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  1. The bar we used to go in was upstairs and I really don’t think it was that one, it was probably the one downstairs at the back, bet someone on here will remember Mary
  2. I’m beginning to realise that my memory is failing me. I used to frequent The Flying Horse regularly, always the pub to go to before moving on to a club, Hippo, Babel, 99. Met my husband in there in 1972 too, it was his lucky day. I remember one of the bars was ‘Goose Fair Bar’, at least I think it was ..... like I say, my memories are a bit fogged! That may be what Mary is thinking of when she mentions the fairground horses?
  3. Was reading about the dog-napping of Lady Gaga’s 3 French Bulldogs in Hollywood and the $500,000 reward she’s offered for the safe return. What was interesting is that French Bulldogs originated in the UK and were very popular amongst lace makers in NOTTINGHAM.
  4. Moz, didn’t Gary Sobers have something to do with a club on High Pavement, may have been in Commerce Square I suppose, I just have a vague memory of it. I know that a certain friend of ours will have more information, have you asked her?
  5. My sons are christened Nicholas and Andrew, we felt they were good strong names that were acceptable shortened to Nick and Andy. Andy has been known as ‘Dodge’ to his mates since he was about 10 years old and I’m told (and hope) that came about from his school rugby abilities ......
  6. Sounds a fun environment Mary, are you sure you were Snow White?!!
  7. Why were lads called Clarke nicknamed ‘Nobby’?
  8. My ‘wider’ family has a new baby girl and she’s been named Eira Persephone. Not sure whether she’ll be keen to use her middle name when she grows up.
  9. By the end of the year the new building put up to replace the demolished one opposite the Midland Station will be occupied by 4000 staff working for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Anyone else think it’s amusing that the VAT and FIDDLE pub is right next door?
  10. Well Carni, with these jeans he’s ordered at least the sewn on leather label at the back reads the same as previous pairs he’s had so they should fit him. Must admit that most items I’ve ordered on line have had to go back though.
  11. We prefer to touch, feel and try on in a shop anything that’s intended to be worn and I’m surprised my husband got me googling Levi’s. He hasn’t bothered to try them on yet either. I did a little research and they were the same price in John Lewis so on this occasion it worked and they arrived the day after ordering even though I don’t pay for Prime. I just hope that my favourite shops will still be around when this virus buggers off.
  12. Think you can buy them new dead cheap Compo.
  13. TBI hasn’t changed much. I’ve got a really nice memory of that place, meeting an old boyfriend just two weeks before I got married!
  14. Aw Ben, that determined little lad, off to cricket with Grandad! Great photos
  15. How times have changed, Amazon have just delivered a pair of Levi 511 here. I personally can’t WAIT for the shops to be open.
  16. Dave, I should have thought about that reasoning. What a good surname too!
  17. LOL, I think Dave got that wrong! Hope so ......
  18. Well we have a good friend who’s a Knight of the Realm, achieved through Charity work. And ..... I met the Queen’s hairdresser, Ian Carmichael, by a pool in Miami Beach a few years ago and then had dinner with him. He was great company too.
  19. I am a big supporter of the monarchy and greatly admire the Queen and old D of E. I certainly wouldn’t want the life they have had to lead, in a goldfish bowl. They can’t have a ‘slob day’ like the rest of us, every day they’re in the public eye, the senior royals do far more than cut ribbons and wear the regalia that history dictates, they have so many unseen duties to deal with. The pomp and pageantry is a wonderful spectacle to witness and no other country in the World can do it as well as us. I agree that the extended family are just hangers-on but I think they no longer receive much su
  20. Well done Brew, you’ll feel so much satisfaction when the room is fully completed. We went through similar upheaval before Christmas but had people in the do the hard work, which included new parquet flooring and decorating. Two months on, we still haven’t got everything back in the right place and can’t actually find quite a few files etc. But after almost 12 months of lock-down and brain stagnation we don’t actually care! The plus side was that we got rid of (shredded) bins full of old bank statements, utility bills, insurance documents going back to when we moved to Nottingham 16 year
  21. Suspect your neighbour hasn’t been so strict with isolation BK, poor man.
  22. Well alright then, seeing as we’re all admitting to having horrible things wrong with us in the past ....... I had scabies many many years ago, so long ago I can’t remember much about it. I think I had really itchy patches on my hands between my fingers. The GP decided it was scabies and prescribed some stuff to put in bath water and said we ALL had to go through a soaking procedure for 2 or 3 days, even though my husband and the kids hadn’t got it. Where or who the hell I got it from I have no idea but it cleared up within a few of days.
  23. It will never be known why this couple ended up in dangerous flood water, it can only be assumed they were disorientated because nobody in their right mind would even venture down that way in those conditions. Very sad.