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  1. I recently un-earthed pics of my dad when he won £10,000 on Notts County Lifeline Gala night: I have the full Lifeline News for November 1991 if anyone is interested, I can scan it and post it. There are a couple of articles that may be of interest to some of you.
  2. Duhh, you're right, I got me wrights and wrongs mixed up. Me dad still fancied Joy though
  3. I've got an engine management light on on my Jag right now but knowing what it is this boy won't be fixing it. It's the second o2 sensor at the rear of the transverse V6 and it's a complete and utter bugger to get at. My repairer won't be too chuffed but what do I pay him for?
  4. My old man was a big Notts fan but it never stopped him getting tickets for him my sister and myself for anything cup or Wembley related. He was actually the first bloke to win the annual Notts county supporters draw, £10,000!! If I remember I'll get the program scanned and post it tomorrow. Billy Walker was married to Joy Beverley who my dad had a bit of a soft spot for. Luton have had a bit of a torrid time against the Florest in the past, particularly at Wembley.
  5. You can buy a code reader for about a tenner, I bought one a few years back and it saved me thousands. FWIW - all the readers and error codes are industry standard and you can find the meaning of the errors on t'interweb. I've used mine on Jeep, Jag, Volvo, Renault, Peugeot, VW and Ford.
  6. To save load on the electrical system.
  7. Ours should have been "I hate everything about you" for the benefit of our idiot headmaster Eric Lee (or mouse as he was un-affectionately called)
  8. I've always been of the belief that if a road designer installs a roundabout (usually after extensive monitoring of road conditions for months and months) and then, at a later date, it's decided to add traffic lights the original contractor should not get paid. I still have no idea why you would put lights on a roundabout. If that's required then there shouldn't have been a roundabout there in the first place, it should have been lights. Something to think about. Low power consumption LED or hi-res lighting whether for car or home do in fact use less juice but you have to take the process of manufacture in to consideration. All semi-conductor devices such as LED's, transistors micro chips etc. are etched and deposited with nasty chemicals and gasses and a lot of power is used during the manufacturing process. This is similar for battery cars, it's all very well saying they're eco friendly but what about the the generation of the electricity to charge the vehicle? None of the above is as friendly as the powers would have us believe.
  9. Presumably you're joking? I only say this as you mention Cream in the same sentence.
  10. A million sites on t'interweb still call it black pudding so it's cool as far as I'm concerned.
  11. This is the same build as the one I mentioned in Papplewick, brick built with a concrete slab for a roof. There are dozens of them knocking about, I've seen them driving up the A1.
  12. Because, I would imagine, you can't have duplicate 'NIC's? It's the same why people put numbers in their email addresses. If I couldn't generate a new email address without numbers in it I'd try something else.
  13. Why? If it's hosted elsewhere this software shouldn't care less. If it's allowable in the admin settings for upload to here it should upload, end of. Also, there are different reasons for choosing a particular image type, they all have different properties and uses.
  14. No, they don't, I still have personal angst against him, nowt to do with his drinking. I see the Daily Mail call him a "football legend", he ain't no legend in my book, he's a cock.
  15. He's damn lucky after the Gary Charles and Gary Parker incidents the Executives didn't find him and kick the bezeezus out of him.
  16. It shouldn't matter what the image extensions are they should all work so long as they are allowed in the admin settings. Why using externally hosted images causes issues like this I don't know but it's strange.
  17. The best offer I got was they'd pick up for free! There were a couple of early Rolling Stones albums, both with my sisters initials on the back I seem to remember. I'm still amazed she hasn't mentioned it over the years. There were a few more, don't ever mention the Everlys
  18. I reckon I've missed a huge part of the British rock culture. I missed all the punk era being overseas and South Africa at the time didn't allow albums from British rock bands never mind punk. Imagine my surprise the first time me 'n the missus got off the bus in slab square in 1980 and saw all these punk rockers with mohicans and purple hair with pins stuck through they're cheeks for the first time. It didn't go on for much longer after that although there are still a few die-hards kicking about today.
  19. Correct - I'd say even bigger. If I can try and explain one thing I understand about the effect it will have on computing and electronics in general. In a chip electrons (the flow of electricity/information) is passed down channels. To make things go quicker the distance between these channels has to be made smaller, the less distance the electrons have to flow the quicker the transfer is. We are at the stage where we are about as far ahead with this as far as silicon goes, the next move is quantum sub atomics. One of the issues with quantum is, if you throw a tennis ball at a wall, for example, you know exactly how it will return to you, it will come back, this is the law of 'our' nature. When you do something similar with quantum sub atomics the ball may pass right through the wall or even end up in Australia (atom entanglement) at the moment we don't know how to control electron flow at the quantum level. Once we do, look out, the quantum oyster will be ours. Once in to the quantum world you have to totally forget Newton and Einstein 'cos nowt works like it does in our 'normal world'.
  20. Chulla, I have no real comment, your first post is exactly correct in it's supposition, everything about us is a matter of perspective. There are many interesting subjects on similar things (if you're interested that is) wave partical duality, atomic causality, remote atom-atom entanglement etc. and so it goes on. We're waiting for the PhD's to master quantum so we can take the next stage in computer technology, we're pretty much at a standstill at the moment as we've reached the boundaries of what silicon can do. If I'd been born in 1985 I would have stuck to my schooling and become a physicist, I find the whole subject of quantum mechanics and physics fascinating.
  21. I agree to a degree Compo but you have to admit that all the crud we're pumping in to the atmosphere is causing havoc with the weather, like it or not. I notice from a few new US TV shows and films that the yanks seems to be getting on board. I see small European cars such as Renault, Citroën, Peugeot and Mini etc. as well as the Japanese and far east varieties. You would never have seen any of the European brands five years ago apart from the odd Renault 5 imported in to the US as 'Le Car'. Slightly different to the Chrysler Cordoba I had in the 70's 5½ litres of V8, automatic, air con etc.
  22. Wow nice, I gave those same albums away many moons ago and each one was covered in vinyl and were perfect. I tried selling a load (80+) on eBay and all I got was abuse so I gave 'em to charity. There are a few tasty ones here.