they took part in the show.

So, after first-hand experience, had their opinions changed?

"It was very interesting, but I remain unconvinced," said Simon.

Carol said: "The programme handled it very well, because they put non-believers in there to give a balanced view. It's something you'll never be able to say yes or no to with any certainty and I'm not sure we're meant to be able to, but I thought that one of them was very good and came very close to the truth."

Lynn's mother, Eunice Goldingay, of Arnold, decided against taking part in the programme, but is intend ing to watch it.

"I was contacted by the pro gramme-makers beforehand and was happy for them to go ahead," she said. I didn't want to go down to the bungalow, because last time we were there she was dead and we didn't know, so there are too many memories."


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That makes fascinating reading Red. I remember the incident very well. Pity I can't watch the special,though it may at some point appear on Austar,hope so, I would love to watch the background behind it. I always wanted to be a detective or an Archeologist!! not much difference hey?


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S'cuse me replying to old posts, but ive only been a member for 14 days (at present), but i have an involvement with a lot of the folk mentioned here.

Answers then,

Fossitt and Thorne........, stopped trading in Nottm, but had other branches elsewhere. It was indeed Terry Thorne who voiced the "40p (piece!) socket sets free with every...........

Machins Jeans...................admission was me doing the voicer for them! saldly, they went bankcrupt, Steve Machin , a good friend, does the music etc at Panthers home games.

Chris Ashley........didnt exactly run off with the girl mentioned, they had been seeing each other for a while and tried to emigrate, except Chris got turned away....something in his past! Chris can now be heard on VIP Radio, Sky 0196, sat evenings, and speaking of other "Trenters"

Steve you say, loves ice hockey, and his son at one time played for the junior sides.

Graham Neale, a sad story, anyone who knew him ( i did) would tell you what a wonderful guy he was, In France it would be called a crime of passion, as i understand it, Lynn taunted Graham about things i wont write here, as well as telling him she was leaving him,and, eventually he snapped. You know the rest.

Radio Trent,........actually born at 06.00 Thursday July 3, not as stated elsewhere.

Hope that sets a few things straight.

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Ayup Radford,

You are quite right about Fosset & Thorne being in Boston, I've drove past their place this afternoon Sunday 25th Feb. Don't know why they left Nottingham though.


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I went to senior school with Lynn Goldingay (Frank Wheldon comp in Carlton)and remember the story very well your man radfordred got the story spot on

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Steve you say, loves ice hockey, and his son at one time played for the junior sides.

I don't suppose this could be Steve Moran? former Trent DJ who became (and still is) the General Manager of the Nottingham Panthers. His son Paul played for the team.

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Machins Jeans...................admission was me doing the voicer for them! saldly, they went bankcrupt, Steve Machin , a good friend, does the music etc at Panthers home games.


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