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  1. Thanks David, I'll give it a go next time. By the way, did I see a letter of yours in the recent Bygones?
  2. Sorry I can't figure out how to single out one paragraph to comment on!!
  3. Commerce Square has been developed into very nice apartments, friends of ours live in one of the penthouses. They have fantastic views beyond Colwick in one direction and beyond Radcliffe Power Station the way.
  4. My Mum worked in the offices at Allen Solly in Arnold. The ancient old building is still standing but is now occupied by small businesses. I think the company closed down in late 70's, my Mum then got another office job with EMEB til her retirement in 1984. I had never seen any Allen Solly knitwear on sale in the UK for years and years but recently I've seen the name in shops in the USA, probably stuff made in India !!
  5. Remember it well, spent many Sunday afternoons there around 1965/66
  6. My Dad passed away in QMC on Saturday. He was 91 and had a fall 11 days previous. I cannot praise the doctors and nursing staff enough for the care they gave to my Dad. He had several scans to try to determine why he wasn't improving and eventually the doctor decided he had a chest infection and he was given IV antibiotics as he was not able to swallow very well. He was still being given the antibiotics when he died. The doctor asked us if we would like Dad to be fed through a tube. We said we didn't want that. As far as my family is concerned, the NHS is brilliant and it must be realised th
  7. Hello Cedarboy Welcome to Nottstalgia. I grew up in Arnold too and my husband's brother and family live in Victoria. We've had some great holidays on Vancouver Island and will hopefully get there again this year. Hope you enjoy being part of the Nottstalgia community.
  8. Rip Margaret Thatcher, the greatest PM in my lifetime
  9. I've got Downliners Sect autographs, on the next page to The Who in my book!! Just some of the other autographs in there ...... Sons of Adam (who became Sons and Lovers), Quotations (and I wrote on the page that they were the backing group to The Walker Brothers, but perhaps they were the support group?), Hickory Stix, The Herd, Beat Preachers, The Incrowd and Roadrunners. So glad I saved that little book, it holds so many memories :-)
  10. At my school, Carlton-le- Willows, the Catholic kids didn't go into the daily assembly of hymns and prayers, they appeared on the hall balcony at the end of assembly for the school notices.
  11. I still have my school bible, and hymn book. Neither have been opened since I left school though! The bible has the same writing inside, Given to the boys and girls of Nottinghamshire. It's quite big and has a navy blue cover. I'm sure we were all issued with one when we started senior school, in those days. Doubt they are handed out now, it would upset too many other religious groups.
  12. David, we had those lads door knocking and trying to sell us all that rubbish when we lived in Hertfordshire. I recognised the accent and this lad said he got the stuff from Rolleston Drive, Arnold. He looked very wary at me when I said I grew up there and knew the area really well. I didn't want or need their tat but would send them off with a couple of quid. Get the odd doorstep seller here in Nottm but not that frequently these days. They all give you the sob story that they're trying to get back into work after spending time in a young offenders institution.
  13. There was Etam too, they had good reasonably priced stuff. The thing was at that age we wanted to follow all the fashions and our clothes didn't get much wear before we went onto the next trend. I loved Ravel for shoes.
  14. Well we moved house so left the problem to somebody else
  15. Like Jackson, I could rarely afford to buy anything in Birdcage and the other boutiques. I spent most of my money in Chelsea Girl, Richards and C & A. I did splash out one time and got Paul Smith to make me a pair of beautiful navy trousers, with turn-ups. These were from his little shop in Byard Lane. I loved 'em !!
  16. What about Japanese Knotweed Compo? We had some of that sprout up right by the wall of our old house when we lived in Hertfordshire. Absolute nightmare, we tried everything to get rid of it. It grew like triffids. Had to move house up to Nottingham in the end!!!!!
  17. Uncomfortable seats you have along your prom! Do you have to take your own plank of wood?
  18. Hello MapperleyMan, let me be the first to welcome you!
  19. When I first started work at Thorns in 1967 (High Church St in New Basford) I believe it was affiliated with Ericssons, the name Bendix Ericssons was a bit of a giveaway! It then changed to Thorn Bendix and then to Thorn Automation Ltd. and that was all in the space of about 6 yrs.
  20. Can't say I recall her Babs, I worked in the engineering dept offices for the Chief Engineer and the Development Engineers, and then for the Personnel Manager, before they called it the HR Dept !!
  21. Babs, what's your sister's name? I may remember her but there were over 200 employees and it's a long time ago
  22. And do you know what? Good luck to them, they got into a business that was never going to fail, there's nothing so certain as death!!!
  23. I never ever saw The Who live, but as mentioned on another thread, I did get their autographs outside the George Hotel one Sunday afternoon. I do remember seeing Charlie and Inez Foxx at the Dungeon though. I frequented the Parkside Club around 1969 to 71 with friends who had a lot more money than I had! Had good times there but a lasting memory is the ladies loos which seemed to me like padded cells, all quilted silk and very odd! I heard that a few years ago that 'Miss Kathy' who was in charge of the 'hostesses' in the Parkside had a big funeral through the middle of town with the horse dra
  24. That's sad. He was at the next table to us in Mezzo Restaurant, London a few years ago. A LARGER than life character, RIP.