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  1. Hi, i knew your gran and Dad as i lived at 48 melbury. I remember Dave but cant remember other brothers name, sorry to hear about your Dad.


  2. Lovely memories Margie! One of those places is now the Breck Hill Park and the other Springwood Gardens. Still a few pussy willow trees around too!
  3. Does anyone have any information about Sherwood Community Centre which is on Mansfield Road opposite the bottom of Woodthorpe Drive? Specifically, does anyone know what it originally was and who built it? I myself went there in the 80s for Sunday School. My niece now goes there for a playgroup. It always interested me why it might have been there at all. Any info?
  4. People do still tie their dogs up outside this Co-op. But less people use the Co-op now since the Sainsbury's they built at the top of Breck Hill Road a few years ago is much cheaper for everything they sell. Its news to me that the shop half way down Breck Hill might have once been a Co-op too but I don't go back very far. I walk past there every day as I do my daily circuit of Woodthorpe.
  5. I wish I could have done that Bilbraborn. But I'm just too young. By the late 70s too much of it was gone or blocked up. I guess there are some advantages to being older!
  6. #6 The old cinema has been derelict for years. Its last use was as a golf store. Its boarded up now and getting worse and worse in appearance by the month. Its one of those buildings no one ever seems happy in. Even since I've been in the area (70s onwards) its been so many things I can no longer remember. For those with long enough memories (i.e. not me!) the whole of the other side of Woodborough Road used to be the Nottingham Brickworks. Now its a car sales place and Aldi, as was mentioned. Lastly, I'm not quite sure why we need a KFC on Mapperley Top. Considering wh
  7. The tunnel Margie was scared to go in was still open in 1977-78 because I, as only a lad of 8 or 9, went in it. I still walk through Woodthorpe Park every day and also played football on the sloping pitches in the 80s, using the changing rooms under the main house when I did. I can confirm that the engine is still there by the bridge under Woodthorpe Drive Margie!
  8. True broxtowelad but there was no fun in that. They were better as ice.
  9. I typed "Owd boggers" into Google and up came this site. Haha only joking.
  10. Unless I'm much mistaken broxtowelad most people used to give up sucking and bite off chunks. When you sucked the colour out of them they just became tasteless ice.
  11. On The Genealogy of Morals by Friedrich Nietzsche. This book is part of Nietzsche's (unfinished) project to unseat the (as he saw it) failings of Christian morality and replace it with something better (a project he called the revaluation of all values).
  12. #15 Ice lolly is a bit posh Margie. Mind you, I bet they are called that down Woodthorpe!
  13. Wasn't too much of a let down was it broxtowelad?
  14. #28 Katyjay, my mum went to William Crane in the 50s/60s. I'll ask her if she remembers this. Probably not.