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  1. Ah, thanks, Cliff Ton! I am always fascinated the see anything related to Garden Street! I loved that house to bits and I still think it was a tragedy that it had to be destroyed during the so-called slum clearances of the 1960s. It's true that the place was in a very dilapidated state by the time I knew it but if it had survived for just a few more years,it and many of the properties surrounding it would have been eligible for all sorts of improvement grants. Number 4 had no bathroom and no indoor toilet and I believe it had no electricity other than on the ground floor. Having said that, nu
  2. I used to visit my maternal grandmother's cousin who lived in Garden Street in Radford and incidentally, looking for information about Garden Street was how I first discovered Nottstalgia! Auntie Emily, as I called her, kept a little black notebook locked away in the dresser. Into that book she entered information about all and any family events going back to the year dot. She was a great funeral goer my auntie Emily and wrote details of every funeral she attended in the little black book including what was on the menu at the bunfight afterwards. There must have been an awful lot of informat
  3. #30 They don't have cobs in Yorkshire, they have bread buns! So they probably wouldn't share my confusion the first time I heard the expression "He's got a cob on!" I lived in North Yorkshire for a while, so I'm bilingual, sithee!
  4. #93 Same here, Ian. I was never a welcome visitor when we went to see elderly relatives during my childhood because all I wanted to do was subject them to the third degree about their childhood and their lives and if they had any photograph albums, I'd pester the living daylights out of them to let me have a look through the pictures! Suggestions that I might like to go outside and play with the other children in the neighborhood were swiftly rejected by me in favour of asking yet more questions which were usually ignored. Elderly people in those days believed that children should be seen a
  5. #610 Margie, I was trained by Patricia James. The old feet in a bucket of surgical spirit trick...ouch!....toughened up the feet once Pointe training began! We were told we had to suffer for our art! Could probably walk on drawing pins now and not feel a thing!
  6. Barefoot In the Park? The Barefoot Contessa?...Humphrey Bogart, I believe! Dad's favourite actor! I never wear shoes indoors. All the ballet training I had resulted in rhino hide on the soles of my feet! Thankfully, there are no ants round here!
  7. # 15 I suspect that where yellow jackets are concerned, if you turn the other cheek, you'll get stung on it!
  8. #83 It occurs to me that I didn't mention 6 or 8 legs! I'll give them a miss too, I think!
  9. #80 I can appreciate what you're saying Ian. Maybe it's an age thing but I don't have anywhere near as much time for people as I once did and it was never very much to start with! I no longer have a TV. Got rid of it due to the interminable rubbish on most of the channels and there seems to be so much else to do I can't justify wasting the time. Again, music and books are more of interest to me these days. I don't know whether it's me or whether people nowadays seem to be far too wrapped up in their mobile devices to notice what's going on in the world around them anyway. Try asking people h
  10. #4 What a pity yellow jackets don't like beer, Loppy. Or perhaps they do!
  11. #77 I know what he means Ben. Sometimes you think the world has gone crazy and you've seen enough of it! At times, I think, given the way this planet is heading, I don't fancy the thought of another 30 years here. I reckon there are better places to go!
  12. #24 Did you get a discount at Ratners, Ben, for buying in bulk?
  13. #19 Looking at the inside of the Oriental cafe, it's easy to see why mum liked it so much. I can just imagine what she would say about today's generation wandering about with large cardboard cups of Costa Coffee. Mum liked style and elegance and, from what I can see, there ain't much of it about these days!
  14. I know we can't stop progress and can appreciate that it was probably damaged due to the activities of the Luftwaffe over Nottingham but who on earth would want to replace such a beautiful Carolean building with the trash that stands there now? Some people have no soul!
  15. #10 I believe the earlier photograph shows the building that was once the Oriental cafe. I heard a lot about this place from my mother who worked in the offices of Radio Rentals which was situated above Toby's shop on Friar Lane before her marriage in 1949. She worked there during the war years until she was finally conscripted. I remember her telling me that the word would go around the office that Toby's had nylon stockings in. Most of the female workforce would then leave their desks and race downstairs in the hope of being able to purchase some. They must have been a crowd of absentees b
  16. #3601 See what I mean? He'd walk Mastermind! Mind you, when he got to the semi final, he'd need a different specialist subject. Any ideas what that might be Nottstalgians?
  17. #3599 You've come to the right place if you want to know about Marsden's, Nipper. Benjamin 1945 is the resident expert and could probably go on Mastermind on that very subject!
  18. Mine is 6 years older but he doesn't always act his age!
  19. #30 Are we talking physical age or mental age here?!
  20. Whatever happened to Kattomeat? None of your terrine avec poulet et broccoli et petit pois in those days. My first cat, Byron, was a gorgeous boy but prone to flatulence. My partner dubbed him a special breed known as the Derbyshire Far*ing Tabby! Vegetables wouldn't have helped the problem!
  21. #370 Grandma was right! Salt is wonderful stuff! Better than these new-fangled preparations with their side effects. I can't think why you need a tin opener for the cat food though. Thought all moggie food now came in ring-pull cans. A few more tweaks to can design and they will be able to open their own tins! Mine can already open IAMS packs!