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  1. Thanks BK. I was only a child in the 60's, so don't remember the number, but have just looked it up and it was number 127. I know one of her neighbours was the Stanfield family
  2. Beekay Hope I haven't asked you this before, but my Aunt, Violet Charles, lived on Kennington Road in the 60's and possibly earlier, but can't remember what number. She had 2 sons and one of them might have been around your age - Raymond Charles. I wonder if you remember them?
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum, Gem. Take care
  4. Lynn H I was in the year above you at Bilborough Grammar and went to Moor Farm quite often - the only place I was kicked out from for being underage!
  5. I knew you'd done that by your previous posts, CF, so fair play to you. Like Brew, though, I think the people you mention in your original post are in the minority and its never the fault of the child. A hungry child needs food
  6. I'm pleased you posted, that, Brew - you beat me to it. Shame on the poster and those who liked the post
  7. CT Eleanor's father died in 1940, when he was living at 14 Vivian Avenue. The 1939 Register definitely says Pelham Road, but the next entry but one in the Register after Hamilton House is 10 Vivian Avenue, followed by 8, 6, 4, so could they have actually lived in Vivian Avenue?
  8. I don't know about fun, but certainly more interesting than her previous occupation!
  9. Eleanor D Fish, born 15/10/17, lived at Hamilton House, Pelham Rd, Nottm, with her parents George F and Dorothy. Her occupation in 1939 was Architectural Assistant
  10. She married a Roberts but they were divorced, so she was a Mrs Roberts for a while
  11. Helena was divorced in 1935 and was living at "Memoires", Bunny at the time (no mention of her mother in the name of the house)
  12. Sorry to hear this, Ben - get well soon
  13. Oztalgian, that's the team I remember from when I first went to a Forest game in 1967/68, aged 11-12 - only know about Wally Ardron from my Mum and Dad
  14. Lovely to see where you live, Nonna and I must say you're a wizard with the piping bag! The houses are beautiful
  15. All of these things were cheap - chitterlings, cow heel, collared head, tripe - all of which my Mum and Dad used to eat, but I could never face any of them
  16. One suggestion for a name - Wor Jackie!
  17. I'm so sorry, Carni, to hear this. Take care, both of you and hope you'll be feeling better soon
  18. Col. I was so pleased to listen to Gigli singing Vesti la Giubbia. My Dad's favourite -a normal working class bloke with a desperately poor background, who loved operatic arias. Another favourite of his was Jussi Bjorling - I love this
  19. Pleased to hear things settled down. Take care
  20. Thinking of you. Hope all is well and you can make your escape asap
  21. Nonna - I know the toilets in Italy aren't like that, with the rationed loo roll, these days! We've been to Italy on holiday several times in recent years, and we love it - it's our favourite country to visit
  22. My memory of Italian loos, again in the 70's, was having to give the woman in charge of the ladies some silly amount in lire, to be allowed a couple of sheets of loo roll before entering!
  23. Happy Birthday Lizzie. Hope you have a lovely day