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  1. Chatsworth Ave had Lawrences shop on the corner if I recall properly my aunt used to live opposite at no 40 with my cousins Beryl and Miriam who used to torment me into rages ! I also had cousins who lived on Westdale Cres Alan ,Aline and Sheila Wheatley
  2. just out of interest I lived in first ave off priory road from when I was a baby 1948 till about 1958 ish I went to Priory Rd school for that time , My aunt milly used to keep Allits shop on the corner of FirstAve I can remember Dave Blake ,Marilyn Pearce Clive Leadbeater and the worthingtons who lived on Priory Rd ,I wonder if any one on here had crossed paths with me ?
  3. #21 ayup Ashley I first met Sparrow when he did the same on his Tiger 100 ,can,t remember the year must have been about 1966/7 me and Hammo picked him out of the fence.
  4. I thought Lawrences furniture factory was on Vale Road next to the railway line my grandad worked there as a french polisher
  5. if anyone is offered a Morris Lubricants paddock jacket in blue and yellow with a racing logo on it ,also a Nitro crash helmet with internal black visor and external clear visor ,mainly black I would be interested to know as someone needs to be punished for about £600 worth of damage breaking into my van on Wednesday night,thanks
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    New Fixtures

    I thought Accrington Stanley had a Nil on the end
  7. lovelace was amused when a blackbird crapped on me in Devon and said its good luck, she changed her tune on the seafront later when a seagull got her ,she was very tetchy when I reminded her it was lucky too! mind you it was lucky the club was open so she could wash her hair and clothes ,it was very hard not to laugh.
  8. they ought to have a reg number as well ,although it would probably be unenforcible due to nicked bikes etc
  9. great news ,get well soon
  10. good for you Chulla , but most of the effing and blinding is done by young women these days, one of our apprentices sister swears worse than a trooper ,and in front of her mother too,I despair
  11. the biggest tripe shop in the uk is in Westminster on the riverside
  12. any more ayup mi ducks ?polish perhaps?
  13. the ironing board cover went down well, but she says she,ll save it for a bit as the christmas one is still good!
  14. anyone remember Knowles a bit further down from Gaggs?Also Dennis Rogers Morgan is still racing and on the road it belongs to George Gould the cobbler from Stapleford I think he bought it from Dennis direct.
  15. our lass reckons she hates fb but shes always on my ipad thing looking at it!
  16. don,t worry chulla I,ve had a bit of pump trouble myself take the pills and carry on ,all the best see you at the next meet up
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    #6you bet ya boots Micheal , my lass was very pleased with your comment ,all the best to you and yours
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    funnily enough yes
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    merry christmas you lot from me n lovelace