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  1. You don’t need to have received the letter Stuart, I’d already had my jab before I received THREE identical letters from the NHS. All you have to do is go on the Swiftqueue website. I heard they’d lowered the age limit at the Hospital hubs today, I told a couple of friends straight away and they’re booked in for this Thursday, they haven’t had letters yet either.
  2. Yes Albert, your garden looks great, you obviously spend a lot of time tending the borders too.
  3. I never saw The Supremes in their day but did manage to see Diana Ross at the Arena a few years ago. What a Diva she is! Mary Wilson was a lovely lady and had great talent. A friend of mine (gay) has seen her perform at Butlins in recent years and been on stage singing with her, even posting a video of it on social media. Today he is absolutely devastated. We seem to be losing so many stars recently, performers who meant so much in my teenage years. It’s a sign of ageing I suppose. RIP Mary
  4. I did one of those test kits in the Autumn Col. I remember PP had one too. It’s nice to get the negative result anyway.
  5. Happy very special Birthday Barbara, hoping you had a smashing day ....... X
  6. That sounds a bit cold Ian, what’s that in real money? The coldest I ever remember experiencing here in the UK was -17C probably 30+ years ago when we lived down south. Our grandchildren are in Czech Republic at the moment, going to school in -11c. Thank goodness we don’t get such extremes in Nottingham.
  7. BK, I’ve had to inject my tum after a couple of operations a few years ago, I sat and jabbed myself, no probs. Just did it quickly, it was worse if I hovered and thought about it.
  8. I fear this wearing of masks malarkey is affecting my mental health. I’ve started talking (muttering) to myself when I’m out, mainly in supermarkets. Nobody will see my lips move but I’m hoping nobody hears me chuntering, making insulting comments about fellow shoppers, reminding myself what I need to buy ....... bit worrying really! I know I’m not alone with this problem because I admitted it to my best friend the other day and she said she does the same! Anybody else ready to confess?
  9. I’ve only been to a couple of Catholic weddings and almost fell asleep during both, the services did drag on a lot longer than CofE weddings.
  10. I remember Ben telling us about ending up in a car in a river some time ago ..... tell us again Ben! In the early 70s, before we married my future husband lived near Banbury. One night when he’d been up to see me mid-week he was almost home, about 2 am, and drove through a ford in Cropredy, But this particular night there was a lot more water than usual. His car stalled in the middle of it and wouldn’t start again. He decided to recline his seat and go to sleep! A few hours later he woke up, turned the ignition key, the car started and he was on his way. Very lucky outcome. He’s been mo
  11. Witch may be the right spelling Ben, we don’t really know what they’ve injected us with
  12. He was a lovely old man, very inspirational. Such a shame that he’s passed away but at that great age it’s difficult to shake off even minor ailments. RIP Sir, you will go down in history and remembered forever.
  13. I’ve had my views since last evening on this too, hope the ‘witness’ to the vehicle entering the river has been thoroughly interviewed. It’s strange they haven’t even found a car, nevermind a body after all these hours of searching.
  14. Good one Dave. Hey did you have your Covid jab yesterday at the Forest? There was somebody who looked a lot like your profile pic in front of me in the hour-long queue.
  15. Today was my best friend’s 70th Birthday. She lives in the Lace Market so I drove into town and then we walked (socially-distanced of course) through town to Broad Marsh to Carrington Street, down onto the canal towpath, along to Sainsburys, had a coffee at that retail park and then back along Castle Boulevard and back to the Lace Market. It was the most depressing walk imaginable. Nobody about, all the shops closed and everywhere so quiet. Must admit this is getting to me a bit now. We got a new car today though, a bit of brightness I suppose!
  16. Quite right too Katyjay. According to the local TV News, 6 hours later a car hasn’t been found yet, nevermind an occupant. All those Emergency personnel putting THEIR lives at risk too.
  17. Someone’s just phoned to say that there’s something on The One Show tonight (now) about Dave the Cockleman, (him with muscles).
  18. I agree Phil, I don’t buy the genuine ink cartridges for our HP printer anymore, but my problem presently is that a couple of the colours are almost empty and also the printer was playing up a bit a few weeks ago, although it’s ok at the moment. I know it will suddenly stop printing when just one ink is empty. Do I get a new printer and throw away the unused full cartridges I have in the cupboard or order a new set of inks and hope the printer continues. I’m pleased I don’t have anything more to worry about than printer inks though! And another ink issue for me, our printer in Poole will
  19. We expect regular updates from our man on the ground Mr Phil. I read that a body was discovered at Stoke Bardolf yesterday, it’s all happening down on the river. My husband decided to go down to Fiskerton early this morning for a walk, he got there ok but couldn’t follow the riverbank as he normally does due to flooding.
  20. Definitely wish him a full recovery, the man’s a hero.
  21. Yes, Boris sent me a message earlier about poor old Tom. Wonder where he picked up the Covid virus, can’t imagine he gets out to Lidls these days. I would think he’s had the vaccine already, which begs the question .......
  22. I believe if you have the Pfizer vaccine (as I did today) they insist you sit around for 15 mins in case you get an adverse reaction. My husband had the AZ vaccine 10 days ago and was able to leave immediately. Makes you think dunnit?!! Despite all the waiting and queuing at the Forest site today I’ve just read on the local paper website that there are available slots today and just turn up if you’re over 70. I think they have so many doses of the Pfizer out of the freezer and either have to use them up during the day or throw them away.