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  1. Think it's au revoir from me, Cant work this new format out, And don't say it's my age, I think it's my iPad !!!!!! Hope it's not good bye but if it is ? .....it's been nice corresponding and meeting with you all ....xx
  2. Mick you are the light of us ladies lives, well at the mo you are la !!!!!!
  3. Are you talking about the Beeston orphanage Silverwood house , now a care home ? I believe it was an orphanage for some years and after the war became the adoption society for the local area.....
  4. Have you got strong teeth to cope with all that toffee Chulls ?
  5. I think the building is now a hairdressers ?........ As fly said its between queens road and middle street, almost by nether street and the victory club
  6. Keep positive Chris, you are a strong, determined young lady xx
  8. The great thing about music is its diversity and connection to everyone irrespective of gender , ethnicity, religion or class.... It has the propensity to take you back to a time gone by , or expose you to modern day culture and trends. So enjoy the festivals and live gigs whether you are sitting on a deckchair, watching on the telly or like me jumping around , just outside the mosh pit , watching Lauren Mayberry sing her heart out for chvrches and cement the new genre of music for the youth of today ...
  9. Off to Leeds festival this month, can you watch Biffy Clyro, imagine Dragons, Chvrches and chilli peppers from a deck chair ?
  10. Thought this was going to be fun. Until I read you can bring your own deck chair !!!!! WTF You are never to old to rock and roll but a deck chair, it's not Eastbourne at bank holiday !!!!!!!
  11. Could be COP ? Copper, copstake, cope, cop off ?
  12. The plot does thicken....you could be right NA ...... How many rest huts would there have been around the Nottingham area ?
  13. If the bridge concerned is in Leicestershire , the Liverpool train goes Sheffield, chesterfield Nottingham. The Sheffield to London train goes derby, Loughborough, hence the problem which should be clear tomorrow......
  14. Won't affect you Col, it's the st pancras line....near Loughborough Daughter couldn't return to London today unless she went via Grantham ......
  15. I use to sit there too Terence with the " beats " , Doncaster Dave, Sutch et al .......this would be holiday time from school circa 1964 ...... Don Juan coffee bar if it was raining
  16. The shape of the corner is deffo the same.....
  17. The ones who come on , ask for info, everyone rallies round, they don't even say thanks ......who are they!!!!?????
  18. One hit wonder I call them.......Chesney Hawkes !!!!!!
  19. I went to see " sunny afternoon " the play about the Kinks at Harold Pinter theatre in London ..... I believe it is going out on tour, including Nottingham ... Well worth watching even if you were too young or not a kinks fan......amazing play with outstanding actors and musicians
  20. Gary Birtles was a young player when he , John O'Hare and John Robinson use to visit the school......his more famous cousin didn't answer the invite .....
  21. During my teaching career, many a minor celeb , footballer or whatever has come through my classroom on a visit....the one that gave me the most concern was Jimmy Savile......pleased to say I didn't ask for a signed picture ........ Funny enough the one who did make me smile was Brian Clough , probably because he gave me a signed football to raffle and we raised a lot of money from that one gesture ......
  22. When I saw Jess at the roundhouse, her family ( including her gran ) were all up dancing .....not a picnic chair in sight !!!!!!
  23. Who takes a picnic chair to a gig !!!?????