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  1. Yes Brew, I wish someone would do that here, if you are over 50 you can now have the AZ vaccine even though not all in care homes, residents and carers have been vaccinated and neither have 70+ years olds. Pi$$ up in a brewery comes to mind on the way they have organised the jab roll out here.
  2. Didn't we have a luverley time the day we went to Skeggy ...............Not
  3. Yes, Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, here he is with another guitar legend performing Going Home. Hank now lives in Perth West Australia.
  4. That's not the Nibbits I remember, the ones I recall were more like "French fries" in shape. Apparently Pom Bears from Morrisons and I assume other supermarkets taste very similar.
  5. As a kid I remember the barber asking my dad that, I wondered what that was all about then. It reminds me of the graffiti on pub walls next to the vending machine in the blokes toilets. "Buy me and stop one.... Buy 2 and be one jump ahead"
  6. Loved Nibbets, weren't they made from potato? Can you still get them?
  7. Hi Brew, I am looking to buy a spray gun to paint a metal shed. I have researched Wagner and Dulux (which I think is made by Wagner) guns. Please let me know how you go especially with regard to clogging during use and ease of cleaning. Thanks Oz
  8. Here in Oz we began our vaccine roll out on Feb 21st. At the time the government spouted that it would have 4 million vaccinated by the end of March and 20 million by the end of October. We have just hit 2 million, 3 million short of the governments' original target. If these incompetent clowns continue at this rate we wont all be vaccinated until March 2024. We keep being told that vaccination rates will improve but it just does not seem to happen. I suspect there is too much bureaucracy involved between Federal and State governments. We have the capability of manufacturing our own Astra Zen
  9. Who remembers "Down Your Way" They visited Nottingham, Arnold, Carlton and Eakring. Does anyone know if any other towns and villages in Notts were featured? if so I wonder if they are on any media that we can listen to?.
  10. Yes a must listen program along with I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" (the Angus Prune show) Beyond Our Ken and of course the Goons. I did enjoy The Navy Lark too "Left hand down a bit" At the first cry of Wakey! Wakey! there was a rush to turn the radio off.
  11. "Everybody out" and the glorious Wanda Ventham
  12. Was it one of these DJ360
  13. Mary, According to Wiki The Archers started on 1st January 1951 and has been broadcast for 70 years with some 18,740 broadcasts Whilst not soap operas Desert Island Discs has been on for 79 years. A program called The Daily Service which I have never heard of has been running since 1928 and the grand daddy of all is The Shipping Forecast, on air since since 1st January 1924 and has been broadcast over 130,000 times. It was first broadcast via telegraph in 1859. The longest running Australian radio soap opera was Blue Hills that started in 1949 before the Archers it was cancelled in 1
  14. Ben I was expecting to hear the theme from the shipping forecast Sailing By Ronald Binge Same goes for the Rod Stewart song, Sailing that is.
  15. DJ360, a mate of mine had the same problems in the nether regions as you have. After much pain and discomfort and long discussions with his medical advisors he decided to have an ar$e transplant. It rejected him.
  16. FTA (Free to Air) TV is my main exposure to advertising and at times I do find some of them quite clever and amusing. Most of them I struggle to work out what they are trying to sell me. If you want to sell to me tell me what you have got, where I can get it and how much it is that's all. I always put the mute on during ads and if you keep repeating the same advert at every break in the program or even twice in the same break you have lost me as a customer. I try but don't always remember to record the programs I want to watch so I can zap through the ads. Thank goodness we don't have to pay f
  17. Does anyone still use wallpaper in modern houses? Last time I used it was in 1972. It was anaglypta to cover minor cracks, due to mining subsidence in the hard plaster faced walls and then painted to whatever her indoors wanted.
  18. Yes, heaven help you if you forgot to give them your divi number. Ours is long forgotten. I wonder how many on here use similar unforgettable numbers as passwords
  19. nonnaB I wouldn't need anything until Wednesday if I had that for Sunday lunch and to go out for pizza afterwards, have they got hollow legs?
  20. Yes Ben, I remember when England wanted a new fast bowler they just shouted down the shaft at one of the local pits. I enjoy most music genres but certainly not Opera or (c)RAP music. Trad Jazz I don't mind but not too keen on the other types.
  21. Good one Ben, The Banana Boat Song and Island in the Sun are two of his other classic calypso songs Always wanted to go to Jamaica to watch the cricket and fancied having a go at making one of those steel pan drums made from oil drums. He is still going strong at 94.
  22. Never heard that expression before where did it come from?
  23. Monday dinner was often cold roast beef, from the Sunday joint, chips and fried eggs with lashings of HP sauce. Quick and easy for mum after washing day.
  24. I worked at 38 Central Workshops Chilwell in the early seventies. I worked for QAD (FVE) part of the job was checking if the rebuilt FV432's and Chieftain's conformed to specifications as well as sorting out engineering errors in the stores stock.
  25. Be careful it doesn't turn brown and blow away in the autumn.