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  1. karlton i think it was canavon st that was called pritty windows st. as you know nevi remember your mum aunty mable as we always called her.and your joan well.remember joan making our bridesmaids dresses for us when our pauleen got married. she had to make mine again when paulines boyfriend broke his leg playing football and they had to postpone the wedding as he was in hospital and of course i had grown out of mine and joan had to make me another wfen they got marrid the next yrar. as you say nev unless you really knew old nevo and its peopleyou will never realy understandhow we felt abou
  2. hi nev and welcome to the site of couse you know me well and my family clemo kid here babs hopefully see you at reble rally again this year.
  3. old photoes off thr rallies 41 club or whitehart always wellcomr we will coppy and return if you got anyfor putting up in bikers bar. looks like this years reunion wtll be 11th aprill this year swe and chas
  4. ill ask rick when i see him regular he has a bungalow near radcliff on soar. was talking to steve murphey aka mr punivers last night at the heart about the table he like me could not remember what it said on it. was that thst the year 42 club put up tents in the dark and when they woke up they were surounded by a bog i was not there but piggy was, have you seen the vidio with 41 club on there way down to dragon rally quite a few outfits on that sure we got it from phill and audrey or ammo got it from them and gave us a copy. we later brought phill and audres vello off them . a few other names
  5. the holocoust centre between olerton and newark is well worth a visit if you have a couple of hours to spear dave and i have been a couple of times the rose gardens out side are lovely each bush is dedicated to someone who was lost in the death camps .inside is a small tea rooms and a museum with a theater were the man who ran it gave a small talk and then as there were only a few of us talk us round the museum explaing things to us.
  6. when i moved up to cavendish rd in 1963 the nurerywas just closing down and they were giving away lots of the rose bushes dad went across the road and came back with a dozen it was pot luck what you were given ours were all different colors they made a great display the next year . once the area was cleared they started to build what was then the new estate that ran along the back of the cavo pub and the bungaloes on cavendih rd to opposit the gates of the allotments just above buxton ave shopsthese were finished by about 1967 this nursry only grew roses and i thought it belonged to weat grof
  7. welcome chas from this old 41 clup memberyou want to pop down whitehart lenton still quite a few 41 mrmbers about. in fsctwe were down thrtr last night for a partythere were about 15 to 20 41 members there.
  8. we were members 41 club from mid 60s to mid 70s but i dont remember the table you mean wonder if old ace will or ash.remember the club house well with the old chairs and sofa counter were you could get teas or coffee bits of old bikes all over the place and the bar over the courtyard ive had the keys and open the bare for bear pr cocacola. gppd times
  9. know ammo and lyne well from 41 club whitehart and mfn. starky has been trying to get back into sidecar racing for a cople of seasons but had a bad accident on it last summer broke his arm and a few other injuries think the side car is a right off.
  10. the smells of the different tanneries turners trent bridge and wades bobbies mill.
  11. me too despite this i do have a very busy social life and go were i want when i want
  12. a bit off topic swe48 but did you happen to know tony starky from your sidecar racing days
  13. my dad never had a carhe walk for miles sometimes with us and mainly on his our friend george brown children always called him little walking george cause every time they saw him he was walking to or from somewere
  14. we all buy our own drimks as some of us drink a lot more than others not say ing who but look this way
  15. hi jan we rockers also had nights at lkeston coop premier rooms some big baz price and big mick marriott worked the doors as bouncers a lot of firms used to have there party night there too good nights good music
  16. i missed prues postings i remember her and sometimes hear other people talking about herif you read this prue get yourself down white heart one thursday nightand go in the back baryou might even find yourself on some of the photoes
  17. he lived in balloon woods flats for a while never was a real hells angel just ust to think he wasi was told he once got done over by the east mids angels many of whoom lived in ilkeston and had his colors taken of him.
  18. well hippo girl as we know its great growing old disgracefully int it by the way what was your new grandchild a boy or a girl
  19. sorry carnie im not sure but a few houses came down at the very bottom end for expansion a small bussiness there was some disgution about this area some time ago.some one did mentiona posibilty that it was bombed in the war.
  20. firbeck yes i have to agree sometimes when you have been of line for a wile it is sometimes hard to catch up with all the threads sometimes, talkin gf american friend dgbrit recently had a heart attack and was quite ill for a while but is now i understand on the mend sorry if i missed it and you guys already know.
  21. as i was alwaysa rocker most rockers then and no were clean and although yes some times they were covered in oil from tinkering with bikes,mant i know now have very sucessful businesses and have very good lives. i know a lot of people mixed up the geniun rocker with the scruffy hells angles just because they rode bikes and sometimes frequented the same places most of us rockers would not be seen with hells angels. but yes the answer to the original question is a big yes the time the people the places and the freedom we as teenagers had and of course the music and i know that most mods think