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  1. mavisbaker

    St Ann's Well Road pre-demolition

    Hi - I'm one of the admins for the St Ann's Well Road Pre Demolition (1970) facebook group. Over time I have been building extensive website which which: Aims to capture the 'essence' of the facebook group St Ann's Well Road Pre Demolition (1970) Online Community Nottingham - Preserves our collective memories - Provides a 'gateway' to the facebook group for new members - Provides a more permanent archive of images/discussions - Provides easy access to topics from the group via the index and 'search' facility One of our most popular pages is the 'virtual walk' along St Anns Well Rd circa 1956 Cheers Mavis
  2. mavisbaker

    St Anns in the 60s
  3. Old girls from Pierrepont have a facebook group and a website
  4. mavisbaker

    evening post bygones

    forum members may be interested in this website dedicated to St Anns Well Road Pre Demolition 1970 which is linked to the facebook group
  5. Interesting photos and readings in this forum... you may be interested in a site I've just put up for the facebook group I am joint admin of (the St Anns Well Rd Pre Demolition 1970)
  6. I anyone knows any Pierrepont old girls, would you let them know that there is to be a reunion for all old girls Thurs 11th July 2013. Details can be found at
  7. mavisbaker

    Bygones magazine

    Nottingham Post (Bygones) will be featuring Pierrepont School for Girls (Gordon Rd) and announcing a reunion of old girls to take place in Nottingham 11th July 2013
  8. I am hoping to reunite with old girls from Pierrepont Secondary Modern School for Girls. The school on Gordon Rd was founded in 1933 and ran as an all girls school till 1968. A Reunion is being planned for the 80th anniversary of the founding of the school this year. All enquiries can be directed to me.
  9. mavisbaker

    Nottingham 'Haute Cuisine'

    Anyone remember Bramley Pork Butchers on St Anns Well Rd? Best Pork Pies ever.
  10. mavisbaker

    Colwick cheese

    Hi... I used to love Colwick cheese on a sandwich with cress,,,yummy. What shop did you have on St Anns WEll Rd? I used to live not far from Donkey Hill on St Anns Well Rd
  11. mavisbaker

    Things our parents used to say

    When surprised by some new information: "well I'll gututhfut of our stairs" (go the the foot of our stairs)
  12. mavisbaker

    Victoria Baths

    That's a name from the past = Cyril Stapleton. I recall my mum saying that she went to school with him - and how he had become famous through his music.
  13. mavisbaker

    Seeking old friends

    I seem to remember the name Leatherland but not in the context you spoke off. Any chance there were members of the Leatherland family in the Ransom Rd, Coppice Rd, St Anns Well Rd area back in the 1950's?
  14. mavisbaker

    Ay up me duck from Australia

    Thank you for the welcome.... Happy New Year to you also.
  15. mavisbaker


    It could well be the same Mr Clarke. He was a nice teacher. I recall him making up stories for us about a talking white dog, and teaching music - percussion. I lived on St Anns Well Rd opposite Westminster Street - not far from the school which was on the corner of Duncombe St and St Anns I am now living in the hills outside of Perth Western Australia Photo of school and map of area attached.