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  1. My friend & I went on a coach tour with Skills to Bath. Guess what, from getting on the coach at mount street nottm to getting off the coach at mount street we were on the coach 10 hours! The diver was arrogant very incopetant & very very rude. He lost his way there only to be told by another passenger that he was going the wrong way! Dread to think where we would have ended up if it hadn't been for an observant passenger. On arriving in Bath we were dropped off at the side of a busy road we were told to be back at a certain time only for the coach not to be there. Eventually he ar
  2. Don't like this at all. Wont be using it again. Thanks for the memories, but there will be no more.
  3. dat47


    Dear Terrence 12. My heart goes out to you, & I send you all my love. It is 9 months since my husband died & this is the biggest step ihave made.My cousin took me to Highfields a few weeks back & that was nice.but being away from home for a week was very daunting. "did I look the door" "did I switch everything off" these are the things I took for granted knowing he would have done them. But hey ho life goes on (very differently) & we show bravery when with company & cry when alone. Keep your chin up Kind regards.
  4. dat47


    Since losing my husband, I have been so unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but guess what! My son & family booked a holiday cottage in Whitby for last week & I went with them. it was a massive step for me as it was the first holiday without him. How lovely the cottage was & the weather was kind to us too. So although sad at times I have made what seems a small step to some it was a massive step for me & I am sure my husband was with us (little signs)
  5. My dad used to say "Pheobies out" if the sun was shining. Still say it to my grandchildren!
  6. How true your words are orphan annie, it happens all the time. I will now try to tell you all about my lovely caring husband who died 6 months ago. We were married for 48 years but "dated" him for 2 years previous. He went to work at 14 to Pompadour Labs where he started as "dogs body" & worked his way up to company sales rep He never left & when he retired he had done 55 years service.(& that was how we met!) He was a true notts county supporter, his dad took him to his first match when h was 7. we both had season tickets & went to most away matches. His true hobby was St
  7. Thank you all for such kind words. I never ever thought of my life without him. We were married for 49 years,never went anywhere without each other & now it just seems impossible to accept I will never see him again. (that is wrong, because I know he is with me always. I feel his presence, he sends me little signs that he is with me. I am a big believer in feathers & he sends them too me all the time. My thoughts & prayers are with Blondies friend Glenis what aterrible tragerdy. Like you say.....so much sadness. Love to all
  8. Six months ago I lost my husband to bowel cancer. he fought so hard to stay with me but it was not to be,& I really couldn't have seen him suffer anymore. My life is empty without him (I am crying as I am doing this) but I know I am not the only one in this position & I have a wonderful son & daughter in law & 3 grand children who are always there for me. 3 years previous to this I lost my twin sister to lung cancer, we saw each other everday & spoke on the phone every night then suddenly.......nothing. I cant ever see my broken heart mending but life goes on. So my love
  9. My dad sadly passed away in Basford Hospital in1968, having suffered for 20 months with stomach cancer, It certainly wasn't an isolation hospital them,but a very caring & dedicated place with wonderful loving staff.
  10. its past a joke now! N C F C is now a laughing stock. More entertainment watching the local schools play & it doesn't cost a fortune either. A friend of mine said he made the biggest mistake last week. He went to see Notts play & HAD TO PAY! to watch what he called an unacceptable performance.
  11. dat47

    Ray Trew

    After todays poor display its more than bacon we need saving!
  12. Bonds on Carlton Hill. Proper butchers shop. My cousin had a butchers shop on Snienton Dale but retired 5 years ago. Before that his dad (my uncle) had a butchers shop on Thurgarton Street. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers them.
  13. dat47

    Jimmy Spencer

    That says it all! They may own 97% but as far as football managers are concerned they don't have a Scooby dooo. So what next?
  14. dat47

    Jimmy Spencer

    Get rid of Ray Trew! Bring back Martin Allen (if hed come)