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On 10/10/2022 at 8:48 AM, Beekay said:

Can you still get potato flavoured crisps?

Just decided to have a small bowl of potato crisps, some nuts and a beer whilst watching the gee gees on what is a cool for us summers day 16 deg C. I happened to look at the ingredients panel on the back of the packet. I was really surprised that potatoes were only 64% of the content as to the other 36% it was made up of the oils they were cooked in, salt and antioxidants. The recommended serving size is "about 15 crisps", who counts the crisps when they're eating them?

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RIP Caz and Ann Tutanic

The above pics are part of our Christmas decorations this year. I went into the bar there for a coffee this morning and thought I’d bumped into one of them , I apologized to them then realised what th

Me grandma loved loose sherry,, it came out of a barrel at the Offey about 5/- per bottle,, but when flushed she loved Emva cream 10/6,, late fifties,, Emva was from. Cyprus,,the british version

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12 hours ago, Alpha said:

I’d like to change places with you especially at 16 degrees and sun.

Same again today, no sun yesterday or today, I hate this cold weather. The weatherman says it will be low 30s at the weekend, that's more like it!

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Returning to the Christmas theme for a moment.

My dear wife was putting up a few decos last week and we were reminiscing about Christmas past.

In the mid 1950s we had some odd Christmas decorations that we hung on the tree. They consisted of two sealed glass ampules held together with twisted wire. They were painted with red and green leaves which I think were supposed to be holly. I believe my mum and dad acquired them shortly after setting up home in 1946 when following the war a lot of things were in short supply. I've seen some on the internet but it would seem they're quite scarce these days. I wonder if some of the older members on here know what I'm referring to.

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