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  1. how do they keep the gravy. on a plank or slate?
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    thanks Sue I got to the copied bit then it went to rats, have given up for today
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    hi Cliff Ton spent twenty mins trying to send photos to flickr to no avail I hate computers
  4. howcan I post a photo from my ipad to the forum?
  5. philmayfield if I remember right the wandering blob was the one Dennis used for trials Georges is the red 1947 one with the steel framed body that the racing lot wont allow ,although its about the only one left with the original rivetted up chassis, what an experience to drive these 3 wheeler they are epic
  6. Ive nearly finished my P4 that I bought on a whim in a million bits ,I never liked the P4 much and wanted a P5 3 litre but as I have got on with this project I have realised what a fantastic quality car the P4 is ,how the hell did the British motor industry lose its way so badly in the 70s?
  7. ayup commo ,e93a morgan three wheelers whizz along nicely, my mate george owns one that he raced for years, he didn,t need good lights as the white frightened face of his passenger lit the road up for a hundred yards round it,it used to be owned by Dennis Rogers from Lowater St!
  8. great pics, Flyhave you tried rubbing vick on your feet and wearing socks over it in bed ,it always stops my coughs and our lass swears by it too ,worth a try and doesnt cost a deal
  9. we went last night ,brilliant we laughed all the way through, the 3d bit is worth the price of the tickets , booking for next year ,thats three dimensional by the way not half a tanner!
  10. tinned soup to pikeys via lidl wow!
  11. thats not grange farm its the mamaor
  12. the Manor car park used to be the plot of a pair of semi detached houses that they demolished to site the car park. Grange farms drive was next door to the manor car park and the bungalow on the drive was occupied by Mr Skinners daughter and son in law ,mr Skinner the owner lived in a flat upstairs in the old farmhouse ,the car park for the restaurant was where grange farm close is now. My dad used to do lots of maintenance work there, and was pally with Mr Skinner he died of cancer sadly ,and the place was never the same again As an aside the Manor was the Cosy Cafe in the 50s and 60s and cha
  13. thanks Carni will let you know how I go on I know its only a couple of days but I feel less achy already
  14. seen the vet today ,she said knock them off for three months to see if the pain etc alters,my cholesterol is ok at the moment although in 2007 I lost loads of weight on the Atkins diet andmy cholesterol went up to seven something I always blamed this for the heart attack I had a few years later.
  15. off to the vets tomorrow for my six monthly check up I will have to mention it all but I honestly never clicked it may be the statins that could be causing it, I know I have become much worse over the three years since I first started on them,thanks every body for the replies its helped a lot
  16. hi Carni sounds like me ,did you have any blurring of vision?
  17. has anyone who takes statins had any side effects?
  18. laguna seca advertising vice president is melvyn record ,a Notts lad
  19. thanks Carni my infancy in pictures ,and you can see our house, 4 First Ave
  20. Chatsworth Ave had Lawrences shop on the corner if I recall properly my aunt used to live opposite at no 40 with my cousins Beryl and Miriam who used to torment me into rages ! I also had cousins who lived on Westdale Cres Alan ,Aline and Sheila Wheatley
  21. just out of interest I lived in first ave off priory road from when I was a baby 1948 till about 1958 ish I went to Priory Rd school for that time , My aunt milly used to keep Allits shop on the corner of FirstAve I can remember Dave Blake ,Marilyn Pearce Clive Leadbeater and the worthingtons who lived on Priory Rd ,I wonder if any one on here had crossed paths with me ?
  22. #21 ayup Ashley I first met Sparrow when he did the same on his Tiger 100 ,can,t remember the year must have been about 1966/7 me and Hammo picked him out of the fence.
  23. I thought Lawrences furniture factory was on Vale Road next to the railway line my grandad worked there as a french polisher