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  1. I remember the home made ice cream there - it was lovely!
  2. Great fish and chips to be had from The Fish Bar on Crown Island!
  3. Hi folks The building in which Jamie's Italian is situate used to be the offices of Warren and Allen, solicitors (long since defunct). The Paul Smith Building is listed, which I'm sure many round there are. It used to be the offices of Freeth, Cartwright & Sketchley (now Freeths on Mount Street). I believe that building was originally the town house of Lord and Lady Willoughby who owned Wollaton Hall. It is supposed to be haunted, although I never encountered anything abnormal (although there were a few oddballs working there ) There is still a garden behind the 2 buildings and at th
  4. Yes, I remember now that the 49 was next to the Toreador. I guess it was the Causerie on Trinity Square, but the name doesn't ring a bell to me. Forgotten so much!
  5. Just seen this thread. The coffee bar The Toreador was at the back of the Theatre Royal opposite the technical college (now Nottingham Trent uni). Wasn't the coffee bar in Trinity Square called 49?
  6. I was in the Mikado. Would love to see some of the photos. Can you post them?
  7. Recently tried Ghurka One on Mansfield Road, Carrington - excellent. Fish and chips. The very best has to be the Fish Bar on Crown Island
  8. Yeah - go back just for a day. Don't forget the icy winters, the smog, no central heating, horse dung all over the place, much poverty and no equality for women. And no internet
  9. Wonderful! Not that much changed really, people going about their business just like today.
  10. Referring to my grandfather, my grandmother used to say "He wants to know the back of Meg's behind, and how to get there"
  11. Who remembers 'Don't forget the Kiora, Arora'?
  12. Hey, thanks everyone for birthday wishes. Well, what do you do on a birthday that's damp and foggy? Open cards, receive nice gifts, get visitations from the family and play Guess Who? And Hungry Hippos (remember them?) then enjoy a lovely meal and a bottle of fizz. Now that's how to have a lovely birthday :-)
  13. I remember many happy hours sitting in El Toreador over a cup of espresso coffee (2/6d I think) with a crowd of friends. There was the Sargasso upstairs, and also a coffee bar downstairs. There were quite a few nice coffee bars in Nottingham, and we all had our favourites. The Bohemian was another favourite. Good coffee, good times