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  1. Bit of archeology going on there then Compo
  2. Hi Carni, I've got a few but seem to have only one of the bun pennies. It's really really worn and is dated 1890. Can't imagine that will be worth anything. I used to have a tin full of old coins but we've moved house so many times that they've disappeared.
  3. We've got plenty of warning Moz. Will try to be there, it's a pub we use occasionally on Fridays anyway.
  4. You little devil Bubblewrap!
  5. I absolutely agree with Ayupmeducks. I really think that these women are hoping to jump on the compensation bandwagon. This is so long ago, where is the proof? Times were very different in the 60s and 70s when I was a teenager and working in a predominantly male environment, but it was only harmless fun, not something to be dished up 40 years later in the hope it will ruin some old man's reputation.
  6. Well I did have one 50 odd yrs ago. Busy clearing my Dad's house out so I might come across it ..... Why, are you looking for one Compo?!!!
  7. I remember having X-rays in the shoe shop, my Mum always bought Clarks and Startrite shoes and sandals for us and I think we shopped at Craddocks which was where the Clarks shop is now, at the bottom of King Street. This would have been in the 50's and maybe into the 60's. I remember my little brother was frightened of the machine, as he was with the Daleks in Dr Who !!!
  8. I'll certainly try to join you next time something is arranged, we were on holiday the last time
  9. Well done Babs, your perseverance finally paid off. I got an 8 page form today from HMRC relating to my Dad's tax. He passed away on 6th April, the first day of the new tax year. In bold print it states that this information they require relates to the period 6th April 2013 to 6th April 2013 !!!!!
  10. Would if I knew how to do it
  11. Very ingenious Compo, well done. In a few weeks time it'll look pretty good
  12. Oh my goodness, this is making my 'ed ache. Never watched anything on the telly associated with this stuff and I know I never will. Not the slightest interest in UFOs or associated topics, nor the bible. You folk continue to discuss and debate but I'm not interested, sorry.
  13. Ok, nothing to do with immunisations in 2013, nor in the past 50 or 60 years, but we buried my dear old Dad this week in the same grave as his 7 year old brother who died of Measles in 1937.
  14. Just spent a couple of hours in Doctors Orders, standing room only, they need to build an extension!
  15. I got all the 'childhood illnesses' when I started school, including whooping cough, it was what was expected in those days. My kids had various jabs but not the whooping cough one because at that time, in the late 70's, there was a big scare that the whooping cough vaccine could cause brain damage. One of my boys did get whooping cough when he started school. I have two scars on my arm from the TB jab and really quite obvious ones. That I think is because I went swimming every day and the scab fell off in the water, nice huh! It took weeks to heal, haha!
  16. Get well soon Carni. I am obsessed with Nottstalgia too. There's always so much to read and so much to contribute to. Well done to all concerned.
  17. Dave, that is so touching and you are such a loving caring man. I admire you for what you did for your girlfriend's mother and I have no doubt at all that she appreciated you both. She was evidently still relatively young when she started having strokes which is such a great shame. My father, on the other hand, was in his 92nd year and was ready to go and join my dear Mum who died of cancer 25 years ago. Dad was a very talented sportsman in his youth but when he retired from football and cricket he devoted all his time to Mum and us kids. When she was cruelly taken at age 64 and he was only 66
  18. My Uncle worked behind the bar at the Queens Hotel in the 60's, to get some pin money.
  19. I don't remember brandy snaps at Burtons, only Goose Fair :-)
  20. My Mum loved to shop in Burtons but all I remember her buying was Strong Canadian Cheddar
  21. I tend to agree with your comments about Sneinton Market although I drove by yesterday (Saturday) and it was buzzing. I don't think that the Council have achieved anything by spending so much money on the site. It just looks like a mini Old Market Square (boring) and most of the time it is used by lads on their skateboards.
  22. DavidW, #7 Well it must be your letter in Bygones! It takes up half of page 22 and headline is "1963: year of top gigs, a sore arm and teenage crushes" it's diary entries from May 1963 when you saw the Beatles (with Christine Ford!) see if you can get it online on Publication date is 1st April 2013.