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  1. It is a friends birthday tomorrow. As I am not going to many shops present buying has been a problem, so as she loves her garden a plant seemed the obvious choice. I got her a really pretty one with red flowers (from Lidl they do have some very nice plants) I have an orange one the same, sorry can’t remember the name it is rather long. Anyway I was looking at it after I got it home and thought it would go very nicely with my orange one so decided to keep it and get her another one. Two days later went back to Lidl and got her a different plant really pretty with pink and red shaded f
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  2. It makes me chuckle all the men knowing where the 2 hour free parking is. Two hours is a quick nip to the shops, can't do proper shopping in that time.
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  3. Here I am little sis. Yes, saw the send off. Two beautiful spitfires did THREE fly past over our Wigwam we waved to the pilots while we were in our garden. Loppy, your right, I've had broadband problems for 8 days now. BT have sent me a 4g mini hub to tide me over until they can find the problem. Lizzie, yes, I have paid my bill.
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  5. Fine thanks, have missed you - hope everything is well in your neck of the woods.......
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