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    My mind is on the starting blocks raring to go, my body has other ideas and has won the argument.
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    Sunday December 8th 2019 7:30 till late At the Southbank Bar, Nottingham City Come and celebrate Christmas with Dungeon Daze. We will be playing our usual blend of Soul, Motown, R&B, Blues - all that music you all loved to dance to in the Dungeon Club back in the 60s. £5 admission by ticket - available shortly from Gigantictickets.com, Andy Hallam, Ann Barry and band members. All proceeds to Bloomin' Dementia. Please Note: This is at the Southbank Bar in Nottingham City - used to be known as The Approach, or in our day Toby's store. https://photos.app.goo.gl/qkx13sh4RUfseZnYA
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    I was away for a few days in Dorset last month. I parked on a very narrow street. It is unusual in that the road way is very narrow but a very wide pavement. I followed every other vehicle parked there (mainly local shop owners) and parked with 2 wheels a foot onto the pavement to make the road way passable. I was the only car that got a ticket. I photographed the other cars and the local bin lorry that happened to be passing and was having to mount the opposite side pavement to pass and appealed the ticket by email that morning. I got a reply within 24 hours squashing the ticket and saying don’t do it again.
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    Beekay I have just looked on Ebay and there are numerous milk churns for sale, all shapes and sizes and various prices. In the search box type "milk churns" and they all by digital magic appear.
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    That's very reassuring. Nice to know there are some constants in life!
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    Jill, probably never...
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    You'll have more opportunity for that at the meet up! I presume it's still on - we are coming to Nottingham for FOUR nights/five days, so hope we'll see several 'old things' while we're there..... if anyone can't make the arranged date, we'd be pleased to meet individuals on another day as well.....
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    Does this house think that Ben will ever lose interest in women?
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    Been around and about looking at old things. Last Saturday I went up St Mary's Church and took photos. Midweek went to Nottm University Kings Meadow site (the old Central TV) for a look at their manuscripts/library section. Today had a look around Peoples Hall on Heathcoat Street.
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    Whistle stop"" margie? Or do you fancy "slow dancing" at Bodega?
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    Everyone gone to the Moon ?
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    I do feel for the 20,000 Thomas Cook employees, but they have no need to worry about me, I'll just learn Spanish & you can leave me here!
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    Hey Trogg - we may lose our physical ability but if we have respect from others and retain out self esteem who cares? Last week I really struggled to keep up with the rest of our fishing group in the Highlands. Thought I may need helicoptering in at one stage. Just kept falling down trying to circumnavigate a wild Loch in a gale....but I (hopefully) retained respect for trying in spite of being a bit silly taking it on. Think it's safe to say that you have a lot of respect on here
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