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  1. I had a diesel car way back in 1985 when there were very few on the road, and it was a tiny Ford Fiesta too. The number of times garage staff came out shouting 'you're putting diesel in' . Anyway coming to the point I was paying about 45p for diesel. Petrol was about 75p. Now why is diesel more expensive than petrol? To help my son out we baby sit several times a week while they work and it is a 50 mile round trip. Fuel cost are crippling me and it aint going to get better is it.
  2. I thought that any of you that have been reading the 'Ziggy' part of this thread may be interested in this. I called in to see my mum today and quizzed her a bit more re Ziggy. In 1942 when she was 18 she was sent by the War Office to a munitions factory in Colwick. They worked 24 hours on shifts. She was issued with clock card and overalls but then failed the medical as she was anaemic and was sent away. The following week she was sent to Park Engineering as a secretary. They were situated on Derby Road near the Catholic Church opposite Baker and Plumb. She was going regularly to Palais De
  3. I would put good money on odds it never gets rebuilt. If they did what would they call it. With political correctness probably not the Blacks Head. I noticed some years ago the blacks Head Pub in Carlton changed their sign from a dark skin man in a turban to a black horses head. Not complaining as things do move on and what was acceptable once is no longer 'suitable'.
  4. Many many thanks for the information Bryan. Its a pity they were never able to meet again just to say hello. He probably wouldn't even remember her but it would have been good to see if he did. It is really good to know that he got through the war with distinction and lived a long life. I almost feel like I am betraying my father but he's been dead 30 years and I am sure he would understand. I wish now that I had persevered 5 years ago when I last thought about this. I will pass this all on today when I see my Mum. Thank you Bryan
  5. Thanks for the info. I am really suprised at the lens only being a 400. I am very impressed and to say they are hand held is remarkable. I doff my cap to you. Are these shots full frame or cropped down.
  6. Just rang my mum. She only recalls Ziggy as saying he was from 'Little Falls' but nothing further. No idea what state etc. He told her he was 23 and had a fiancée back home. She went dancing at the Palis with him. Don't think it was anything serious at all. Just a 'glamorous' American boy to go dancing with.
  7. What really pees me off at the moment is the way they are pricing petrol and diesel at the pumps. I don't go to Sainsburys and buy sausages at £5.54.9 (Five pounds fifty four point nine pence) a kilo or whatever. How can they price it at £1.41.9 a litre. I suppose people stay clear of this one as if they round it off we know which way they will go but surely it is not right to price it at a non existent denomination. It should be illegal. We do not have half pence's any more so .5 has gone so why have .9's crept in. I never remember a .9 piece. It is like they think we are fooled or somethin
  8. Thank you very much Bryan. Sounds like it is him. Is Bednarski a common name out there? Pity he's not still alive as I would have written to him. Mind you not knowing his domestic circumstances it could stir up problems and memories perhaps best forgotten. I believe that sometimes the boys had photos taken for a sort of 'year book' It would be interesting to see if I could find a picture to show my mum and confirm you have the right one. It is good to know he survived and lived to a good age. She is unwell now but still remembers these times well. I'll see her tomorrow and let her know. Mick
  9. Even if it was collapsing it could have and should have been saved. York Minster was sinking and a massive underpinning and metal structure was put in the foundations, by a Nottingham Company I believe. The Black Boy was popular with RAF personnel and Guy Gibson of dam busters fame was a visitor.
  10. My Mother was born in 1924. She had a great time with the yanks. She had a bit of a thing with one in particular who was stationed at Langer. It was nothing serious, just a boy a long way from home. His name was Ziggy Bednarski (spelt). I still have a tin of Quality Street that he gave her. I did try and make enquiries as it would be nice to know what happened to him but didn't get anywhere. She never heard from him after he left. He was of Polish decent.
  11. Jane is my wife Mick. Gave her maiden name as she would be remembered as such. Spider
  12. Both my Grandfathers were in WW1. My maternal Grandfather was from Daybrook and was in the Highland light infantry in a Stokes mortar crew. He survived. My paternal Grandfather was from The Meadows/St Annes and was killed on 21st March 1918. I have all his diaries and letters home and medals etc. He was in the South Staffordshires. I have a tape recorded interview I did with my Grandad talking about his War experience where he had a rough time of it. I would be happy to share these with you. In fact I did consider getting involed in the project that you are but ill health put me off as I am n
  13. What camera/lens please.
  14. Jane Flint here. I was at Peveril from 66 to 71. Miss or Mrs Pendry was one of my form teachers. Mr Skillbeck in Geography. Mr Green in History. Miss Fisher was Headmistress. Mr Witham Maths. Mr Glosop French. Mr Howe Dept Head and Mr Samuel Ward Head. I may well know you as it seems we were there at the same time. I didn't go on the Scarborough trip but remember some who did.
  15. You are right Cliff Ton. The outside of the contemporary arts centre does look like the security fence is still up.I really did think this when I first saw it but if you look closely there is a pattern on it which is supposed to represent lace. I agree it will take some beating.
  16. Thanks Beefsteak. I haven't been here for a while so missed the post. Glad to see its not just me. Its so annoying when you need planning permission to change your bog seat and then they go and put this up. Its worse than the new contemporary arts centre and that's a peach!. They seem to have learned nothing. I could almost forgive the destruction of the inpolitically correctly named Blacks Head if they had built something respectable in its place but no. And still it goes on. They should display building plans and allow people to vote on them and only allow construction if they are voted in.
  17. Hands up who has noticed the new multi storey car park at the side of the Midland station Nottingham. Am I alone in thinking it looks dreadful, like its derelict and boarded up with old pallets. I was going to take a photo to post here but even my camera came over faint and the battery went flat before I could capture it's full glory. What has happened to the 'Queen of the Midlands'.
  18. A local man, Mr J Sheard who I know well has just published an excellent book. It tells the story of brick making in Nottingham. It doesn't seem on the face of it a very exciting subject but it is a really interesting read with impeccable research and detail. There is a link here http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/St-Pancras-Station-built-60m-Nottingham-bricks/story-13883837-detail/story.html which gives details of where you can get it. It may seem rather expensive but a generous donation from each sale goes to charity and it has been self funded at considerable personal expense. If you are
  19. I was at FF Grammer from 1966 and my latter years were at the 'new' building on Carlton Hill. As for bonfires they were indeed lit in the middle of the street on the cobbles. I lived in Radford and there were 3 streets of terraced houses that ran parallel to one and other and there was intense rivalry between the streets as to the best biggest fire. You posted guards on your site as you would get any prize flamable object nicked. And of course we would keep an eye on rivals for prize objects. When I was 13 or I had mates in neighboring streets so we pooled resources and had some frighteningly
  20. Well I asked for it (thanks Mick) so here it is. I was born in Radford in 1955 so started at Berridge when I was 5 in 1960 (see how they taught me maths). From the infants I went on to the junior school. At this time there was a senior school but this was being phased out so every year, new children didn't join so eventually the eldest boys left and that was that. I am pretty sure that the senior school was boys only but perhaps someone out there can perhaps help on this. I will post some class photos when I get time. Lets here from some ex Berridge guys and gals
  21. I am sure this is in the wrong place but when I message Mick2me but I get a message saying he is not taking new messages. Basically I wondered if we could have a new forum in the school section for Berridge. At on time an infant, junior and senior school. Sue Pollard, Peter Bowles and best of all me were all ex pupils. One of Radford/Hyson Greens finest schools. Pretty please Thanks
  22. If my dad got a weak/bad cup of tea he'd say 'it's like pussy pee and pepper'
  23. Cracked it. Found it here Worth a look if you have connections with Radford or John Players.
  24. A couple of years ago I downloaded this image of Radford. It is quite low resolution (I reduced it a bit more for uploading here). I think it was from Picture the past as I can't think where else its from. I would now like to order the full size image as it contains where I was born, lived and worked for 36 years. Problem is changed the title when I saved it. I have searched P the P using various search terms for hours and hours and worn my eyeballs out and just cannot find it again. I know its a long shot (no pun intended) but has anyone here seen it before or knows where its from please.